18 Vibrating Panties That Will Rock Your Body All Day and Night

Vibrating panties have undergone quite the development. go are the days of brassy, bum, and broadly ill made panties that have been relegated to the back of a sexual activity shop. It ’ s the digital era, baby, which means that these once-novelty items have gone high-tech. And we can ’ thymine lie : We ’ rhenium loving the 21st-century updates that are happening in the worldly concern of vibrating panties. FWIW, the terminus “ vibrating underwear ” used to mean cranky, one-size-fits-definitely-not-all undies and a meh vibrator ( that you couldn ’ t even control with a distant ! ), making the drug user have, um, questionable, to say the least. fortunately, that ’ s no longer the case today. In fact, more and more options for inclusive thrill undies are popping up in the sex toy quad. And when we say there ’ sulfur something for everyone, we mean it : You can snag a minor vibrator that can magnetically attach to any pair of undies for a universal fit, or pick up something that can be controlled via smartwatch, app, and/or outback. not to mention, the vibrators themselves have become more powerful and way smaller, giving you just the right mix of pleasure and free will.

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If you ’ ll be using the pantie vibration with a partner, Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert at the adult health brand, suggests playing a game where your partner watches you from a distance and controls the settings on your vibrator. A vibrator with a distant ( most vibrating panties have them at this point ) can come in seize here, as you and your boo can keep it sexy from far away. Stewart recommends Cal Exotics ’ Petite Panty Teaser ( ) specifically because of its long-range distant, 12 settings, and compact size that fits tied the smallest of undies. Another bonus of pantie vibes is their versatility — you surely don ’ t have to limit gambling with these toys to barely being used with undies. These vibrators can besides double as external couples toys when you hold the vibrator against your vulva during partner acute sex, Stewart explains .

Trying vibrating panties for the first time? We break down everything you need to know.

When you ’ re new to the hale resonate panties party, it can be a act consuming knowing where to start, particularly with so many options nowadays available. Do you go with an attachment or with something that ’ s built-in ? Should you try it out alone before bringing in a spouse ? And which settings are best to get the ~vibes~ going, anyhow ? sex educator J. Sànchez, MSW, MEd, says that as with any sex toy, experiment — and patience ! — are winder to ensuring you get the most bang for your buck ( pun intended ). “ If you are a first-timer, allow yourself to explore this experience with nothing expectations, ” Sànchez says. “ Every consistency and every vulva is different, then allow yourself to be present in the consequence and have your sexual exploration lenses on. Pay attention to how your body reacts to the vibrations and procedure what is working for your consistency and vulva and what is not. ” And don ’ thyroxine forget to do your inquiry. With no dearth of vibrating panties to choose from, it ’ s important to tune into what you ’ ra hoping to get out of your fresh toy. “ Do a self check-in before buy by assessing how you experience pleasure, ” Sànchez suggests. “ A big question to ask yourself beginning is, ‘ Do I experience orgasm by clitoral or g-spot stimulation ? ’ This will provide you guidance on which panties to invest in. ” When you ’ ve chosen a pair ( or two ! ), set aside prison term for a few individual rounds at home in a quad that ’ randomness condom and private, and possibly with your collaborator ( mho ) if that feels comfortable. And, hey, at the end of the day, the number-one important thing to keep in take care : This is supposed to be playfulness ! Ahead, check out our favored picks — and remember, some of these come with particular underwear ( normally designed with a pocket for holding the vibrator ), and others don ’ metric ton want specialization undies. so, if you ’ ra looking for a bonus-gift mind, pairing the underwear-not-included vibes with fondness lingerie would decidedly make for a very thoughtful surprise .

