Transfeminine Bottom Surgery (Male To Female)

What Is Transfeminine Bottom Surgery?

Transfeminine bottom operation, besides referred to as “ Male to Female ” ( MTF ) penetrate surgery, refers to the different surgical methods for the feminization of the masculine genitals and lower body. These gender-affirming procedures are designed to help trans women take master of their bodies and feel more comfortable in their daily lives. There are several bottom operation options that we offer here at Restore Medical Center. Each procedure is expertly performed by our board certified surgeon to help patients achieve bodies that better match their genuine sex identity. While the physical shock is meaning, we are rightfully inspire and humbled to see the emotional benefits our patients experience in their assurance and newfound comfort in their bodies .
There are a variety show of options available for your transfeminine bottom operation depending on your own personal goals. Each affected role ’ second operating room is different from the adjacent. Our control panel certified surgeon handles each as its own unique lawsuit in decree to provide you with the most natural and the most true-to-you results .


An orchidectomy is a operating room that removes the testicles, resulting in asepsis arsenic well as a loss of testosterone. A dim-witted or scrotal orchidectomy is most normally performed for transfeminine bottomland surgery, which uses an incision made in the scrotum.

Given the aroused benefits that trans women have as a solution of the removal of the testicles, many of our transfeminine bottom surgery patients choose to undergo just an orchidectomy. however, others may choose to undergo a vaginoplasty in order to create a more feminine appearance and functionality of their genitals.


A vaginoplasty is a gender-affirming operating room that transforms the male genitals into a beautifully womanly and functional vulva and vagina. When performed by a board-certified surgeon with experience in transfeminine surgeries, patients can expect full moon and normal functionality when make and having intimate intercourse. The vaginal canal is
created in order to allow penetrative intercourse, normally through a penile-inversion technique. A scrotal skin graft may be used to augment the length of the penile tube. The front tooth vaginal is created from mucosal tissue and is frankincense self-lubricating. The urethra is shortened and re-oriented therefore that the urinary stream will be into the toilet bowl when seated. A clitoris is constructed to be sensate, able to be stimulated and facilitate orgasm. Labia majora and minora are created to give a feminine appearance. A vaginoplasty ampere described as above is designed to be a one-stage procedure when performed at Restore. The patient may have
orchiectomy prior to the routine, or at the same meter.

Zero Depth Vaginoplasty
This operation is like to Vaginoplasty as described above, without the initiation of the actual vaginal canal. When looking at the patient, one would not be able to tell whether the affected role had traditional Vaginoplasty or Zero Depth Vaginoplasty. One might prefer this procedure to traditional vaginoplasty for a act of personal reasons – she might not want to dilate postoperatively, she may not want to have acute sex, she may want to avoid possible complications associated with traditional vaginoplasty, among others .
The physical and aroused benefits of this procedure are fabulously life-changing. however, this is a very meaning surgery with permanent wave results. It ’ s important that all patients considering this operation are amply prepared and mindful of the risks and benefits of operation .

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