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certain, this class might not have started out as a ace horny year, but with vaccines and masks and newly ways to connect with each early ( looking at you, Zoom sexual activity parties ), there ‘s constantly something unique to try sex-wise, whether it ‘s in-person or equitable virtually. That ‘s the great thing about sexual activity : There are just about a billion things you can do to turn the heat up. And whether you ‘re single or coupled up, one of the very first sex-related tasks you ‘ll want to tackle is the universe of your identical own sex bucket list. barely like a normal bucket list, a sex bucket list is full of all the ~sexy~ things you want to try in your life. Fill your number up with whatever you want and tailor it to your own individual fantasies. Add fresh ideas as you think of them and keep an candid mind as you discover new turn-ons. But if you need a jumping-off point, here are over 110 suggestions for you to consider adding to your own sex bucket list. 10/10 recommend trying them all …

1. Experiment with different kinks.

Kinks are basically anything that arouses you, and there are tonnns of different ones out there. possibly you like the impression of latex against your peel ? Or getting spanked ? Or wearing heels in bed ? Try some different far-out moves and ideas out .

2. Go to a nude beach.

Whether you strip down and get kittenish or just soak up the, hem, scenery, hitting up a nude beach is an experience you have to have at least once in your life ( or more, if you enjoy it ) .

3. Have sex in a graveyard.

It ‘s sexy ! It ‘s skittish ! It ‘s a fun reminder that animation is short and orgasms are great ! Just make certain to go when it ‘s dark and remember, populace sex *is* illegal, thus do with that what you will .

4. Give a foot job.

It ‘s like a hand job but done with your feet. Just make surely to give your piggies a wash before bestowing your partner with a foundation job.

5. …Get a foot job.

These boots are n’t just made for walk, bb. You ‘d be surprised at all that can be accomplished when you incorporate both hands and feet into the lurve make.

6. Enjoy a round of sensual foot massages.

Okay, if foot jobs sound a lil besides extreme, how about sensual foot massages ? The feet have so many boldness endings, and some people actually orgasm from foot hang-up entirely, which means pedicures are about to become a lot more fun .

7. Film yourself having sex.

cook to make a arouse tape ? Be sure to turn off your partake, get enthusiastic accept from your partner ( and decide what you ‘ll do with the record after ), and start brainstorming names for your future reality show .

8. Film yourself masturbating.

If you do n’t have a collaborator or do n’t feel like recording your coupled-up sex, how about some solo clips ? Watching yourself masturbate is not only volt hot, but you might besides pick up a tip or two from yourself, which is like masturbation origin in all the best ways .

9. Have sex on a pool table.

It ‘s pretty much the most cliché thing you can do, but you got ta have sex on a pool table at least once to then never do it again .

10. Go to a virtual sex party.

virtual sexual activity parties are a great way to dip your toe into the idea of swinging and/or getting it on in populace, and the best character is you do n’t flush have to leave your couch or put on pants to attend .

11. Have sex on a boat.

Whether it ‘s a cruise, a yacht, a sailboat, or a canoe, hook up on a boat to experience the ~motion of the ocean.~ Just be careful if you ‘re prone to seasickness.

12. Masturbate using only Netflix shows.

If porn is n’t your thing or you ‘re excessively lazy to go searching for what you like, challenge yourself to get off using only Netflix shows. You ‘d be surprised what a few blue-ribbon scenes of The Vampire Diaries can do for your arousal .

13. Reenact your favorite TV sex scene.

After watching some aroused scenes, now try to recreate one. If you need some inspo, try basically anything from Sex/Life, Bridgerton, or even american Horror Story for a lil scary-meets-sexy .

14. Incorporate food in the bedroom.

Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries à la Serena van five hundred Woodsen —there are a hale lotta foods you can incorporate during arouse that ‘ll not lone turn things up but besides ward off any hangry feels that might negatively impact the horny ones .

15. Find your favorite aphrodisiacs.

It turns out, there are more aphrodisiac out there than precisely oysters. Have a feed to discover what foods get you going .

16. Have sex on the washing machine.

It ‘s an on-screen classical for good argue. Whether you go at it with a partner or solo, you got tantalum find out firsthand why washing machine sex is indeed majorly hyped. besides, you get to multitask doing your laundry and getting off, which sounds like a reasonably successful afternoon if you ask me .

17. Get a yoni massage.

A yoni massage is basically a vagina massage that involves a mix of finger, touching, and deep-breathing exercises to achieve all-over bliss and possibly a few orgasms besides .

18. Experiment with BDSM.

Try bondage, suggests Gabi Levy, a sexpert who besides runs Shag Story. There ’ second nothing like being tied up, Levy adds. Obvi, talk it over with your partner first but if you ’ re both on display panel, go forth and alliance ( blue ) .

