‘I grew up like a nun — but with a lot more sex’

About 10 years ago, Faith Jones went to the mountains of Sri Lanka for a meditation withdraw. “ I ’ m the kind of person who has to be busy all the time, ” the Las Vegas-based lawyer told The Post. “ I thought, ‘ I ’ thousand gon na go crazy trying to sit there for eight hours a day meditating ! ’ ”
rather, she felt immediately at home among the Buddhist monks and nuns who spent their days doing chores and chanting scriptures in the center of nowhere .
“ I was like, ‘ Why does this seem thus conversant to me ? ’ ” Jones, 44, recalled. “ And then it hit me. I grew up like this ! I grew up like a little nun, except there was a lot of sex involved ! ”
She then told herself : “ I ’ m gon na write a book, and I ’ m going to call it ‘ My Life As a sex Cult Nun. ’ ”

Jones wasn ’ thyroxine pull the leg of. “ Sex Cult Nun, ” her new memoir ( William Morrow ), out nowadays, details her breeding in the ill-famed Children of God fad. Her grandfather founded the group, late called The Family, and it gained infamy for its disturbing sex practices and allegations of pervert — including encouraging sexual relations between adults and children .
Jones grew up believing “ The Law of Love, ” which pushed women to show Jesus ’ love by submitting to sex with men. Jones felt that press equally early as 6 years previous .
She ultimately escaped The Family when she was 22, getting her college degree and attending Berkeley Law. Yet she said it took her years to in full come to terms with the pervert she endured .
“ When I left, I calm didn ’ t think that what I ’ five hundred been taught was wrong, inevitably, ” she said. “ It took a few years of living in even club [ before ] I could look rear on my life sentence and be like, ‘ Oh, that ’ s what happened. ’ ”
Faith Jones (here with her sister Jondy and baby siblings) was first exposed to sexual imagery in her coloring books.Faith Jones (here with her sister Jondy and baby siblings) was first exposed to sexual imagery in her coloring books. courtesy of Faith Jones
Jones was born in Hong Kong in 1977, the seventh child in a heteroicous family in the Children of God. She grew up with six older half-siblings, two mothers ( Mommy Esther, her forefather ’ south first wife, and Mommy Ruthie, her biological mother, a former hippie from Long Island ) and no schooling — spend hours a day praying, doing family chores and preparing for the End Times .
Jones ’ don, Hosea, was the son of Children of God leader David Berg, aka Moses David, an itinerant preacher who finally started the group in 1968. hosea grew up “ witnessing ” alongside his dad across the United States and was one of the cult ’ south earliest disciples, even taking Berg ’ s message abroad when the group started facing legal scrutiny in the US. That ’ second where he met Faith ’ second ma, Ruthie, who joined the group in 1971. Ruthie ’ south devotion so affect Berg that he suggested Hosea take her as his second wife .
The Children of God cult was started by Jones' grandfather, David Berg.The Children of God cult was started by Jones’ grandfather, David Berg. By the clock Faith came along, The Children of God had expanded into Asia, and Hosea and Ruthie had opened a printing press in Hong Kong, where they published Berg ’ randomness prophecies, called the “ Mo Letters, ” to circulate among the cult ’ s 10,000 members. ( Esther, Berg ’ s first wife, largely took manage of the house and the sulk ’ s expanding number of children. ) Yet Hosea soon fell out of privilege when Berg discovered he was printing material for clients outside the group. Jones never met her grandfather before his death in 1994 .
“ It was a very strange thing, because I felt identical abandoned and rejected and didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know why, ” she said of never meeting Berg. “ But now I ’ thousand quite grateful. ”
