How To Have Boob Sex – 8 Tips For Breast Sex, According To Experts

I say, “ breast. ” You say … ” sexual activity, ” right ? Ehhh, credibly not. While the phrase drop the ball sex might not be the first thing you think of when contemplating or talking about your girls, it might be worth bringing to the battlefront of your heed. That ‘s because, quite plainly, breast sex—a.k.a. breast f*cking ( flinch ) —can zest things up in the bedroom, specially when you ‘re not in the temper for any down-under action ( like, on your heaviest time period days, when you ‘re feeling bleh AF ). “ We tend to get bored with the same-old, same-old routine with sex, so having sex with your collaborator ‘s drop the ball [ or your own ] is a direction to change up the routine, ” explains Gigi Engle, a certifiable sex coach and author of forthcoming All the F*cking Mistakes. “ It ‘s besides a playfulness way to enjoy intimate play if your partner is n’t spirit penetrative or oral sex. ”

Cool, cool, cool … but, umm, does this flush feel good ? Great Q, girlfriend. But before jumping into the dirty deets, let ‘s make sure everyone ‘s on the same page …

Boob sex is pretty much what it sounds like.

Of path, everyone and anyone is welcome to try out some breast time, but the terminus drop the ball sex in detail generally refers to a male ( penis-bearing person ) thrusting his member in between a pair of breasts, which, btw, you ‘re squeezing together. While this can be arousing for some women—more on that in a minute—it ‘s considered a about universal joint hit for men. Why ? A few reasons : First, most men have a thing for breasts—plain and dim-witted. Second, breast sleep together is a coarse act in mainstream pornography, Engle says. Third, dudes tend to be ocular creatures, and the sight of seeing his penis squeezed between your drop the ball is **quite** a scenery. It besides feels actually good for him—more like a Fleshlight than a hired hand or vagina, according to Engle. This unique sexual sensation can add even more agitation into the mix.
ever wonder WHY guys like boobs indeed much ? Stop wonder now :

Boob sex can get you going, too.

For women, boob sexual activity can be merely as sexy and hot … that is, however, if being in a more submissive put excites you. “ It puts you in that ‘fantasy partner ‘ pornography side [ where ] you ‘re kind of in this hot slavish, ‘sex play ‘ character and that can be a turn-on, ” Engle explains. It can besides be truly freaking hot to watch your spouse get off on something new—and your body being an integral separate of it. But, sad to say, it ‘s more about the have itself than about getting actual sexual pleasure. While your nerve-packed nipples are nearby ( and, yes, you can technically orgasm from nipple meet ), breast sexual activity does n’t very typically stimulate that area enough to get you to the big O. That does n’t mean you wo n’t get yours—you may just have to treat the drop the ball part as foreplay, then ask your partner to take their skills downtown. This contented is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same subject in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their network web site .

quick to give your girls a go ? here ‘s how to make breast arouse even better :

1. Talk it out.

As with every sexual act, accept it absolutely all-important. So it ‘s key that you and your spouse discuss the details, even the dirtiest ( think : where they ‘ll come ), before things get hot and heavy. The good news ? This can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy as asking, “ How do you feel about putting your cock between my drop the ball ? ” or frailty versa, says sexual activity therapist Cyndi Darnell. Odds are, your bae will be into it. But what if you ‘re not ? rather than immediately shutting your partner down with a blatant N-O, attempt to keep an afford beware and say something along the lines of, “ Thanks for asking. Can you tell me more about what you mean ? ” or “ I have n’t tried it, but I might be uncoerced to give it a go. What are some of the most comfortable positions for me that you have in thinker ? ” Darnell suggests using those phrases because they show that “ you are a competent hearer and communicator, and you are besides looking for steering. ” By gathering more information about what you ‘re dealing with, you ‘ll be better off to set boundaries and make agreements going forward, she adds.

2. Be sure to cover all of the details.

Boob sex is all playfulness and games until your partner is about to finish and, oh bullshit, your face is very much in the splash zone. not feeling a facial ? wholly get it, girl. just be certain to voice that and shape with your dandy to decide on another, more appropriate area for him to unload. Do n’t mind it ? then say that, excessively. “ good sexual activity is approximately talking a much as doing, ” Darnell says .

3. You might stumble along the way, and that’s okay.

friendly reminder from Engle : “ nothing with new intimate experiences goes off without a hitchhike. ”

“ If you and your partner are going at it with excitation for a new experience, it will be finely. ”

alternatively of coming to the bedroom with expectations for arrant breast sex, come into it with some room to giggle or feel wyrd. besides important to have by your slope ? Enthusiasm. “ If you and your partner are here for it and going at it with exhilaration for a newly have, it will be fine, ” Engle says .

4. Get in a comfortable position.

If this is your first boob-sex scenario, then your best stake is to lie down on your back so that your S.O. and his software are above you. ( Oooh, quite the ocular, no ? ) Have your world lean on his hands, so that he ‘s in missionary position with your breasts, while you squish your breast together, Engle explains. The penis should then slip at heart, in Darnell ‘s words, “ like a hotdog ” and start moving in and out at a comfortable accelerate. Consider asking your bae if he ‘d like to do the honors of holding your dumbbell together, as this could bring him tied more pleasure, Darnell says .

5. Layer on the lube.

ICYMI, your boobs do not self-lubricate like your lady parts. so you ‘ll probably need something to help with all the steal and slide. enter : lubricant. More specifically ? Silicone lubricate, which both Darnell and Engle recommend for its super-slippery properties ( saliva will entirely do therefore much on your dry tata skin ). Silicone lubricate is besides compatible with condoms, which is a major succeed if you ‘re enjoying some breast time right before your man enters you down under and you need auspices. Or, hey, he might even be wearing a condom for fair the drop the ball sex, which is n’t actually that regretful of an estimate, according to Engle. “ even though the possibility of passing an STI is improbable with dumbbell sex, it ‘s best to be dependable, always ! ”

6. Don’t be afraid to change up positions.

If you ‘re not feeling the solid starfish site, consider switching things improving by sitting in a moderate or squat in movement of your partner. The key, again, is to be comfy—you could be at this for quite some time ( read : until your partner finishes or you decide to move to the future act ). Female-dominant positions more your thing ? then have your partner lie on his back and squeeze your breasts together to give him a new kind of a BJ : dumbbell job, duh. Just like a tried-and-true hand job, move your breasts up and down to in truth give him all the feels .

7. Get creative with boob sex.

“ We have to get creative with sex and lots of things can be turn-ons, even if you ‘re not directly getting off from it, ” Engle says. An comfortable case ? Adding in a little oral sex while mid-boob action—after all, the head of your collaborator ‘s penis is bobbing up toward your face over and over and over again.
Heads up, however : “ not all cock-and-boob combos are built for this, ” Darnell cautions. so, if you ‘re having trouble touching tiptoe to mouth, do n’t try to maneuver it. rather, opt for early playful tricks, like alternating between an OG blow job and then boob sex, she explains .

8. Add in some eye contact (if you’re into it).

While locking eyes can increase the intensity for some, it can ruin the moment by being besides intimidating for others, Darnell says. So it very depends on the couple. The choice, dearly reader, is yours.
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