Clit Suction Toys: Your Vulva’s Newest Must-Have

thus, what do hundreds of millions of people do to pass the time when dating abruptly gets cancelled and staying indoors in the new norm ? It seems a lot of them are touching themselves. According to Vice, five top sex toy dog brands have done criminal record sales since late March when a huge lump of the universe ’ s population started sheltering in identify to decrease the gap of COVID-19. sol for those of you looking for a new type of sensation to pass the time with, might I make a suggestion ? Clit suction toys.

“ Clit sucking toys use a combination of air and suction to surround the clitoris, engage it, and create a adorable sensation. You simply place the nozzle over the clitoris and BAM the dally does all the work for you, ” explains certified sex coach Gigi Engle, Womanizer sexpert and the author of All The F*cking Mistakes : a lead to sex, love, and life. “ many vulva-owners say it stimulates the feel of oral sexual activity. ”clit suction toys share on PinterestDesign by Wenzdai Figueroa As a vulva owner and lover of oral sex, I decided to carve out some time to last try all the clitoris suction toys I ’ ve been gifted from friendly PR folk music over the years.

1. If you’re on a budget: Satisfyer Pro 2

partake on Pinterest Price: $ 49
Get it via The Satisfyer Pro 2 may look like a tricked out auricle thermometer, but the vomit handle and angled mouth are practical .

What I liked about it

The play ’ s 4-inch hanker wield makes it easy to reach my bits from a laying down side. Plus, it ’ mho made of a character of fictile that doesn ’ triiodothyronine get slippery when wet like silicone does. That means I have no problem holding the toy *exactly* where I want it even when my vulva is lathered in lubricate .

What to keep in mind

The talk on this plaything is bigger than any other toy on this tilt. This is a great pick if your clitoris is larger or thicker than your thumb, and you like the feel of your clitoris being engulfed .

2. If you LOVE vibration: Satisfyer Luxury Haute

share on Pinterest Price: $ 129.95
Get it via With gold detail, a fake leather top, and gaudy-white, silicone consistency, the Satisfyer Luxury Haute might look a prop up in an early Britney Spears music video recording, but it ’ s actually a two-for-one sex miniature .

What I liked about it

This baby ? It doesn ’ metric ton just “ absorb, ” it besides vibrates. For person ( like me ! ) who gets overstimulated well, the option to switch back and forth between direct-contact suck and less-direct vibration, can be the difference between crying ( in annoyance ) and coming .

What to keep in mind

Unlike the Satisfyer Pro 2, this toy dog doesn ’ metric ton have an angled wield, making it awkward to maneuver. Figuring out which angle to approach my clitoris with took a small test and error. At times, the sensation was way besides a lot. My advice is to be gentle with the atmospheric pressure you apply and slowly moving it over your vulva, giving yourself time to feel for that claim aha pleasure zone. That being said, the time it took to find my groove with this miniature makes it hard for me to imagine buying it myself. Although, it is one I ’ five hundred commend if a ) you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate decide between a vibration or a clitoris chump or boron ) you want to save a little dough.

3. If you’ve got a sense of humor: Chickie Emojibator

share on Pinterest Price: $ 89
Get it via Emojibator. Upon being acquainted with this dally, I can ’ metric ton help but imagine the entrepreneur who sat in a room and think, “ You know what the world needs ? A clitoris suction toy straight out of that kids cartoon, ‘ Barnyard Animals. ’ ” The Emojibator is made of silicone, waterproof, and has eight settings for both vibration and sucking .

What I liked about it

This toy feels like a clit-pump. When you place the nozzle over your clitoris, you ’ ll literally feel the blood getting pumped into the area. For me and my extra sensitive clitoris, the key was using this toy dog over my underwear. When I did that, it felt identical a lot like getting oral. beyond that, the Chickie is the most FUN arouse play I ’ ve always owned. I ’ ve gifted my pals the Chickie in the past and will absolutely gift it again. besides, it ’ s the second most low-cost dally on the tilt .

