The 5 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

deep penetration is n’t always the kind of arouse you ‘re in the mood for, particularly if you ‘re at a detail in your cycle where your vagina and neck feel sensible. But sometimes, it very hits the spot. Going deep makes penis-in-vagina sex feels close and rigorous, and you ‘ll experience lots of amazing G-spot stimulation, besides. Plus, thick penetration puts your bodies close together—and that can make you feel more emotionally connected deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. next time you ‘re craving sex that literally fills you up, try these deeply enjoyable, expert-approved positions.

Forward-facing cowgirl

This classic position has so many benefits, and deep penetration is headman among them. Have your partner lie second, then straddle him and ease his penis inside you american samoa deep as you can. “ For flush deeper submission, you can open your legs across-the-board, or gain leverage by pushing down on your spouse ’ south chest of drawers with your hands, ” Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD, generator of From Madness to Mindfulness : Reinventing sex for Women, tells Health. What ‘s besides great about cowgirl is that you control the speed and pacing—so if you want to take a break from deep thrust to enjoy some clitoris foreplay, lean advancing and have your partner play with your breasts. Or reach behind and caress his balls. You ‘re in manipulate here .

Bendy missionary

For this face-to-face position, flexibility is a prerequisite. Start in the standard missionary position, then raise your legs above your heading and hold them there, or free up your hands by resting your legs on your partner ’ s shoulders, Mackenzie Riel, sex technical with arouse miniature on-line memory TooTimid, tells Health. “ This angle can be used to help your collaborator to go deep, she says, and reach your G-spot. ”

If you can ’ t well military position your leg overhead, try propping a pillow below your hips, Jess Melendez, a arouse educator for, tells Health. This elevates the vagina and offers a alike slant as raising your branch does. meanwhile, your hands are release to press into your collaborator ‘s butt and encourage him to go even deeper.

Heeling dog

“ Doggy style is a classical thick penetration situation, ” Zvi Zuckerman, MD, a certify sex therapist at on-line sex therapy clinic Between Us, tells Health. This pas seul has you on your hands and knees, with your partner kneel ( or standing ) behind you. If you want to take a more active function, you can jostle and jiggle your hips to encourage your partner to go all in. Spread out your knees, and you ‘ll elongate your vagina so his penis can go even deeper. Because your hands and feet are supported by the go to bed or floor, you can be in this perplex for a while without getting tired. Let your partner take charge, and simply enjoy every cryptic sensation.

Countertop me

You ‘ll need to get into your kitchen for this situation : sit on either the kitchen island or a board with your legs dangling over the border. Your partner should face you and stand between your legs, grabbing your hips and sliding inside of you. “ You can lean back, but keep your legs wide outdoors to give your partner bass access, ” says Riel. Or lean so far back you can prop yourself up on your elbows and enjoy the opinion of your spouse ‘s penis disappearing inside you.

Dirty dancer

This position requires some serious congress of racial equality and leg potency on your spouse ’ mho end, but the closeness and depth of penetration are worth it. Stand and face each other, then have your partner lift you up by the buttocks ( or lift one leg if that ‘s easier ) barely enough sol that your pelvises line up. Once you ‘re ready, have him slide his penis inside you, suggests Dr. Zuckerman.

Press your pelvis flat against his for some seriously deep foreplay. Your range of gesticulate is belittled, since you ‘re about locked into each early. But feeling indeed fulfilled will lead to some badly acute pleasure. To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the  Health Hookup newsletter

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