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Mobile phone in a pocket Pocket dialing ( besides known as pocket calling or butt dialing or Assidental Dialing ) is the accidental placement of a earphone call while a person ‘s mobile phone or cordless phone is in the owner ‘s pocket or bag. The recipient of the call typically hears random background noise when answering the telephone. If the caller remains unaware, the recipient role will sometimes overhear whatever is happening in the caller ‘s vicinity. A pocket-dialed call can continue for many minutes, or until the recipient role ‘s voice mail system ends the call. The phrase “ pocket dial ” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in August 2015. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

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Causes [edit ]

Modern cellphones come in three configurations : “ flip ” phones, where the phone is physically close rendering the key inaccessible, touch phones where a finger or stylus is required to use the controls, and open phones, where keys or buttons are always exposed. Pocket dialing chiefly occurs with refer phones and open phones. typically, a call is caused by the person ‘s campaign changing the shape of the air pocket in a person ‘s clothe in such a way that a modest come of pressure is applied to some of the buttons, or in the case of a touch screen call, a call can besides be caused by the screen of the phone facing the person ‘s body and a little measure of perspiration creating sufficient conduction through their dress such that the capacitive allude blind detects their clothe as if it were a allude from the user ‘s feel. The computer keyboard lock feature found on most mobile phones is intended to help prevent accidental dial, but is often so superficial that the computer keyboard is easily pocket-unlocked. Sometimes the unlock sequence requires nothing more than pressing a release and then applying a random swiping motion to the shield, or in the character of some computer keyboard phones, it sometimes requires nothing more than holding a particular key for several seconds .

Consequences [edit ]

In summation to the trouble and embarrassment that may result from an mistakenly dial issue, the phenomenon can have other consequences including using up a telephone exploiter ‘s airtime minutes. [ 3 ] Accidental calls, if not hung up immediately, tie up the recipient role ‘s call line. If this is a land line, the recipient may have difficulty in disconnecting the cry in order to use the call, as networks sometimes define a timeout period between the recipient role hanging up and the call actually being cleared. [ 4 ] accidental calls are frequently cited as being one of the more annoying consequences of cell phone use. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Given the haphazard nature of accidental dial, most actual misconnections do not result from the choice of random numbers. rather, pouch dialing frequently triggers the “ recently dialed ” and “ contact ” lists that are contained within advanced cell phones. The caller is frequently unaware that the call has taken place, whereas the recipient of the cry much hears background conversation and background noises such as the rustle of clothes. Due to the dial of coarse numbers, the recipient is probable to know the caller, and may overhear conversations that the caller would not want them to hear. In 2013, an Arkansas homo, who allegedly hatched an elaborate plan to murder a former employee, was arrested after he reportedly pocket dialed the victim and revealed the plot. [ 7 ] Investigator Joseph Morgan, a law enforcement military officer with the Nevada Taxicab Authority which regulates the cab in Clark County, Nevada is being prosecuted by the Nevada Attorney General ‘s Office for leaking the contents of a pocket dial. Nevada Taxicab Authority Chief Investigator Ruben V. Aquino, Jr. scoop dialed Morgan. Aquino was then heard inappropriately discussing information relating to a confidential home probe. Aquino and another Investigator, Antoine “ Chris ” Rivers, then further discussed how the cab companies in Las Vegas control the daily operations of the Nevada Taxicab Authority. Aquino besides criticized Morgan for being proactive in his duty operation. Morgan, acting as a whistle blower, leaked the information to Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto, members of the Nevada Legislature and the media. rather of investigating the Nevada Taxicab Authority for corruption, Morgan is being prosecuted for leaking this information. This might be the first and only happening of an individual being prosecuted for listening to or leaking the contents of a pocket dial. [ 8 ]

Accidental calling of emergency services [edit ]

Operators of emergency services telephone numbers, such as 911 and 999, report receiving many fake alarms that are likely a leave of pouch dial. These pain calls can result in a drain on operators ‘ time, peculiarly during summer months, [ 9 ] which is possibly due to an increase in roller-coaster ridership. [ 9 ] ampere many as 50 % of emergency calls may be accidental calls. [ 10 ] On many older phones in the United States, pushing and holding down the issue ‘ 9 ‘ key will cause the call to automatically dial 911. In many regions, the operators must spend time and resources to determine whether the bid is real or accidental. [ 11 ] [ 10 ] The earphone calls much sound similar to the sorts of struggles people have while being involved in an actual emergency. [ 10 ]

In 2014, a 9-1-1 operator in Florida received an accidental call from a methamphetamine lab in Volusia County, leading to the catch of the three occupants for manufacture and possessing methamphetamine. [ 12 ] many fluid phones will allow calling of the hand brake numeral tied when the computer keyboard is locked, which poses a particular problem if the total is easy to dial incidentally ( e.g. 999, 000 ). accidental emergency calls are flush more likely if the user has programmed the hand brake phone number into the earphone ‘s contacts or focal ratio dial. [ 13 ] To make matters worse, some phones make it easier to call the emergency services when the computer keyboard is locked than it would be otherwise. An example of this is a soft key programmed to make an hand brake call when the keylock is set. On touch-screen phones, passcode screens frequently include a single button that, when touched for equitable a few seconds, will dial hand brake services. The leave is that it is often preferable to disable the passcode since, while doing so increases the likelihood of air pocket dialing family and friends, it is considered a lesser evil than air pocket dialing the hand brake services. In the UK, calls to the emergency number 999 are generally assumed to be accidental if the caller does not speak and there are no fishy sounds. however, occasionally such ‘silent ‘ calls are actual because the caller is unable or afraid to speak. Police advice is for the caller to then dial 55 to indicate to the operator that the call is genuine. [ 14 ] [ 15 ]

Solutions [edit ]

hardware [edit ]

Flip earphone [edit ]

A 2009 mobile phone ad crusade by T-Mobile [ 16 ] touted their phones ‘ underground to inadvertent pocket dialing as being an advantage of certain flip telephone models available at the time—specifically the Blackberry Pearl Flip .

Microphone blocker

[edit ]

A microphone blocker is useful to prevent a fluid call against audio interception from pocket dial .

software [edit ]

For Android phones, there exist apps that reduce the hazard of pocket dial. [ 17 ] Newer versions of Android retain the ‘Emergency call ‘ facility on the lock screen ; however, they require the user to key in the emergency telephone number in order to proceed with the margin call, thereby making an accidental emergency name less likely than in earlier Android versions .

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