How This Retro Jordan Changed the Game Forever 20 Years Ago

20 years ago, the Air Jordan 4 turned 10 years old.
While the anniversary was led by the foremost formal restitution of OG Black/Red and White/Cement schemes it was besides the parentage of what we then called Retro+ releases .
What precisely was a Retro+ Jordan ? basically, it was a ex post facto Jordan that differed from its OG origin in regard to stigmatization, color forget or material free rein.

The Air Jordan 4 “Columbia” was all that and then some .

Rewriting the rules for an AJ4, the “ Columbia ” colorway departed wholly from Chicago coming close to a Carolina color report if anything making note to Mike ’ second linage. While the market would finally warm up to new shades on old shoes, a few other attributes proved even more polarize if not panned .
Removing Nike Air brand, a jewel Jumpman on the list signaled a new era for Jordan Brand. While this made sense from a very actual symbolism point of view, other modifications were tougher to tolerate from OGs .
Leather wings, leather heel tabs and a pierced leather mid foot .
basically, they removed the rubber eraser and mesh – to some the calling cards for the Air Jordan 4 .
What ’ mho following, taking the Flight script off the tongue ?
Eh, yeah, they did that excessively.

Altering many original attributes and even playing with the altitude to some, the Air Jordan 4 “ Columbia ” was a risk. Were people ready for it then ? not so much. Did it open up the gates for how an Air Jordan could be altered when re-released ? Yes, which most will agree was both commodity and bad .
Opening up the floodgates, the Air Jordan 4 “ Columbia ” was the first non-OG ex post facto. Crazy to think, right ?
A$AP Rocky in the Air Jordan 4 Columbia
While ex post facto Jordans had largely tanked in ’ 94 and ’ 95 despite their coveted status immediately, the wave of retro releases that coincided with Mike ’ s second retirement basically set up the populace we live in now : a calendar full of retro Jordans both previous and new in divine guidance, constantly riffing off Mike ’ s nostalgia while both playing to and forecasting trends in fashion .
Removing elements from the original – namely Nike Air branding – set the stage for a massive hunger for true-to-form releases all these years belated while introducing new palettes extended the Air Jordan tune bequest and created new classics for those excessively young to see Mike meet .
Air Jordan 4 Legend Blue Official Images
appropriately or ironically depending on how you look at it, the Air Jordan 4 “ Columbia ” was one of the styles that led Jordan Brand ’ randomness remastered ex post facto campaign in 2015. This campaign focused on a return to form for quality and an increase price point .
Funny enough, a non-OG started this and besides came back with another change : “ Columbia ” couldn ’ t be cleared as a nickname so they returned as “ Legend Blue ” in a understanding positioning play to riff off that vacation ’ sulfur Air Jordan 11 liberation.

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Air Jordan 4 Legend Blue
needle to say, most Air Jordan 4 fans now have a love for the “ Columbia ” 4s regardless of nickname or details. Debuting 20 years ago today on August 21, 1999, the shoe has surely grown in ostentation over clock .
so yes, two decades ago today the inaugural non-OG Air Jordan retro released and the world has and never will be the lapp .

Air Jordan 4 Columbia

style # : 136030-141
Colorway : White/Columbia Blue-Midnight Navy
Price : $ 100

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