75 Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

If you ’ re in a relationship, it ‘s not unusual to give your partner nicknames, including but not limited to : bae, baby, my love, boo, smasher, etc. Turns out these favored names are n’t good cute ( even though, okay, some might sound cockamamie ), they can actually be a extremely significant separate of your relationship. “ Giving a nickname creates vulnerability on both sides, ” explains Women ’ s Health advisory dining table member Chloe Carmichael, PhD, a New York-based clinical psychologist and writer of Dr. Chloe ‘s 10 Commandments of Dating. “ The nickname is a display of affection from the donor, while accepting the dub is an construction of vulnerability from the telephone receiver. ” Nicknames are besides supposed to be, well, humorous, Carmichael explains, and they often characterize the other person in an endear light. ( For exercise, calling your partner “ Pookie give birth ” or “ Baby son ” when cipher is looking … ) In short, dub imply a deep level of entrust and familiarity, Carmichael explains. That said, they ‘re not necessity to keep your ‘ship afloat. then, don ’ triiodothyronine put blackmail on making sure you and your spouse have nicknames for each other, advises Gigi Engle, a attest arouse coach, sexologist, and writer of All The F*cking Mistakes : a usher to sex, beloved, and biography. “ Nicknames are n’t for everyone, and they are n’t a reach or break thing in relationships. People show affection in lots of ways, ” Engle says. ( Noted. ) Oh, and one more thing : Make sure your partner actually likes the nickname you ‘ve given them. “ Whatever you do, do not push the limit, but rather be respectful and stop using a dub they don ’ thyroxine like, ” says Janet Brito, PhD, a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist based in Hawaii. “ If the dub gives you a feel of expansiveness—it makes you feel active, it makes you smile—then it ’ s a good nickname. ”

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now, if you ’ re hyped about the candidate of incorporating some nicknames into you and your spouse ’ sulfur routine, read on for the 75 best nicknames to call your S.O. felicitous relationship-ing .

  1. Cutie Pie: For when they look cute enough to eat.
  2. Honey Bunny: For when you want to channel Pulp Fiction.
  3. Honey: For when you want to stick to a simple classic.
  4. Sweetheart: When they’re being particularly nice to you.
  5. My Love: For when you’re feeling romantic.
  6. My Heart: For showing them how much they mean to you.
  7. Bae: A trendy acronym that stands for “before anyone else.” Use it to communicate that they’re yours.
  8. Baby: For when you’re feeling particularly loving.
  9. My World: To remind your partner they’re your everything.
  10. Soulmate: When you want to convey that you’re a ~forever couple~.
  11. Snuggle Bug: For when you two are being cozy.
  12. Superhero: For when they’re saving your butt for the millionth time.
  13. Beautiful: When you’re telling them how attractive they are. (Inside *and* out, of course.)
  14. Hottie: Just in case they needed a reminder about how smokin’ you find them.
  15. Sexy: When you’re ready to take things to the bedroom.
  16. Chicken Nugget: For when they’re looking delicious (and also, adorable?).
  17. Silly: For when they’re acting like a goofball.
  18. Peanut: For when they’re acting cute.
  19. Pooh Bear: If you’re in need of a big hug.
  20. Babe: This one is a classic for a reason—it’s a pet name only used for someone special.
  21. Muffin: When they look like an after school treat.
  22. Bug: When they’re being precious.
  23. Cookie: When they’re being the sweetest, and you really just want to gobble them up like a treat.
  24. Cookie Monster: For when they’re stealing all the sweets out of your snack drawer.
  25. Light Of My Life: When they truly make your world a brighter place.
  26. McDreamy: When you’re role playing Grey’s Anatomy…or not.
  27. Champ: After they just dominated a grueling workout. (Or, ya know, some gentle stretches work, too.)
  28. Trouble: When they’re doing questionable activities dangerously close to your Zoom camera.
  29. Naughty: For when they’re making you feel ~some kind of way~ right before leaving the house.
  30. Firecracker: When your bae has a bit of a fiery streak.
  31. Goober: For the partner who is lovable but also a liiittle bit awkward (in the best way!).
  32. Dimples: For your S.O. who has the cutest dimples on earth.
  33. Muscles: For your S.O. who enjoys hitting the gym.
  34. Bean: When you come home to them curled up on the couch.
  35. Jelly Bean: For your partner who’s silly but also sweet.
  36. Corazón: For telling your partner they have your heart in Spanish.
  37. Mi Amor: To show your partner they’re your love in Spanish.
  38. My Favorite: To remind them they’re your favorite person.
  39. My Person: When you two are giving off Meredith and Cristina vibes—but make it romantic.
  40. Bestie: When your partner is also your best friend.
  41. Pickle: For your partner who’s a little bit of a weirdo, but you love them anyway.
  42. Squishy: This one’s for your partner who is the absolute cuddliest.
  43. Mr. Big: For when you’re channeling your Sex and the City crush.
  44. Sweetie: Use when you’re in the mood for being ~lovey dovey~.
  45. My Other Half: When you’re showing them how integral they are to your life.
  46. Rockstar: When they’re jamming out or listening to their favorite music. (Or, ya know, just singing in the shower.)
  47. Bubbie: When they’re being such a cutie you just want to *squish* their precious face.
  48. Nugget: When they’re not quite on *chicken* nugget level, but they’re still a little sweetheart.
  49. Wild Thing: Like the 1998 movie, this one’s for when your partner is being a little out of pocket.
  50. Charmer: When your partner can make pretty much *anyone* love them to death.
  51. Boss: When you’re giving them control in the bedroom tonight.
  52. Luscious Lips: Yep, for when they’re looking particularly kissable.
  53. Popsicle: For when your partner’s popsicle is looking extra yummy.
  54. Snickers: When your partner reminds you of a piece of candy.
  55. Tater Tot: When they’re your little appetizer.
  56. Handsome: When they’re all dressed up and looking their best.
  57. Heartthrob: When they look like your teen celebrity crush.
  58. Smartypants: For when they’re doing your taxes… or something even sexier (actual pants optional).
  59. Honey Pot: To let them know they’re your giant dose of sweetness.
  60. You Sexy Thing: *sings 🎤 I believe in miracles!*
  61. Sugar Pie: For when they’re being so sweet you just want to eat them up.
  62. Sweet Pea: Use this one any time you end up tucking them in at night.
  63. Love Bug: *sings 🎤 I never thought I’d catch this Love Bug again*
  64. Buddy: When you want to show them they’re your friend, first and foremost.
  65. Teddy Bear: When they’re giving you *all* the good snuggles lately.
  66. Partner In Crime: For when you’re taking on the world together.
  67. Lover: Make Taylor Swift proud with this short and sweet nickname.
  68. Bookworm: For your partner who’s a big reader.
  69. Dream Machine: For when you have a partner who loves to sleep in.
  70. Early Bird: When your partner is always up like 10 hours before you.
  71. BF/GF/S.O.: When you want to keep things short and sweet.
  72. Hot Pants: Whip this one out when they’re wearing a particularly good-looking pair of denim.
  73. Boo: When they’re your special someone and you want to address them on social media or IRL.
  74. Soda Pop: If they’re the bubbliest person you know.
  75. Chipmunk: Every time they’re looking extra cute.

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