Why you really need to try mutual masturbation with a partner

many of us masturbate. I ’ ve a massive tosser, and have spent hours doing it. Depending upon what theory you believe about the accurate chemical typography of the fluids some women produce when they ‘ pip-squeak ’, you could say that I have literally pissed whole afternoons up the wall, good frigging myself off. When I first bought my beloved Doxy mains-powered wand vibrator which rumbles with more force than the belly of a dragon on crave come to – I used it so much that I bruised my cooze. While travelling with friends in South East Asia, I pretended to have food poison just thus I could spend an continuous half-hour self-pleasuring in the hotel toilet. SHOP NOW Doxy, Lovehoney, £89.99
Mutual masturbation tips


yet, of all my hilarious and hedonic masturbate bank of jacking-off stories, the ones people seem most surprised by are those that involve common masturbation : that ’ randomness touching yourself while a fan watches, and possibly touches themselves besides. You might stroke and caress each other adenine well, but the chief bearing of the crippled is to get yourself off, yourself.
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“ I can understand why you ’ d calm want to masturbate when your partner wasn ’ t around to get jiggy with, but why would you bother when you were together and could just have arouse, or get them to go down on you ? ! ” they ask, faces scrunched up like a 90s haircloth tie. And they ’ rhenium not alone in their wonderings : a recent surveil of over 2,000 UK adults by sexual pleasure sword TENGA revealed while 51 % of folks who are presently in relationships say they have masturbated while their partner was salute, the other half never have. If you ’ re in that latter group, here are eight amazing reasons to give common masturbation a whirl .

1. It’s a great way to get a thrill while keeping things chill – and terrific if you’re tired

The prospect of energetic sleep together and pump can seem off-puttingly exhausting if you ’ ve had a day that ’ second seemed to go on longer than an ageless gobstopper. But indulging in some lazy-ass lust by snuggling in sleep together or on the sofa with your lover, and stroking yourselves into the O-Zone can be a low-effort, quick-payoff way to enjoy some stress-relieving pleasure and savour an familiar moment when you ’ rhenium feeling wiped out .Star sign sex move | Couple kissing on a bed

“ When we ’ ra knackered or need to unload after a strain day, me and my girlfriend will much cuddle up and masturbate together in a easy, laid bet on way, while chatting and joking – it ’ s a amazingly therapeutic way of relax, ” shares Jon, 27. “ My wife and I both work crazy shifts in a hospital, ” says Pixie, 26. “ common masturbation allows us to just please ourselves when we ’ ra feel besides washed out to be sincerely attentive lovers to each other, but it ’ south still a connect experience that strengthens our kinship. ”

2. It’s one of the best forms of sex education out there

You know your own down-belows like the back of your handwriting ( hopefully – if you don ’ triiodothyronine, get to know ‘ em ! ), and you know precisely what to do with the battlefront of said pass to make them feel fabulous. There is no one better qualified than you to show your lover how you like to be touched. And vice versa : your partner is the adept wrangler of their own fandangler, and the ideal person to demonstrate how it ’ second done .Slow sex positions

A common masturbation sesh is the perfect tutorial for you both. even if you ’ ve been in concert a long time, things like what contraception you ’ ra using, medications, senesce, and pregnancy can alter how your body responds to different foreplay, so it ’ s a good mind to check in with each other on the reg to see what may have changed. confident types can use the ‘Show ‘n’ Tell’ method: command your dandy to lay on the bed or ride on a president, and pay airless attention while you please yourself. If dirty lecture floats your boats, you can describe what you ’ re doing, or ask your partner to describe what they ’ rhenium see. Vocalising precisely what ’ s happening sounds super-sexy, whilst besides deepening your collaborator ’ second precise understand of your tastes. If you ’ re more shy, try the ‘Hide ‘n’ Peek’ technique: ask your sweetheart to leave you alone in the bedroom or bathroom while you put on sensual music, light candles, step into a warm shower, or do whatever else helps you get in the climate, before you start pleasuring yourself. After 10 minutes, they can come spinal column and ‘ spy ’ on you by opening the door a crack ; the sense of voyeurism can be thrilling for them, and you might find it easier to lose your inhibitions if you have the board to yourself, rather than having your spouse inches away from your cooch, examining it more close than a rare Toby jug on the Antiques Roadshow. Wearing a blindfold can be brilliantly helpful, excessively. SHOP NOW DOMINIX Deluxe Padded Leather Blindfold, Lovehoney, £19.99Mutual masturbation tips


3. It’s safer in terms of STIs

When it comes to STI risk, common masturbation is wayyyyy less chancy than penetration, or sexual reach .Guys on what makes someone amazing in bed | Couple cuddling in bed

That said, there ’ randomness hush a luck of transmitting skin-to-skin STIs, such as herpes, and it ’ s potential to catch other infections if fluids are transferred on hands or arouse toys. Consider covering dildo with condoms if you ’ re going to partake them, using a fresh rubber each time you pass the miniature between you – I pace the new ONE range, which includes johnnies embossed with stimulating tattoo designs.
Or, if you ‘re having mouth-to-vulva oral arouse, using a dental dam will stop the transmission of STIs .

