Poop Stuck Halfway Out: What to Do, Causes, Getting Help

Squirming to pass a fecal matter is anything but pleasant. You feel the cheer to go, yet nothing comes. Or the dope makes its way to the open of your anus, but gets stay halfway out. This happens to a lot of people. It ’ randomness even common in babies as they switch from a liquid diet to solid foods. Impacted stool can cause nincompoop to get stick. But having your dope stuck center out doesn ’ thymine always point to impaction. Every day constipation is another possible perpetrator.

What can cause poop to become stuck halfway out while pregnant?

You can blame this discomfort on shifting hormones during pregnancy. An increase in the hormone progesterone relaxes your body ’ second muscles, causing stools to move slower through your intestinal nerve pathway. The increase in progesterone much leads to stultification in pregnancy, causing dope to become stand by. other causes besides include :

  • being less active while pregnant
  • not drinking enough water
  • eating too little fiber

Why does baby poop get stuck halfway out?

During the beginning respective months of life, a baby eats a liquid diet before transitioning to solid foods. sometimes, the transition from liquid to solids is a shock to their systems. And as a result, their crap becomes hard and dry until they adjust .

What to do when it happens?

dwelling remedies and medical treatment can relieve stern that ’ s stuck halfway out. potential solutions include :

Home remedies

frequently, the condition is dry, hard stools, and not a medical emergency. Start by increasing your fiber intake, which makes it easier to pass tools. This includes eating more :

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • whole grains

You can besides increase your water inhalation to keep stools soft, a well as increase physical activity. drill stimulates intestinal drift, making it easier to pass stools .

Over-the-counter medications

If you experience constipation, it might take a few days for home remedies to take effect. But the follow nonprescription medications ( OTC ) may relieve symptoms :

  • suppositories
  • enemas
  • laxatives or stool softeners

Use laxatives as directed by your doctor, and for no more than 2 weeks. Overuse can worsen stultification .

Medical treatment and prescription medications

For chronic stultification, talk with a doctor about prescription drugs to regulate intestine activity. If you have an underlie gastrointestinal condition, treating it can help relieve constipation. If prolonged stultification causes faecal impaction, a doctor may prescribe or recommend a suppository or enema to soften any stool show in your rectum. Your doctor might even recommend a colonoscopy to look for potential blockages in your colon. If that ’ s the subject, you might need operation to remove the blockage.

What to avoid when you’re in this predicament

If you have poop that ’ s stuck center out, avoid worsening the site. here ’ s what not to do :

Digging the stool out with your fingers

When your stool is stuck center out, manually removing it from your rectum might seem like a bare solution. But wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate insert your finger in the rectum.

Digging out the stool can damage the voiced tissue at the first step of your anus, resulting in anal tears and bleed. only a doctor should manually remove crap from the rectum .

Forcing it out

You might feel the urge to strain and force the fecal matter out. however, straining to empty your rectum can cause other conditions like hemorrhoids and anal fissures. These can cause bleed and rectal pain.

When to call a doctor

If you have poop stuck halfway out, be patient. Start with home remedies like :

  • moving around
  • drinking water
  • taking OTC suppositories or enemas
  • increasing your fiber

For constipation, you can besides take a laxative or fecal matter softener. Poop stuck halfway out international relations and security network ’ t normally a aesculapian hand brake. But it may be an emergency in the character of a austere faecal impaction .

Medical emergency If pine away can ’ t leave your body, you may develop :

  • severe abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • rapid heart rate
  • dehydration
  • fever
  • confusion

Call 911 and go to the nearest emergency room if you develop any of these symptoms .

Risk and complications of getting poop stuck halfway out

Poop stuck halfway out due to constipation is by and large uncomfortable and there ’ s a low risk of complications. In the case of faecal impaction, potential complications include :

  • bowel ulceration
  • hemorrhoids
  • peritonitis (infection of your gastrointestinal system)
  • low blood pressure
  • loss of consciousness
  • chills
  • dizziness
  • rapid heart rate

How to prevent the causes of poop getting stuck

here ’ s a look at respective ways to prevent nincompoop from getting stuck halfway out .


To prevent constipation, increase your inhalation of fiber-rich foods. These include :

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • whole grains

You can besides increase your fiber by taking a supplement. other ways to prevent constipation include increasing your fluid inhalation and being physically active voice on a regular footing .

Impacted stool

Impacted stool occurs after drawn-out stultification or a blockage in your rectum. Take steps to keep intestine activity regular and invalidate impaction. Call a doctor if your stultification does not improve. A sophisticate can besides determine whether you have an fundamental health condition that causes constipation or a obstruction. Treating the underlie condition helps restore intestine activity.


Having crap stuck halfway out can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about. But this condition happens to many people. Oftentimes, crap that ’ south stay is a simpleton fix. If it ’ s due to stool impaction, though, connect with a doctor of the church to avoid good complications .

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