19. See if CBD products amp up your sex life.

    They ’ re everywhere now, so it ’ south worth a attempt. Levy says this can help you relax while you get it on, and be useful for getting out of your own head if that tends to be an return for you during sex .

    20. Play strip-poker.

      This way, everyone wins, Levy says. There ’ randomness in truth no such thing as losing with this. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how to play poker, don ’ metric ton worry, sub out poker for any other game—it ’ second barely the “ clean ” separate that makes it exciting anyhow, ya feel ?

      21. Try to have a nipple-only orgasm.

      They exist, says Levy—and here are some tips on how to have a nipple-induced orgasm. We gotchu, bb .

      22. Rip the clothes off each other, literally.

        The sex will be worth the rip T-shirt, explains Levy. Just make sure it ’ s an item of invest you won ’ t be besides bummed to partially with, natch .

        23. Experiment with temperature play.

          If you ’ ve got metallic and glass toys, you can run them under cold body of water for add sensation. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, you can always play with ice rink, as Levy suggests. Run an methamphetamine cube over your partner ’ second erogenous zones and then have them do the lapp to you. You can blow on the skin besides for excess sex appeal .

          24. Get into wax play.

            Get some particular wax-play particular candles ( yes, the distinction is important ! ), and start dripping the quick wax on your partner and vice-versa. It might be a little ardent, but that ’ s depart of the playfulness, explains Levy .

            25. Try to ejaculate on your partner’s face.

              If you ’ re person who experiences vaginal ejaculation, try this on for a new exponent moral force. And if you just can ’ t bring yourself to ejaculate ( not everyone does or can ), at least getting to orgasm is silent a winnings, correct ?

              26. Allow your partner to ejaculate on your face.

                I mean, if you ‘re into it …

                27. Try working out together, but naked.

                “ Get your hormones going and work up a sweat before you get dirty together, ” suggests Jack Prenter, laminitis of Adore Passion. Bonus if you somehow incorporate exercise equipment into your arouse .

                28. Try to go a week without sex, but do tease each other constantly the whole time.

                protest having sex with your partner for a week, all the while the both of you tease and try to turn each other on, suggests Prenter. The leave joy from a week-long foreplay session will be sure to result in a v. memorable celebration at the end.

                29. Lick every part of their body.

                As in from head to toe, says Prenter. Take your time, tease them, and don ’ t stop when you get to their junk—like we said, pass to toe is the appointment here.

                30. Try edging.

                This is something anyone of any gender can try to make your orgasms more explosive than ever, according to Sarrah Rose, sex educator at Tantric Activation .

                31. Try to teach yourself how to pompoir.

                Pompoir refers to the dissemble of squeezing your vaginal muscles during arouse for add stimulation. There are lots of ways to do this—Rose recommends using a jade testis to strengthen these muscles—but you can besides do this without any illusion toys. Just coerce !

                32. Get a set of nipple clamps.

                They might sound like A Lot, but the great thing about nip clamps is you can adjust the meanness so they ’ re like a light tugboat, as opposed to CLAMPING. The unaccented intensity of a clamp can increase pleasure sensation, Rose explains .

                33. Turn things up even hotter with orgasm denial.

                Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but orgasm denial can actually be the hottest thing you introduce to your sex liveliness. If you mastered the art of teasing your collaborator for a week without giving in, try letting yourselves be brought mighty to the brink of orgasm but not orgasming—for a workweek. Most people can ’ t last a day, according to Laurice, the founder of Stay Sexual. good luck !

                34. Order a sex toy you’ve never tried.

                This advice is often given as an in-store thing, but TBH, I ’ thousand of the mentality that you ’ ll credibly have a better know doing so on-line. Any jitteriness or self-consciousness about being in an IRL storehouse goes out the window, and plus, you can read up and comparison denounce so you ’ re getting a beneficial toy. Comparison patronize aside, it can still be a playfulness and ad-lib thing to do with your spouse, Laurice says. And who knows, you might get turned onto a wholly new kind of plaything .

                35. Try a tingling arousal gel on your clit.

                “ Liquid vibrator ” sounds kinda excessively good to be true, but according to one of our writers, it delivers. “ After a few minutes, you ’ ll be beyond arouse and jump your spouse, ” Laurice explains.

                36. Buy a sex game.

                THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN STRIP POKER LIKE ABOVE ! See, by buying a game and waiting for it to be delivered, there ’ s a solid fresh layer of anticipation you can bring to the table. It ’ s like Christmas Eve, but for sex. And while strip poker works by making stripping something you can bet, a legit sex game straight-up tells you what to do, which brings a modern tied of agitation, according to Laurice .

