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Don’t take the long way around: I know a shortcut.

He entered the room and looked around.

This is a very interesting town: let me show you around.

I’m not sure where it is, but it must be around somewhere.

It’s safer when there are other people around.

I’d like to speak to him if he’s around.


The people were seated around the table.

A crowd gathered around him.

He tied the rope around his waist.

We went all around the lake enjoying the different views.

They sailed around the world.

He’s a well-known figure around the town.

We drove all around the town looking for him.

This is a very interesting town: let me show you around it.

We took a tour around New England.

You can find lots of good restaurants around here.


she’s generally regarded as one of the most talented singers around

late Examples on the Web : adverb

The two men in their 30s were sitting in a truck waiting around 6:20 a.m. to meet up with other workers to go to a job site when the deadly robbery occurred, authorities said.

Fox News, 14 Dec. 2021

Water temperature is around 4-6 Celsius (39-43F) in the area, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute.

NBC News, 13 Dec. 2021

If waiting around in the December cold after midnight is not your idea of a good time, livestreamed stargazing will be your best bet.

Sherry Liang, CNN, 13 Dec. 2021

His family, however, told the press that all memorial and funeral services would be held near and in his home, adding that Fernández had not wanted to be carted around from place to place after his death.

Diana García, The Arizona Republic, 13 Dec. 2021

Michael Brockers, Levi Onwuzurike and the rest of the defensive line got pushed around.

Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press, 13 Dec. 2021

My grandmother had taken me to see Chinese opera in New York, the kind with more costumes and makeup than sets, with men playing the erhu and a huge, bug-eyed dragon snaking around in the darkness.

Washington Post, 13 Dec. 2021

The Beatles and Taylor make great records and write songs with great melodies, and this is not something that is around a lot.

Melissa Ruggieri, USA TODAY, 13 Dec. 2021

And [Paul] was just throwing that wall, throwing that sink, throwing my stove around.

Tristan Balagtas And Wendy Grossman Kantor,, 13 Dec. 2021

late Examples on the Web : preposition

The moon will begin to set around that time, creating a window after 2 a.m. for the best visibility.

Scott Gleeson, USA TODAY, 14 Dec. 2021

At CVS Pharmacy, spokeswoman Amy Thibault said the chain is offering same-day and future testing appointments and turning around results usually in one to two days.

Meredith Cohn,, 14 Dec. 2021

Indeed, the number of Milwaukee households in plumbing poverty didn’t really change much at all in that 17 year period, hovering at around 3,000.

Talis Shelbourne, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 14 Dec. 2021

The governor probably will have to navigate around a few land mines on his path toward reelection, including possible outbreaks of new coronavirus variants or the continuation of California’s withering drought.

Los Angeles Times, 13 Dec. 2021

Wednesday’s forecasted high of 64 will be followed by lows around 45 and windy conditions Wednesday night with gusts up to 45 and 50 mph while the cold front passes through the Chicago area.

Shanzeh Ahmad,, 13 Dec. 2021

The nonprofit group assisted nearly 1,600 non-filers this year, up from around 500 last year, said Matt Hetherwick, director of individual tax programs.

Tami Luhby, CNN, 12 Dec. 2021

Right now, around 57 container ships are lingering outside the Port of Los Angeles—the largest port in the US—desperate to unload their cargo and move on.

Michael Waters, Wired, 12 Dec. 2021

The trip will reunite Biden with Clyburn in the state credited with turning around Biden’s flagging presidential bid in 2020.

Meg Kinnard, ajc, 11 Dec. 2021

holocene Examples on the Web : adjective

However, his yardage total was a season high and his all-around performance earned him kudos from Kyle Shanahan.

Eric Branch, San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Oct. 2021

Hashimoto’s all-around total of 88.465 points included a 14.933 on high bar.

Josh Dubow, Star Tribune, 28 July 2021

Lee had the third highest all-around score during the qualifying round behind Biles and Andrade.

NBC News, 29 July 2021

Malik Cunningham was fantastic, tallying 228 total yards, his best all-around performance in weeks.

Cameron Teague Robinson, The Courier-Journal, 14 Nov. 2021

The Tennessee transfer’s best all-around performance at MSU couldn’t have come at a better time.

Chris Solari, Detroit Free Press, 2 Nov. 2021

Lee posted the third-highest all-around score during Sunday’s qualifying round, behind Biles and Brazil’s Rebeca Andrade.

Rachel Blount, Star Tribune, 28 July 2021

Five-time medalist Biles, as usual, had the day’s best all-around score to clinch a spot in the Thursday finals.

San Francisco Chronicle, 25 July 2021

The man with the top all-around score will earn an automatic nomination to the Tokyo Olympic team.

Los Angeles Times, 24 June 2021

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