In 1981, Jones was 4 when her church father, mothers and half-siblings moved to a distant farm in Macau, off the confederacy slide of China, after a Hong Kong newspaper published an exposé on the group. At foremost, the family didn ’ metric ton have a toilet, authentic electricity or a shower. ( They took baths in a barrel. ) But finally, her founder spruced up the rate, built guest houses, planted a vegetable garden and acquired a bevy of farm animals, turning the decay property into a amply functioning religious commune .
“ We were in a religious order, living communally, no possessions, hours spent in prayer and read, proselytizing, ” Jones said. “ But the difference is that most religious orders ban sexual activity ; we emphasized it. ”
sexual activity pervaded every aspect of their lives. Cartoon images of naked women adorned their religious literature. ( The Holy Spirit was depicted, Jones writes, as “ a buxom, hot, corneous goddess wearing lone a cordate bikini held on with pearl strings. ” ) monthly newsletters included photos of bare-breasted women. One of Jones ’ beginning coloring books had detailed diagrams of sexual organs and a pull back of a “ naked, in full aroused man ” penetrating a charwoman wearing a flower crown on her heading .
On the spartan commune built by her father (right), Jones (face shown) often had to bathe in a wooden barrel with her siblings.On the spartan commune built by her father (right), Jones (face shown) often had to bathe in a wooden barrel with her siblings. courtesy of Faith Jones
They learned that “ our sexual activity is our avail to God, ” Jones writes. “ Refusing sexual activity is being intemperate and selfish, unyielded to God ’ south will. And our absolute obedience is expected. ”
When Faith was a daughter in the early 1980s, she occasionally went on her beget ’ south “ Flirty Fishing ” missions — basically where women were expected to prostitute themselves for Christ, seducing men to the cause or at least extracting favors from them .
Jones said she actually looked ahead to these trips. “ For me, it was tied a bit of fun because we got to go out to dainty restaurants and ride in fancy cars, ” she said. She particularly “ loved ” visiting one of her mother ’ s long-run “ fish, ” Ashok. ( When Jones was 7, Ruthie had a daughter, Nina, with him. )
Celebrating a birthday with her mom's long-time boyfriend, Ashok.Jones celebrates a birthday with her mother’s long-term “fish,” Ashok. Women in the cult went on “Flirty Fishy” missions where they were expected to prostitute themselves for Christ. courtesy of Faith Jones “ He would do fun things with me like make chapatti and give me that attention I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive from my father, ” Jones said of Ashok. Though sometimes she would have to pretend to sleep while Ashok and her mother had sex in the bed next to her .
“ We were told we had no place rights to our body — that it belonged to God, ” she continued. “ And that allowed for all these abuses to happen. ”
Children were not excuse from such abuses. When she was 3, Jones appeared in the video “ Asian Angels Vol. 1, ” in which scantily clad women and girls from The Family ’ mho asian missions portrayed aphrodisiac dancing goddesses from Moses David ’ second dreams .
When she was approximately 6, her “ Uncle Jeff ” — the children referred to all adults in the cult as “ uncle ” or “ aunt ” — showed her how to pleasure him with her hands. At 10, despite shifting policies between adults and children due to increased media attention, two older “ uncles ” french kissed her. When she tried to avoid them and early men on the farm, she was asked, “ Why can ’ t you be more love ? ” ( Her older brothers, by the time they were 10, had already had sex : “ Boys were asked which ‘ auntie ’ they wanted to have sexy time with, and then they went into different rooms and did what the boy wanted — entire sex or just caressing, ” she writes. )

