Can You Answer 65 Couples Questions?

ready for a pop ( couples ) quiz ? Experts say there ‘s some personal stuff you should know about your spouse, which is why WH put together a few—okay, a long ton of—questions to gauge how much you even have to learn about each early. Asking your partner the tough questions is an opportunity to be vulnerable, which is when you both can be your authentic selves, says Janet Brito, PhD, a clinical psychologist and sexologist in Honolulu. Consider this couples quiz an invitation to do barely that.
It ’ sulfur easily to think you already know everything about your partner, but that ’ s pretty improbable, says license clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, PhD, writer of. “ We entirely know what is shared with us and what we may ask about, ” she says. “ Most people do not want to treat the early separate of a relationship as an interrogation but learn about person over time. ” still, she points out, unless something comes up that gets your S.O. talking about a particular random subject, you credibly don ’ t know everything about them. “ even small ticket stuff—favorite animal, front-runner birthday party—may not get discovered, ” Durvasula says.

Taking a quiz together is “ a fun way to start conversations and explore preferences, history and interests further, ” Durvasula says. And, she adds, “ These become a springboard to far conversations and discovery. ” Durvasula recommends looking at this as a game for a fun night in vs. a way to tell if you ’ re intend to be, or whatever. “ decidedly do not make it something you do at a clock time of conflict or as a way of fixing a problem, ” she says. It ’ mho besides significant to be respectful of boundaries. “ If person says they are not comfortable talking about or answering something, allow for that and do n’t push it, ” Durvasula advises. This subject is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the like content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web web site .

Okay, so hera ‘s how this couples quiz works : Both you and your collaborator should have a copy of the questions below. Answer each one based on what you think your partner ‘s answer would be. Once you ‘re done, take turns revealing them to one another. If either of you gets a question wrong, this gives you the probability to talk things through in a neutral, comfortable way. And when you get answers right field ? Well, you both can rest easily knowing you ‘re in synchronize ( awww ) .

Warm-Up Questions

Let ‘s answer a few easier, blithe questions before diving into the harder ones. While this is all in good fun, knowing basic facts about your partner shows you ‘re paying care to what they say, do, and enjoy. Let ‘s see how good you are at remembering the succeed :

  1. What’s your partner’s favorite TV show?
  2. What’s your partner’s favorite book?
  3. What food does your partner like to cook?
  4. What’s their favorite color?
  5. Where did you two meet?
  6. What color are their eyes?
  7. What does your partner do at work?
  8. What’s your partner’s go-so social network?
  9. What’s your partner’s favorite dessert?
  10. What does your S.O. like to do in their spare time?

    Questions About The Future

    certain, you guys are in love now. But if you plan on staying together forever, there ‘s a batch you should talk through to make sure you ‘re on the same page. “ Finding out person ‘s stream state of mind regarding their dreams is crucial, ” says Gigi Engle, house physician sexologist and writer of All The F*cking Mistakes : A Guide To Sex, Love, and Life. “ It shows you if they have direction and driveway, both key things in forming long-run partnerships. ” When it comes to the future, here ‘s what you should ask :

    1. What does your partner want their life to look like in five years?
    2. Where do they see themselves living in an ideal world?
    3. Would your partner ever relocate to accommodate your job?
    4. Would your partner ever want a long-distance relationship?
    5. Does your partner want to get married in the future?
    6. How happy are they with their current work situation?
    7. How does your partner feel about having kids?
    8. Does your partner want to own a home one day?
    9. Does your partner like to talk about the future? Why or why not?
    10. What kind of adventures does your partner want to have in the future?

          Questions About The Past

          ampere much as talking about the future is crucial, there ‘s besides a draw you should know about your collaborator ‘s past. “ A person ‘s childhood sets the stage for their emotional wellbeing for the rest of their lives, ” says Engle. “ The messages we perceive from our primary caregivers form the cardinal belief we have about the universe. Knowing what you ‘re walking into is authoritative. ” here ‘s what you should be asking about your partner ‘s by :

          1. What kind of relationship does your partner have with their parents?
          2. What kind of relationship does your partner have with their siblings?
          3. Are they still in touch with any friends from childhood?
          4. Did they have a positive high school experience?
          5. Were their parents supportive of their dreams and goals?
          6. How was their college experience?
          7. Does your partner get excited about visiting home?
          8. How does your partner feel about their exes?
          9. Do they feel they’ve been able to maintain positive romantic relationships?
          10. Do they have any past experience with mental health issues?
          11. How does your partner feel about their middle school years?

            Questions About Values

            According to Brito, many arguments in a kinship are triggered by couples having conflicting values. “ You want to see if person ‘s values align with yours, ” adds Engle. “ This is a key factor in compatibility. You should n’t have to change yourself to fit into person else ‘s ideals, and visa versa. ”

            1. What are your partner’s political beliefs?
            2. How important is family to your partner?
            3. How much does your partner value physical activity?
            4. What does your partner prefer to do with their time off?
            5. Does your partner like to travel?
            6. How does your partner feel about having pets?
            7. Does your partner donate to charity?
            8. Who are the most important people in your partner’s life?
            9. What is your partner’s favorite thing about their job?
            10. How does your partner like to spend their money?
            11. How important is religion in your partner’s life?

              Questions About Communication

              When it comes to relationships, communication is *always* key. “ What matters is knowing when your partner needs space and familiarity, and not to take it personally, ” says Brito. Answer these questions to find out how well you know your collaborator ‘s communication style :

              1. Does your partner consider himself an introvert or an extrovert?
              2. How does your partner prefer to show affection? (Touch? Gifts? Acts of kindness?)
              3. How does your partner prefer to receive affection?
              4. Does your partner easily identify their feelings?
              5. How does your partner define an argument?
              6. What does your partner like to talk about at the end of each day?
              7. Does your partner like to communicate via phone? (Text? FaceTime?)
              8. How does your partner bring up uncomfortable topics?
              9. How does your partner respond when they’re angry?
              10. What coping skills does your partner use when they’re upset?
              11. How does your partner de-stress?
              12. What peace-keeping skills does your partner have?

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                Questions About Sex

                “ People have different views on kinks, desires, pornography habits, and libido, ” says Engle. here ‘s what you should know :

                1. What does good sex look like for your partner?
                2. Does your partner enjoy using sex toys?
                3. How does your partner feel about watching porn?
                4. What’s your partner’s favorite sex position?
                5. How does your partner feel about using lube?
                6. How adventurous is your partner in the bedroom?
                7. How does your partner define romance?
                8. What’s your partner’s biggest fantasy?
                9. What isn’t your partner so into in bed?
                10. What kind of lingerie is your partner into?
                11. Is your partner into kink at all?

                  now that you ‘ve answered all your couples questions, it ‘s time to reveal your answers to your partner. Remember : It ‘s o if you got a few ill-timed ! Consider it a find to spark a newfangled conversation .
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