Why Best of Calgary matters

With only two days left in the month, it means your ability to weigh in on which organizations, companies and people deserve to be put on a pedestal and celebrated is coming to a quick end. So, do us and our city a favour. Take the time to vote by Wednesday February 28.

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Kelsey Woods
Love Letter to Calgary

My interest in Calgary began in 1989 when I was born a Calgarian; no move required besides the drive home from the hospital. Being raised in and around the equine community has instated in me a true understanding of the western heritage our city is connected to.

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Mandy Balak
Why I Give A Damn

My fiancé James and I ran into an old friend at our favourite watering hole, Cannibale, a couple weeks back. It was the day we announced the conference lineup so I think I was in need of a particularly strong drink. He had no idea I was a part of Best of Calgary so I curiously asked for his opinion on the whole ‘Best of’ thing.

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Vladimir Taikov