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CO Lotto Plus

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What is the CO Lotto Plus?

The CO Lotto is a twice weekly reap game where players select six out of 40 numbers and try to match the numbers drawn. A multiplier phone number is generated at random, from two, three, four, or five. If a CO Lotto player matches three, four, or five winning numbers, the musician wins an total adequate to the master respect sum multiplied by the multiplier that was generated on their ticket .
For an extra $ 1, players can play their same set of Colorado Lotto numbers in a moment draw which immediately follows the Lotto string. In this Plus draw, players who match the six winning numbers win a $ 250,000 top prize. Those who match five, four or three winning numbers win other great cash prizes that are automatically multiplied by the multiplier issue printed on the slate .
Tickets cost $ 2 per act and players can add Plus Play for just $ 1 more. All Colorado Lotto results are available immediately after each describe .

What are the Colorado Lotto Plus Draw Times?

Sales cut-off time is 7:30 pm MT.  Draw time is approximately 5 minutes after the draw entry close.

Draw Times
Sunday No Draw
Monday No Draw
Tuesday No Draw
Wednesday 7:35 phase modulation MT
Thursday No Draw
Friday No Draw
Saturday 7:35 prime minister MT

How do I Play the Lotto CO Plus?

PICK YOUR NUMBERS: Ask for a Quick Pick and let the lottery terminal select the numbers for you, or choose six numbers between 1 and 40 .
BUY YOUR TICKET: CO Lotto tickets cost $ 2 per bid .
PLAY MULTIPLE DRAWINGS: You can play your numbers for up to 26 back-to-back drawings ( 13 weeks ) on the lapp ticket. Just tell the cashier at the prison term of your buy or mark the Mutli Play box on your selection slip .
ADD PLUS : Adding Lotto Plus is an option that will add $ 1 per play. The Plus option allows players the prospect to win $ 250,000 in an extra describe held immediately following the Colorado Lotto draw, using the lapp numbers and multiplier played on the Colorado Lotto ticket.

What Can I Win Playing Colorado Lotto?

Prize Level Odds Base Prize
6 Balls 1 in 3,838,380 $ 250,000
5 Balls 1 in 18,816 $ 300
4 Balls 1 in 456 $ 30
3 Balls 1 in 32 $ 4

Overall Odds: 1 in 30. 

What Are the Multiplier Odds?

Multiplier Odds
5X 1 in 10
4X 1 in 10
3X 3 in 10
2X 1 in 2

CO Lotto Plus FAQs

Q: What is the Colorado Lotto with Plus?
A : Colorado Lotto is a twice hebdomadally pull bet on where players choose six numbers from 1 to 40 or let the lottery terminal choose for them. Play slips mechanically include a randomly generated multiplier number that mechanically increases non-jackpot cash prizes by two, three, four, or five times. For an supernumerary $ 1, players can use their Lotto numbers in a second draw ( Plus drawing ) that immediately follows the Lotto drawing .
Q: How much do CO Lotto tickets cost?
A : Tickets cost $ 2 per fun. For an extra $ 1, players can add the Plus Play feature .
Q: Where and when can I play CO Lotto with Plus?

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A : You can play at all Colorado Lottery retailers. Draws take put at approximately 7:35 post meridiem and tickets for each draw may be purchased up to 5 minutes prior to the future draw .
Q: Do Colorado Lotto tickets expire?
A : Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the reap date on which the trophy was won .

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