What to keep in mind

If you ’ re looking for a play that mimics oral sex, keep looking. none of the eight sucking settings of this silicone play feel like a mouth, ( unless you ask your partner to suck actually unvoiced ). And those with sensitive pearls may want to heed my advice above of using it over your underwear. My last word on the subject is that the plaything ’ s buggy little eyes are a short, well, freaky. And worse, to use it you have to pop the promontory off, which means you ’ re basically getting oral from a decapitated chicken…

4. If you want to get off QUICK: Womanizer Premium

share on Pinterest Price: $ 199
Get it via The Womanizer looks like the love child of a banana and an old-school telephone. If either of those things were made of satiny silicone. This miniature doesn ’ t even need to touch your body to do it ’ randomness thing. rather, it uses something called Pleasure Air™ technology to apply simulating air out coerce for your clitoris .

What I liked about it

Using this toy felt like I was getting an exorcism through my clitoris. In a dear direction. Within 2 minutes, I was back-arched, legs-tense, eyes-in-the-back-of-my-brain on the mattress. And that was when I used the lowest of 12 saturation settings. But it ’ s not just how close the the Pleasure Air™ resembles oral sex that ’ s most impressive. It ’ s the detector in the head that makes sure the miniature lone comes on when it senses your skin. That means whenever I ’ m not actively using the toy, there ’ s no annoying fan-like sounds ruining the vibration or drowning out my mews .

What to keep in mind

I have to say, I loathe the name of the Womanizer, ( because ~spoiler alert~ not everyone with a clitoris is a womanhood ! ). sex toy guru and laminitis of Dildo or Dildon ’ triiodothyronine, Carly S besides offers an crucial bill about size : “ The nozzle on the Womanizer Premium is actually flat, sol if you have a larger vulva, you might not be able to use it. ”

5. If you’re into (aggressive) sucking: Lelo Sona Cruise

plowshare on Pinterest Price: $ 129
Get it via While some clitoris suction toys look like gynecological implements or chickens, with gold particularization and matte silicone finish, the Lelo Sona Cruise looks like a dependable ~luxury item~. quite than using “ air ” to create a fellate sensation on your clitoris ( like the other toy on the list do ), LELO Sexpert and NYU professor of Human Sexuality, Zhana Vrangalova explains that the Sona uses what Lelo refers to as “ sonic waves. ” “ These waves penetrate deeper inside the torso and oversee to stimulate not just the clitoral glans and labium, but besides the stallion inner clitoris. It ’ s a more arrant genital foreplay, ” she explains .

What others liked about it

I ’ ll be honest, the Sona Cruise was not my cup of tea. My sensitive clitoris couldn ’ thymine handle the force of the stimulation. That being said, many people I talked to LOVE this miniature. According to Vrangalova, “ The Sona Cruise is responsible for a distribute of vulva-owners first orgasms and beginning squirt orgasm. ” And when I texted my sex writer group chat about it, two confirmed the SC was responsible for their first ever squirting orgasms. “ I used it on my clitoris while my partner used his fingers to press against my G-spot… and 5 minutes later : a waterfall, ” she told me. She credits this to the knock-down suck ace the toy provides. ( PS : she recommends the 2nd, of the eight different modes ). While squirting orgasm spirit much like regular orgasms do, there ’ s the add excitement and surprise of liquid gushing out of the vulva ( and possibly onto person else ). It feels kind of like doing a magic trick with your vagina .

What to keep in mind

The first time I tried the plaything, I felt like my clitoris was about to be sucked clean and jerk off my body. It was uncomfortable, if not atrocious. When I tried it again, this time with my partner, it was still wayyy excessively intense for me. But then my partner tried positioning the nozzle over my clitoral hood and that ( ! ) was ( ! ) the ( ! ) topographic point ( ! ). TBH I ’ ll credibly never use this so-sexy-it-looks-like-a-perfume-bottle play again. But for the Advanced Masturbators out there, I say, go forth and orgasm !

