Nipple Piercings on Large-Breasted Women (With Photos)

I received a message from a woman who was large breasted and had some questions and concerns about getting nipple piercings :

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on nipple piercings. I am a dame of a larger construct, and as such I have quite large breasts. My nipples are n’t probably ampere buoyant as they should be and sit quite gloomy on my breast. Would it be okay for me to get nipple piercings ?

I presently have several other piercings and a few withdraw ones besides, so I ‘m of senesce and not concerned about aftercare and such. Would it be better to go and ask a piercer face to face if they think my anatomy is suited to it ? besides, does it make a deviation what angle the nipple is pierced at ? I ‘ve seen a few pictures of people with diagonal or upright nipple piercings and I truly like the search of them. Are they more difficult to heal or anything like that ?

Thanks in advance for your aid, people like you make me want to find an apprenticeship myself !

My answer : Large-breasted woman with diagonal nipple piercings
There are many bombastic breasted women who successfully heal nipple piercings. One retainer is how much pressure is on the area of the pierce in your brassiere on a daily basis.

excessive pressure can make them harder to heal. One potential option is to start the piercings with PTFE or bioplast, which is an inert elastic material. These flexible materials could make it more comfortable to heal and easier for your body, since the contribution of the jewelry that is inside the body during mend is ductile.

I do suggest barbell dash jewelry ( whether inert fictile or metal ), and credibly in 12 gauge, if you have sufficient weave.

The angle should n’t cause any extra return with healing. If you have elliptic areola ( rather than round ) there is often an interchange angle suggested by the anatomy. See photograph above and below. Large-breasted woman with diagonal nipple piercings

Another consideration is the way the tissue rests inside your brassiere. If there is a lot of atmospheric pressure, you may wish to add nurse pads, or pieces of pantie lining ( you can cut them to fit and stick them to the inside of your brassiere ). They help to provide a little extra pad, and they are absorbent material as well.

I besides suggest saline solution soaks to help with healing. I have detailed information about that on my web site hera.

If you need a referral to a dependent piercer, you can check my referrals page here. I live in the Yucatan of Mexico and travel to the US to pierce in the studios of my colleagues. In the event you would like to be pierced by me personally, please sign up for my release newsletter. Just type your diagnose and e-mail address in right sidebar on the upper fortune of any page of this web site, and then you will be autimatically notified when I make newly change of location plans. Nipple piercings on large breasted woman--traditional placement

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