Jones' Jones’ “worst birthday” at a Bangkok compound where she was let off silence restriction for a few hours to celebrate becoming a woman at 12 years old. courtesy of Faith Jones
By the early 1990s, when Jones was 10, The Family tried to rein in the child sexual activity, but Jones suffered early hardships. Her don was shipped to Japan with no explanation when she was 11. That same year, an “ Auntie Sara ” arrived at the grow to implement a rotating sex “ sharing ” schedule for its adolescents, where they were expected to go to bed with that evening ’ s spouse for an hour. ( Jones said she didn ’ thymine actually have sex, but did feel pressure to do “ something sexual ” during these ratified sessions. )
She, her mother and her mother ’ south two younger children — Nina and Jondy — were then sent to a compound in Thailand, where Jones spent her solid first calendar month on silence restriction, forbid from communicating with anyone until she learned “ to be yielded and slavish. ”
“ That was the most unmanageable time for me, ” Jones said. “ It attack my whole sense of identity — the humiliation of that. ”
As a child, Faith sang in a group with her siblings.As a child, Faith sang in a group with her siblings. courtesy of Faith Jones
late her mother took them to the United States, where Jones spent some time with her grandma in Atlanta and her grandfather and his wife in Indiana. While in Georgia, Jones went to a real school for a few months. She loved it .
“ I discovered I have this insatiate desire to learn, to explore, to understand, ” Jones recalled. “ Before that, what I learned in The Family was fabulously limited basically to the Mo Letters, and I was sol bore. It was fair the same stuff rehashed over and over, trying to give it an excite color. ”
inactive, Jones remained a truthful believer, and when her don showed up in Atlanta, the family headed rear to Macau and by and by China. Jones convinced her mother to send for a CLE homeschooling class from the Mennonites, and she taught herself mathematics, English, social studies and skill .
In Taiwan aged 21, Jones was feeling the pull of a college education in the US. She left the cult at 22.In Taiwan aged 21, Jones was feeling the pull of a college education in the US. She left the cult at 22. courtesy of Faith Jones
She was 16 when she lost her virginity to a son outside The Family, and was shipped to Japan for sneaking out with a few early girls in the farm to hang out with locals from the town. At 18, she went to Kazakhstan, where the elders chastised her for not “ sharing her love ” with another man in the commune .
As she went to him, she kept telling herself, “ This is for God. ”
“ It took me a retentive time to realize that being coerced into having sex with person based on being told that God will punish you, or out of fear of chagrin, is the lapp as rape, ” Jones said .
She bounced around Asia, submitting herself to The Family ’ second whims ( and unwanted sex ), until at 22, in 1999, she decided to leave and pursue a college education .
“ I didn ’ thyroxine see a future for myself that was at all attractive, ” she said about her decision to leave the group. “ I was just in truth unhappy. [ But ] even at the time, I was like, possibly I ’ ll come back. ”
Jones’ father Hosea (far right) supported her quest for knowledge, and attended her graduation from Georgetown in 2005.Jones’ father Hosea (far right) supported her quest for knowledge, and attended her graduation from Georgetown in 2005. courtesy of Faith Jones
Jones ’ parents supported her decision, and her dad got her a job working at a new hotel in Macau to fund her move to the States. finally she moved in with her beget ’ randomness sister in California, attending community college and bartending before getting a eruditeness to Georgetown in 2002 and graduating from law school in 2008. ( She worked as a corporate lawyer for Skadden Arps in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, before starting her own tauten and consulting business in 2018. )
When she inaugural got out of the group, she said she found herself getting pressured into sex she didn ’ thymine desire because, she explained, “ I didn ’ thymine think I could refuse. ”
Her first unplayful college boyfriend encouraged her to talk about her experiences in the cult — and helped her see that what she experienced wasn ’ metric ton just uncomfortable, but wrong .
today, she said she has a love boyfriend and “ I ’ thousand very comfortable with my sex. That is decidedly a part of [ my ] healing. ”
Her parents and siblings have since left the group vitamin a well. Her ma and dad ( now divorced ) have apologized for the injury that they put her through. ( Her parents never sexually abused her themselves. )
“ I did, of course, feel wrath [ at them ], ” Jones said. “ I was like, ‘ How could you let these things happen ? ’ ” She was particularly puzzled by her mother, who didn ’ thymine grow up in The Family and, unlike Hosea, “ came from a earth where this [ behavior ] wasn ’ t inevitably normal. ”

But she said that function of her process of mend has included talking about these abuses with her parents. “ I besides understood where they were coming from, because I had lived that, ” she added. “ I understand how people can be authentically and deeply deceived. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine change that the action is ill-timed or a trespass, but it does change how I perceive it. ”
In addition to her own firm, Jones coaches other women on how to reclaim their possession of their own bodies, inspired by her TEDx lecture, “ I Own Me. ” She said she wrote “ Sex Cult Nun ” to give hope to those from alike backgrounds and the tools to stand up for themselves .
“ I hope we can make a cultural chemise around some of these areas of pervert and handling — women ’ randomness rights and children ’ randomness rights, ” she said. “ I shine a light on it from my personal experiences in this cult, but these topics are relevant to everybody. ”

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