6. If you enjoy light clit stimulation: Lelo Ora 2

plowshare on Pinterest Price: $ 189.99
Get it via This baby international relations and security network ’ t a clitoris suction toy, but I included it because, like clitoris suction toys, it ’ sulfur touted as an oral arouse simulator. “ There ’ s a rotating nubbin on the side of the hoop that you press up against your vulva, which feels like person ’ s tongue ” says Vrangalova .

What I liked about it

When I used this dally with some body of water based lubricate I understood what all the spit references were about : It literally felt like some deity was licking in circles around my clitoris. Carly S. adds that the sense feels similar to having a finger rolled around your clitoris. A refresh aspect of the Lelo Ora 2 is that the sense is a lot more elusive than the other toy on the list. The advantage of balmy sensation is a slower build up up which, ultimately, can lead to a more acute and carry through orgasm .

What to keep in mind

again, this is not a suction dally. so if you ’ re specifically into the sensation of getting your clitoris sucked during oral sex, opt out. It ’ randomness besides one of the costly options on our tilt and since sex toys aren ’ t returnable after you try them out, you ’ re going to want to be extra surely you want it before buying.

7. Best for during penetrative play: We Vibe Melt

share on Pinterest Price: $ 149.
Get it via Sleek, reduce, and silicone, this coral-colored oral stimulator puts the pleasure, in pleasure product. Dr. O ’ Reilly tells me, “ My clients who use the We-Vibe Melt say it feels more like oral arouse than any other play. ”

What I liked about it

Hands down ( well, more accurately, one pass down ), this is my darling clitoris sucking dally on the number. This toy besides uses Pleasure Air™ Technology to surround your clitoris with pulsating waves with different intensities, depending on which of the 12 settings you opt in for. It sounds acute, but it doesn ’ t feel like I ’ megabyte getting my person vacuumed out through my vulva like some of the other toy dog on the list. preferably, it feels kind of like oral arouse I request from my spouse : abstemious licking and a fiddling clitoris action. This toy dog doesn ’ t even get in the way even during missionary. Hey, sometimes a gripe doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to have to do doggy to use their clitoris sucking dally, okay ? !

What to keep in mind

If you enjoy having your clitoris sucked like a tootsie toss off, gnawed on, or flush thinly chewed during oral sex, you ’ ll likely have to hit the summation sign a few times. And at its highest place, it creates the like persistent whirring noise an airplane makes correctly before takeoff.

What worked for me, may not work for you

ultimately, everyone ’ s anatomy and sexual tastes are different. If you read this and still feel broken about what you like, spend some time loving on yourself to learn. Masturbating is the safest — not to mention, least awkward — way to explore your body ’ mho preferences. here are some tips for touching yourself :

  • Start slow and take your time. Pleasure is all about the build up. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel anything at first touch.
  • Try a variety of techniques, rhythms, and speeds. If you’re down to spend $60 on a one-time membership, the site OMGYes provides video tutorials and interviews with people with vaginas about the kinds of sensation that gives them pleasure.
  • Make a night of it. Light some candles, put on music that makes you feel good, wear your favorite undies or lingerie.
  • Cue up some erotic imagery to get in the mood. My personal fave site is Bellesa because it’s female-friendly and free.

If you presently have a sex Mate, have them try out a few different oral sex techniques to learn what kinds of sense will probably work best for you. then, if you can, visit a local sex-positive shop so that you can get hands on these babes and see just how intense, brassy, and awkward they actually are. Finding a clitoris suction toy you like arsenic much as I like the Melt might take some time, and that ’ s o.

“ Be patient, take the time to explore, and set digression time to masturbate and actually enjoy yourself, ” says Engle. “ In my impression, clitoris suction toys are an experience every person with a vulva should try. They can be truly heaven-sent. ” Gabrielle Kassel is a New York-based sexual activity and health writer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Follow her on Instagram .

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