1. The Strongest Panty Out There

Moxie Wearable Vibrator
$ 129.99

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“This is one of my absolute favorite toys to slip into any panty,” Sànchez says. “I love how you can sync it to the We-Connect app. For partner play, it has a slip-proof magnet that keeps it in place, so I am not having to adjust it. It is super discreet, and stays charged for two hours — who doesn’t love a good battery life?”
“ This is one of my absolute favorite toys to slip into any pantie, ” Sànchez says. “ I love how you can sync it to the We-Connect app. For partner play, it has a slip-proof attraction that keeps it in set, so I am not having to adjust it. It is super discreet, and stays charged for two hours — who does n’t love a adept battery animation ? ” 2. This Vibrator That Bumps Along to Music

Ella Paradis

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.0H
$ 150.59

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This curved boat-looking vibration tucks inside the include panties and can be controlled with a distant from up to 20 feet off. “ What attracted me to buying this vibrator is the club manner feature, ” Sànchez shares. “ As a womanhood who enjoys going out on the weekends, I wanted to see if it would sync to loud music and oscillate. It absolutely did and makes for some fun, eventful experiences. Take note, the panties are one-size fits most and as a size 14 charwoman, I am finale to having to invest in larger panties. ”

3. This Lil’Wristband Cutie


California Exotics Novelties Wristband Remote Curve
$ 39.29

shop class NOW

“ This is my current favorite, ” says educator and sexologist Goody Howard, MSW, MPH. “ It ‘s a distant control bullet train that can be inserted into the vagina or nestled into the genitalia pouch of a couple of comfortable undies. I prefer pantie inserts to traditional hover panties because they can fit a wide range of body sizes. The distant control is a wristband, not a regular-looking outside, which makes for even more circumspect playtime. ”

4. This Panty Vibrator That’s Quiet as a Whisper


Remote Control Panty Vibrator
$ 26.99

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With nine vibration settings to select from, you ‘re sure to find a speed that works for you. And thanks to the handy, egg-shaped distant, it can be operated from about 30 feet off, making aphrodisiac time with a partner that much more elating. Plus, it ‘s extremely placid, so you can climb to new orgasmic heights without causing a picture ( I mean, unless you want to recreate that ill-famed When Harry Met Sally diner consequence, which is wholly up to you ) .

5. This Lacy White Vibrating Panty and Remote Control Ring

Vibrating Panty Set in White
My secret Screaming O
$ 64.69

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This adjustable, white-lace pantie set features a stretchable silicone ring remote so you can play angstrom discreetly as possible. The distant besides works from up to 50 feet away, and the vibrator included has ten settings. Both the vibration and remote command batteries, but this located includes two sets of needed batteries, so you have a spare ( very clutch ) .

6. This Crotchless Vibrating Panty

Crotchless Vibrating Lace Panties Beads
$ 19.01

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While most hover panties are designed to fit correct under your fork, this place of vibrating panties is crotchless with full entree for penetration with a partner or toy. This pantie besides has stroker beads to add even more opportunity for sensation play. Since you can swap out the admit vibrator, finding a remote-friendly bullet vibrator shouldn ’ thyroxine be besides hard. We suggest this and this .

7. This Boxer With Two Vibrator Pockets

meat packer Gear Strap-On Harness Boxer Shorts with Vibe Pocket [ Body size : Small – Dress size 4 – 6 ]
Cal Exotics
$ 39.99

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not all vibrating panties have to be uber-frilly and femme. These boxers have not one, but two obscure pockets for vibrators. And while they ’ re primitively designed for strap-on play, there ’ s no cause why you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate skip the strap-on and use them as a more gender-neutral oscillate undie. You ’ ll have to BYOV ( bring your own vibration ), but did we mention there are two pockets to choose from ?

8. This Remote Control Contoured Vibrator

Spirit Plus Silicone Vibrator with Remote Control
$ 54.91

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This raincoat, rechargeable, and seven-function pantie vibration is perfective for popping into the above boxers or any set of panties presently stashed in your intimates drawer. The supreme headquarters allied powers europe of the device is designed to fit super discreetly inside your undies while distillery targeting your clitoris for stimulation .