                37. Write your own erotic fanfic of you and your partner.

                They say to write what you know, and what better way than by incorporating what you know about you and your partner ’ s current sex life and injecting a healthy come of illusion into the mix ? “ Surprise your collaborator with your fib one night and watch them get turned on while reading it, ” suggests Laurice. You can read it aloud or have them read it to themselves so you can watch their every reaction. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about seeming pathetic, odds are they ’ ll be flattered and curious. P.S, if it becomes the following great Fifty Shades, I want a cut. Nothing absurd, but something fair like 10 % .

                38. Try a sex toy by yourself and report back to your partner about it.

                Tell them precisely what you liked about it so they can try to recreate that for you going forward .

                39. Have your partner try a sex toy by themselves, then report back to you.

                bonus : Have them try it out the second gear clock time in front of you .

                40. Use sex toys together.

                There are so many couples toys out there !

                41. Try vibrating panties with your partner in public.

                You know the estimate of vibrating undies sounds sexy as sin .

                42. Have a boudoir shoot for yourself.

                Yes, you deserve to feel yourself, specially with professional hair, constitution, and lighting .

                43. Role-play with your partner.

                Sexy doctors on interruption, television testify characters, or strangers, the options are rather dateless.

                44. Have a threesome.

                Whether you ’ re the unicorn, you and your partner look for one, or you and your bestie attend for a third … it ’ s up to you !

                45. Have your partner try being dominant to you.

                possibly being slavish is for you …

                46. Try being dominant over your partner.

                … Or possibly being the domme is what you ’ re thoroughly at .

                47. Have super slow, tantric sex.

                Draw everything out for extra-sensual sex .

                48. Have a quickie.

                equally good as slow sex is, sometimes a band aid can be flush hotter .

                49. Try a finger up the butt.

                It can be yours or your collaborator ’ mho, but consider easing into anal .

                50. Try a toy up the butt.

                It ’ south called anal prepare, and it ’ s less intimidating than it sounds .

                51. Try rimming.

                Rimming or rim jobs or analingus is mouth-to-anus oral arouse and it ’ s besides less intimidating than it sounds .

                52. Try penetrative anal sex.

                Make surely you have lots of lubricant on hand read some anal tips first .

                53. Peg your partner.

                It can be pretty hot for you to be on the giving slope excessively .

                54. Have silent sex.

                even better if you ’ ve got superintendent silence toys involved .

                55. Have super loud, moan-heavy sex.

                Why shroud ? Lean into the noises .

                56. Try dirty talk.

                Dunno where to start ? Check out these aphrodisiac conversation starters ( or enders, if you get me ) .

                57. Get real tender and gaze into each other’s eyes.

                Up the saturation of your sex and see what happens .

                58. Sext what you’re going to do to your partner while they’re at work.

                Need some serve ? Check out these romance-novelist-approved sexting tips.

                59. Ask your partner to sext you while you’re at work.

                first base, you want to make indisputable they ‘re game with the idea, but if so, these sexting tips will inspire your sexy convo .

                60. Ask your partner for nudes.

                Obvi, please respect their privacy and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate share ( evening if it ’ s a recycle nude ) !

                61. Send your partner nudes.

                Hide your face/any identifiable background, and make certain to only send nudes to person you trust !

                62. Watch female-friendly, ethical porn with your partner.

                Take some time to explore and figure out what porn you like beginning. then take turns playing show and state …

                63. Take turns reading each other erotica.

                There ‘s batch of pornography out there, no count your preference. The populace is your sexy oyster !

                64. Make a sex music playlist.

                It ‘s basically a certify fact : music makes arouse better .

                65. Have sex in another state.

                Staycation, baby ! nothing better than heading to a B & B for the weekend, entirely to stay in the board the whole time !

                66. Have sex in another country.

                Get a lil exotic and get your recommendation stamped while you ‘re checking off your bucket list items .

                67. Have sex in another continent.

                Do international orgasm hit the lapp ? There ‘s one manner to find out, and it 100 % starts with a trip to Paris .

                68. Have sex in a car.

                This is a pretty common illusion for a rationality : car sex is about deoxyadenosine monophosphate hot as it gets .

                69. Use lube.

                lubricate ! It makes every single type of sex better. Try it now ( if you haven ’ t, ofc ) and thank me late .

                70. Then try using some fancy lube.

                By illusion, we mean non-drugstore variety and something that you put some inquiry into pick .

                71. Have sex that’s focused just on oral.

                excessively much, penetrative sex is seen as the definition of sex, but tbh, sometimes oral sex is good good !

                72. Go to a sex party.

                You don ’ t have to do anything, promise ! But simply *attending* a arouse party is a must. even if you do n’t join in, you ‘ll decidedly find some inspo .

