Pranking 101: Big Smoke Order Prank

What is up, Grand Theft Auto fans ? In this identical special installation of Ownage Pranks ’ Pranking 101, we ’ rhenium giving you something you ’ ve always wanted : big fume ’ south order prank ! many users from the internet have been doing this prank idea for a while now and have garnered interest from pranksters like us. This big smoke order is decidedly going to fill your pot and will bring fun to your friends. Alright, buckle up your seatbelts because we ’ rhenium going on a drive-thru trip to Clunkin ’ Bell !

Who is Big Smoke?

Grand Theft Auto ( GTA ) : San Andreas is one of those games where you can steal cars, planes, and early vehicles. The objective of this game has been changed from a top-down horizon to a first-person perspective, which creates an concern kink for gamers because they ca n’t see what ‘s ahead and have more control over their character movements when driving or walking around in certain neighborhoods .
Melvin Harris, besides known as Big Smoke, is a character from the GTA series. He first appeared in the original GTA game and has since become an picture for gamers around the global with his brash demeanor that drips with style. The mention ‘ Big Smoke ’ refers to London, England and it has been used since the crippled was first gear released back in 1997 when they were still using antique graphic designs for their games which made them seem more naturalistic than other video recording games of its time .

What is Big Smoke’s order?

big Smoke ’ randomness order is a scene from the television game where Big Smoke orders a huge amount of food, together with Carl Johnson, at a drive-thru fast food space called Cluckin ’ Bell. When YouTube user /james227uk uploaded this trot on February 16, 2020, it has garnered blink of an eye popularity as pranksters have found this as a big opportunity to use as a recorded prank call sounding board. As of 2021, it already has a whack 9.2 million views—making it a bang-up antic idea .
If you ’ re wondering what Big Smoke ordered in Cluckin ’ Bell, the fabricated food place in Grand Theft Auto, here they are : two number 9s, a count 9 large, a act 6 with extra dip, a total 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large pop .
YouTuber ComradeWarbear made a video figuring out what Big Smoke actually ordered. According to the official Cluckin ’ Bell Website : The Number 9s are a Fillet Burger, the count 6 is the chicken wings, the numeral 45 is a Fowlburger ( one with cheese ), the count 7 is a bucket of wimp, and the boastfully sodium carbonate is apparently Sprunk ( the in-game version of Sprite ) .

Call Transcript So You Know What To Say For Your Big Smoke Order Prank

Clunkin ’ Bell employee : can I take your order, please ?
big fume : Carl, what do you want ? You got tantalum eat to keep your strength up, man !
CJ : Ey, I ’ ll take a count 9, fatty boy .
Ryder : Give me a count 9, just like him.

gratifying : I ’ ll have a number 6 with extra dip .
big roll of tobacco : I ’ ll have 2 issue 9s, a phone number 9 big, a number 6 extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45s, one with cheese, and a large pop .

Big Smoke Order Prank Ideas

now that we ’ ve gotten to know the man behind the celebrated Big Smoke arrange meme, here ’ s a list of how you can become your very own Big Smoke for your adjacent prank session with your friends and family !

Use a spoof call app for your Big Order order prank 

Save yourself the trouble of buying a modern SIM card or buying a burner telephone for your prank calls with Ownage Pranks ’ s own spoof calling app. Since you ’ ll be needing to hide your identity for these Big Smoke club antic name ideas, you can prepare yourself by downloading it correctly now, whether you ’ re on io or Android .
A parody app is a promptly and slowly means to change your number, but without having to buy or borrow another phone. It masks and changes your number, and creates a convert front for the person on the other end. It is great for strangers and services that notoriously spam your inbox. There is a fortune of charming that goes on behind the scenes, but basically – we take your actual information, clamber it and hide it behind a bogus act. Think about it as a dissemble and your earphone numeral is the headmaster of disguise .
If you want to make your Big Smoke order prank idea go off a planned, why preceptor ’ metric ton you start by downloading our spoof calling app justly at this moment !

Piss Off Your Parents with a Big Smoke Order Prank

nothing beats being able to annoy your parents with a harmless prank call ! For this prank theme, you need two things : a parody call app from Ownage Pranks and the Big Smoke order antic call sounding board. All you have to do is when your parents are out, call them using your app and play the Big Smoke order antic sounding board and watch them get annoyed at you for not understanding what you ’ re trying to say !

Restaurant Prank Call

If you want to level up your prank call game with your friends, you can try prank-calling restaurants using the Big Smoke order prank script we have. The key to this prank call is to keep importune that the restaurant offers a number 9, count 7, number 6, and a number 45 according to their menu. You can besides tell them that your supporter, Big Smoke, was the one who asked you to order these things !
And that was it for Ownage Pranks ’ Pranking 101 : big Smoke Order Prank. Always remember to keep your pranks playfulness and harmless !
As constantly, happy prank. Keep us and Big Smoke proud !

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