4. It helps sustain long distance relationships

According to the TENGA surveil, just over 1 in 10 people have masturbated with their spouse over the telephone or via Skype. It ’ s a circus tent direction of keeping the passion active while you ’ re apart ( and is even more thrilling than stealing an extra miniskirt shampoo from the Holiday Inn housekeeping streetcar – you rebel ). Try enhancing the excitation of being on television camera by introducing some character play : one of you can be the ‘ film director ’, whilst the other is the ‘ actor ’ or ‘ auditionee ’, who has to follow instructions on how to touch themselves in order for them and their parts to get the separate. Costumes are a great direction to truly get into role play – and you can go for any scene that you might be into : nurse, doctor of the church, secretary, maid. SHOP NOW Fever Whole Night French Maid Wet Look Outfit, Lovehoney, £39.99Role play ideas


5. You can show your lover how you use your toys…

common masturbation is the ideal consequence to subtly show that you like to rest your bullet train vibrator at a certain spot on your clitoris and keep it there, so it gives nourish stimulation that has a gamble to build up – and that you don ’ triiodothyronine like to twirl it around your clitoris like a blasted drum majorette ’ s baton, like person might have done death time you tried to bring toys into the boudoir. Cough.
Whichever sex dally you use, and however you use them, it ‘s fun to try them out together .

6 …and introduce some toys for men and partners with penises

The TENGA poll revealed that while three quarters of heterosexual men have tried using a miniature to pleasure their female spouse, entirely 22 % of women have used a appliance on their ridicule. Women are besides more much the owner of sex toys, with closely one in three saying they own at least one ( 31 % ), compared to just over one in ten men having their own sexual pleasure merchandise ( 13 % ). reciprocal masturbation sessions are the ideal circumstances under which to try levelling up those unequal stats, and encourage your spouse to discover alternative ways to stroke. “ I bought my husband Chris a Flip Hole a textured silicone sleeve that you add lube to, then slide your penis into and basically fuck, ” says Sofie, 31. “ It has patterns and ridges inside that feel amaze, and it has a vacuum pump so you can alter how tightly it squeezes around you. He said it felt like a next-level blowie. It ’ south normally women who use toys, and men who watch ; it was a fresh, empowering frisson to turn the tables and be the voyeur while he played with something X-rated. Plus, because it was a fresh experience for both of us, it gave us an excuse to talk well about newly sensations – the conversation was new, a well as the action. ” SHOP NOW TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, Lovehoney, £69.99
Mutual masturbation tips


TENGA besides do a cheaper, disposable adaptation if you want to try it out before committing. They ‘re called TENGA Eggs and you can see what happened when Cosmopolitan tried TENGA Eggs here. spoiler : they went depressed identical, VERY well. SHOP NOW TENGA Egg Silky Lovehoney, £9.99
Mutual masturbation tips


7. If one of you is feeling hornier than the other, you can try ‘The Purple Pass’

In his strike Alphabet Street, miniature sex goblin Prince croons “ Tonight I ’ megabyte precisely not in the climate, indeed if you don ’ thymine mind, I would rather watch. ” I ’ ve named ‘ The Purple Pass ’ after him : it means giving your partner express license to masturbate, while you look on approvingly. You might encourage them by telling them how hot they look ; you might allow them to cum on your peel ; you might read aloud from a detached erotic history to stoke their fires. But they get off, and you take separate, without doing anything physical that you don ’ metric ton feel up to, to them or yourself. It ’ s a properly compromise if you ’ rhenium going through a period where your libido are mismatched .

8. Mutual masturbation can be oh-so cosy, and kinky

Masturbating when person is present can actually feel more intimate than having intercourse. It can feel ultra-vulnerable being watched quite than moving close together, and it ’ s enormously revealing to honestly show your lover something you ’ d normally do in secret, and that ’ s often stigmatised. That can make it intimidating, but it besides means that reciprocal masturbation can build believe and find incredibly connected.
Try gazing into each early ’ sulfur eyes as you touch yourselves, limbs entwined, or spend some time massaging each early ’ s hands with a share bottle of lubricant before letting your satiny fingers slide over your bodies. Cosmopolitan UK recommends Sliquid ‘s image of lubes are vegan, organic, ph balanced, and do n’t contain any allergens. SHOP NOW Sliquid H2O Original Water-Based Lubricant 125ml, Lovehoney, £14.99Mutual masturbation tips


Fancy something less cutesy, more lick-my-high-heeled-boots-y ? Tie or cuff your partner ’ south hands so they can ’ thymine tint themselves while you masturbate in front of them.
SHOP NOW DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs, Lovehoney, £34.99Mutual masturbation tips


Or lay naked, back to back, and masturbate : facing away from each other can make you feel more confident ( possibly turning around as you both approach culminate ), but the tell shudders and shakes of your bodies against each early can be insanely corneous.
Follow Alix on Twitter. This article was originally published in September 2017, and has since been updated .

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