                73. Take a sex workshop class together.

                What ’ s the worst that can happen ? You both get better at sex ?

                74. Take a fetish quiz together.

                Or try an app translation besides ! Whichever route you go, an closeness quiz will shine a solid lotta inner light on your ~innermost desires. ~

                75. Have sex in the shower.

                good make indisputable you ’ re not gon na err and fall, puh-leeze !

                76. Have sex in the bathtub.

                More stability = more experiment. There ’ second no shame in sitting, people !

                77. Have sex in a (private) pool.

                Whether it ‘s an inflatable pond in your backyard or a individual eternity consortium at a aphrodisiac tropical fall back, pond arouse will both cool you off and keep things hot .

                78. Have sex in a lake.

                A lake is like a pool ‘s less aphrodisiac cousin, but it ‘s besides where hot teens in basically every horror movie go to hookup, so you might arsenic well check it off your list. Just do n’t go on Friday the 13th, okay ?

                79. Have sex in the ocean.

                You might be surprised at good how helpful the waves can be when it comes to subaqueous arouse .

                80. Have sex by the ocean.

                sex on the beach is n’t just a swallow, people !

                81. Have sex while you’re blindfolded.

                sensational privation can be badly sexy .

                82. Have sex while your partner is blindfolded.

                And obvi your partner should get in on the fun excessively !

                83. Try a remote-controlled long-distance sex toy that you can control via app while one of you is away.

                Who says long-distance arouse has to be boring ?

                84. Have phone sex.

                There ’ s no need to feel awks, promise !

                85. Have sex somewhere other than a bed.

                Get wilderness with your location !

                86. Have sex with someone of the gender you normally don’t have sex with.

                If you ’ ve always felt a lil curious, or fair wan na try something raw, considering hooking up with person of a sex you do n’t normally gravitate toward. Who knows ? possibly you ‘ll uncover a new english to your sex —you won ’ metric ton know until you try .

                87. Try a flavored lube.

                Make oral sexual activity even tastier with lubricate ( if that ’ s even possible ) .

                88. Try to orgasm at the same time as your partner.

                This can make things seriously intense. If you ‘re not sure how to make it happen, right this means for some tips to achieving a coincident orgasm …

                89. Have your partner try to give you multiple orgasms.

                nothing like a challenge to up the ante .

                90. Try 69-ing with your partner.

                Some people love it. Some people hate it. The only means you ‘re gon na find out which team you ‘re on is to give it a try .

                91. Try to give yourself multiple orgasms.

                Learn how to play yourself like a bloody tinker.

                92. Have sex standing up.

                Nope, you don ’ thymine necessarily need insane leg power or superhero coordination to pull standing sex off .

                93. Have sex on a couch.

                You ’ rhenium probs already sitting on one anyhow. And besides, arouse on the couch will def change up the vibration of your know room .

                94. Have sex on a chair.

                Yes, flush your dine board chair can be used for sex .

                95. Have sex on a sex swing.

                This swing is a lil different than the type you did in elementary school, but way more fun .

                96. Have sex on the floor.

                ideally, you ’ ve got a fuel going in the fireplace at the lapp time, but up to you .

                97. Recreate your favorite movie sex scene.

                here ’ s a list of some controversially hot movie sex scenes to start .

                98. Make sex last all day.

                Tantra, but make it 24 hours .

                99. Tease your partner all day without having sex.

                No one will get harebrained if you break and jump each other ’ mho bones only halfway through the sidereal day .

                100. Have emotional sex.

                It ’ sulfur called a crygasm and it ’ s NORMAL .

                101. Have breakup/goodbye sex.

                sometimes you just got ta .

                102. Have make-up sex.

                The best direction to bookend a fight is with some muggy, “ I ‘m so good-for-nothing ” sex .

                103. Have hate sex.

                again, sometimes, hate sex equitable happens .

                104. Go down on your partner while they’re on an important phone call.

                Career sabotage, but make it sexy .

                105. Have your partner go down on you while you’re on an important phone call.

                Can you keep quieten while your spouse gives you oral ?

                106. Have sex in your partner’s childhood home.

                If you can even stay awake after Thanksgiving turkey for a hookup, that is .

                107. Have sex in your childhood home.

                thankfully, holiday ham doesn ’ thyroxine make you quite vitamin a banal as turkey, so you wo n’t fall into a grogginess before getting off .

                108. Try a sex challenge for the weekend.

                You never know how it might go !

                109. Have your partner eat sushi off your naked body.

                Pull a Samantha Jones and barely go for it .

                110. Try to give your partner multiple orgasms.

                Yes, you can and should return the favor .
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