It Isn’t Weird If You Get an Erection When You Poop

Ask the Poop Doctor is a new column from Dr. Sameer Islam, MD, a Texas-based gastroenterologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. He also hosts segments such as Poop Tip Thursday and Let’s Talk About Poop on his YouTube channel. Have a question you’d like to submit? Leave it in the comments section below! TikTok international relations and security network ’ t precisely known to be a checkup encyclopedia, but it can surface some interest biological issues sometimes. Like the theme that guys get boners when they poop. In this font, it ’ s a substantial thing. And it ’ randomness nothing to feel wyrd about if it happens to you. “ Yes, it can decidedly happen, and it ’ s something that more and more patients have been asking me about since seeing the TikTok meme, ” says Dr. Islam. So we had to know more about precisely why it might happen, who it might happen to, and just how common it is in substantial life. here are his answers .

What’s the biology behind getting an erection when you poop?

There are a couple of reasons. The pressure to have a intestine motion, particularly a large one, can increase the blood hang to the penis—hence, having an erection. besides, the rectum and the penis are both in the like area, sol when a significant intestine movement occurs, more force is needed to push the intestine campaign out, more blood will come to both the penis and rectum, leading to both an erection and an evacuation.

Could it be that pooping and erections are related to the same part of the nervous system?

This ’ s the second theory of what is going on. We have two main nervous systems : the sympathetic and parasympathetic anxious systems. The harmonic nervous arrangement is the “ flight or crusade ” – we use this when we are angry, disquieted, or are running away from something. The parasympathetic nervous system nervous organization is sometimes called the “ rest and digest ” or “ feed and breed ” system, and controls functions such as sexual arousal, digestion, defecation, and saliva and tear production. Both having a intestine motion and having an erection are using this same skittish organization .

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furthermore, having a big intestine movement can be very pleasing for some people, leading to more awaken thoughts. Since the prostate gland gland sits very stopping point to the rectum inside the body, stimulating the prostate gland when having a intestine bowel movement can be enjoyable for some men. Depending on the intestine motion, the position the person is sitting in, and how sensitive the person is to prostate stimulation, having a intestine movement could result in sexual foreplay and an erection. last, getting an erection while pooping might be related to a sexual fetish centered around feces called coprophilia .

Are there any circumstances that would make this more likely to happen?

Yes, there are. The beginning reason could be timing. There is a wide roll of how often people have bowel movements—anywhere from three times a day to three times a week is much considered “ normal. ” By random find, if you have bowel movements multiple times per day, it is more probably you will get an erecting simultaneously. besides, if you have to go first thing in the good morning when guys typically experience “ morning wood, ” you are more likely to have an erection ampere well.

Do doctors have any idea how common it is to get a boner while you poop?

We have no idea how common it is, chiefly because no one speaks about it. But since the memes have become viral, I am surprised by how many patients ask me about them. It typically does not occur every time you have a intestine movement—but if having a intestine apparent motion makes you aroused, it surely can .

Is there any reason this might be unhealthy?

Nope, not at all. It is not dangerous, it is not abnormal, nor is it unhealthy. The only time to be concerned is if this is the merely way you can get an erection. In that sheath, it ’ s worth seeking checkup advice .
Marty Munson
Marty Munson, presently the health film director of Men ‘s Health, has been a health editor at properties including Marie Claire, Prevention, Shape and RealAge .
Doctor Sameer Islam
Doctor Sameer Islam is a functional gastroenterologist based in Lubbock, Texas who specializes in taking a holistic access to treating all digestive conditions .
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