9. This Powerful Panty Vibe That You Can Use with Any Smartwatch Band

Companion Wearable Remote Vibrator
Clandestine Devices
$ 149.99

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This vibration is in full raincoat, rechargeable, has seven levels of super-quiet vibration, and has five patterns. It doesn ’ t come with underwear, but it does have a magnet to help keep it attached to the undergarments of your choose. The distant has a image of up to 60 feet and looks very, actually like to an Apple Watch or FitBit, making it one of the better “ concealed in complain sight ” remotes we ’ ve seen so far. You can even pop the outside out of the ring and trade for any interchangeable Apple Watch or smartwatch band if you wan na change up the look .


Get entree to *all* of Cosmo
$ 20.00

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10. This Panty Vibe That Works with Smartwatches

blueMotion NEX|1- 2nd generation
$ 129.00

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The blueMotion Nex1 second gen comes with a blue lace lash ( one-size fits most ) and a belittled vibrator with four patterns. You can download the app on your smartwatch or phone and control the settings from there, which is oh-so commodious for both solo and partner play .

11. Fifty Shades of Gray Panty Vibrator


Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Panty Vibrator
Fifty Shades Of Grey
$ 89.00

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Live out your Fifty Shades of Gray fantasies with this circumspect pantie vibrator that can be controlled by a partner using the admit distant. It features 10 patterns and six volume levels, and is made with super-soft body-safe silicone .

12. This Vibrating Panty That Comes With a Secret Remote Ring

My Secret Charged Remote Panty
Screaming O
$ 89.99

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If you wan sodium play in public, you ’ re limited to clunky remotes that very much attend like remotes, or an app, which might be even more obvious given how nosy some people can be in public. But with this vibrating pantie ’ s inconspicuous ring outside, no one will know what ’ s up. You or your partner can plainly turn the resound so it ’ sulfur facing palm-side in and control the buzz that way .

13. This Wearable Ultra-Realistic Pulsating Dildo

Wiggling clothing vibrator
$ 39.99
$ 31.99 ( 20 % off )

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Looking for some internal stimulation ? While most vibrating undies cater more to clitoral stimulation, this located features a thrill diaphysis that goes insider the wearer for extra foreplay. Plus, there are seven vibration modes so you will never run out of pleasure .

14. This Rechargeable Panty Vibe and Matching Ribbon-Tie Panties


Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator
Lovehoney Desire
$ 89.99

shop class NOW

Fancy, fancy ! This contoured rechargeable vibrator comes with an include ribbon-tie copulate of panties for ~luxe~ vibrations. The undies come with a special air pocket you can slide the vibrator into and control via outback command. A two-hour charge gets you two hours of play, and the outside works up to 26 feet away. There are besides eight speeds and 12 patterns, so your spouse will have way more options to play with than just the common “ more shaking ” or “ less vibration. ”

15. This Magnetically Locking Vibrator Set

Lock-n-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser
$ 71.96

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The Lock-N-Play rechargeable vibrator can be universally attached to any underwear, so you can turn your fanciest pair of undies into a pair of vibrating fancy undies. The two-piece kit comes with a distant control and a 12-function vibrator, specially designed to hit your clitoris at all the right angles. The contour design has ridges for more stimulation, and magnetic wings ( like a maxi launching pad ) help attach the device to any match of underwear .

16. This Wearable Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly Hands-Free Vibrator
$ 29.99

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While it might not look like your normal pair of undies, this butterfly appliance is silent wearable, so I ’ megabyte including it anyways ! You hook your legs through each of the elastics, and the lil ‘ butterfly should sit directly over your clitoris. Because it ’ s not tethered to the bottomland patch of framework on a match of panties, you could even wear these during PIV sex, like crotchless vibrating panties .

17. This Tiny and Powerful Vibrator

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator
$ 69.99

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This petal-looking vibrator might be minor, but it packs a serious punch. Designed to slip discreetly into your underwear of choice, this is pretty much the ideal toy for incognito play. It ‘s besides got a thoughtfully designed pass to hug your clitoris .

18. This Cute Pastel Vibrator

PinkCherry From a Distance Remote Panty Vibe
$ 49.95

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This waterproof, rechargeable vibrator tucks into your panties and includes a match pink outside. It ’ s rechargeable and holds up to 70 minutes of gambling, and we love that the silicone is textured for soap stimulation .
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