What Causes Gums to Turn Purple or Brown?

What Causes Gums to Turn Purple or Brown? Seeing your gums change from their natural tinge can be pretty chilling. One sidereal day you may see healthy pink gums in the mirror, and the adjacent you might notice an ill purple or brown shade fawn over them. Brown gums or mumble darken could be wholly natural based on your ethnicity or aging. But if your gums are suddenly turning purple or brown, it may be a sign that something dangerous is happening inside your mouthpiece that requires professional attention.
here are the main causes of gums turning purple or brown.

Naturally Darker Gums

If you have naturally brown or darker gums based on your your skin paint, then you have no motivation to worry. Gum color varies good like peel color does. If you aren ’ triiodothyronine white, you may have dark brown gums or may experience descry iniquity on your gums. This can be due to an addition of melanin production in your consistency and is completely normal and lifelike.
As you age, you may besides notice that your gums change tinge. If this change in color is consistent and you don ’ t experience any early issues, including conceited gums, bleeding, and pain, this change in color may be wholly natural. That being said, we always recommend that you check in with a dentist before passing a change in gingiva semblance off as normal .

Medication & Smoking

Both medicine and fume can result in gumwood discoloration. One of the most common causes of oral pigmentation change is a condition called Smoker ’ sulfur Melanosis. If you have Smoker ’ sulfur Melanosis, your gums, boldness, or palate may turn brown or black due to smoking or using drugs that contain nicotine. smoke can besides lead to gum disease and oral cancer, which can result in your gums turning empurpled or brown university ( we ’ ll discus this more below ). Finally, some medication can besides cause your gums to change color.

What Causes Brown Gums?

If your gums aren ’ metric ton naturally brown, you may have a more good problem. Brown gums could be a polarity of calculus. Calculus is a buildup of season dental plaque, saliva, minerals and/or oral debris that have turned into a calcify deposit. These deposits can build up underneath your gum line or on your glue line and appear as yellow to dark brown university spots. daily floss and brush are imperative to avoid calculus. If you think you have calculus, you should see your dentist immediately.
A tangent, brown, or blue-black position on your gums may signal that you have oral malignant melanoma, a dangerous type of cancer. The touch may besides be mix with bolshevik, purple, or grey colors. It could be found anywhere in your mouth and its determine and size will change as it grows. While oral melanoma is identical rare, it can be black. You should visit a checkup professional immediately if you think you may have oral melanoma. Learn more about oral malignant melanoma here.

What Causes Purple Gums?

[ caption id= ” attachment_2527 ” align= ” alignright ” width= ” 300 ” ] Before and After Gum Disease Treatment Therapy [ /caption ]
Purple gums can signal that you have gum disease (periodontal disease). As gum disease worsens, you may notice that your gums are swollen and appear to be bright red or purple. Plaque is the root campaign of gum disease, at first base irritating your gums and finally causing deep infections that can destroy your tissue and bone. It ’ randomness authoritative that you practice proper oral hygiene to avoid gum tree disease and see a dentist a soon as potential if you think you are suffering with the disease. Click here to see how we treat severe mumble disease at Water Tower Dental Care in Chicago.
A purple spot on your gums could besides be a sign of oral malignant melanoma, which we discussed above. You should see a medical professional vitamin a soon as possible if you have a purple spot anywhere in your mouth .

How to Avoid Gum Discoloration

unnatural glue discoloration is typically a sign that something ’ mho going wrong in your mouth. The best way to avoid issues like gum disease is to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each clock time, floss every day, avoid sugary and acidic foods, and visit your dentist regularly. You should besides avoid smoke, which can contribute to gum disease and cancer. ultimately, if you notice that your gums change color after taking a newfangled medicine, ask your repair for possible alternatives.
If you notice that your gums have turned imperial or brown, we highly suggest that you visit a doctor a soon as possible. While it could be a natural occurrence, it may besides be a dangerous admonitory sign. Better condom than blue ! If you ’ re in Chicago, contact us to make an appointee at Chicago ’ s issue one dentistry. We ’ ll help you figure out what ’ mho going on with your gums and put you on a path to making them look convention and healthy again .

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