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It ‘s a short hard to stay cheery amid the COVID-19 pandemic —especially when you ‘re stick inside about all the time. fortunately, there are dateless fun and distracting triviality tidbits that can immediately cheer you up, if you know where to look. For example, have you heard about quokkas, the adorable animals that always look like they ‘re smiling ? Or did you know that the voice actors behind Minnie and Mickey Mouse were married in real life ? Prepare to feel less cooped-up and more inspired with our number of feel-good facts ! And for more trivium to cheer you up, check out 40 felicitous Facts That Will Put a Smile on Your expression .


Bobbing for apples started as a british courtship ritual .

apple picking

today, bobbing for apples is a popular party game. But it turns out, the far-out activity started as an 18th-century british courting ritual, according to the History Channel. In one set of rules, each apple was assigned to a potential suitor. The bob would attempt to bite into the apple associated with her prefer boyfriend. If she bit it on the inaugural try, they would be destined for sexual love. If it took her two tries, their love would sizzle and then fade. If it took her three, their relationship would be doomed .


Bats sing love songs .

casette tape with heart, most romantic songs Humans are n’t the only creatures who sing to our sweeties—lots of animals do, excessively ! In one luminary 2009 cogitation published in the journal PLOS One, researchers in Texas found that brazilian free-tailed bats have distinguishable syllables and phrases that they use as love songs to attract suitors .
“ The sounds are made in a specific, arranged blueprint to form a song, and there are actually organized sequences within each phrase. They are made to attract and lure nearby females, ” lead researcher Kirsten Bohn said in a statement .


Mister Rogers ‘ ma knit all his sweaters .

Fred Rogers Along with his repute for being one of the nicest men in America, Fred Rogers was besides well known for his key signature zip-up cardigans. But if you thought you could well buy the same perspirer as everyone ‘s favorite neighbor, you ‘re out of fortune. In one sequence of Mister Rogers ‘ region, he revealed that his mother had hand-knit each of them. And if you ‘re looking for more triviality to help you kill meter, try these 100 wholly useless Facts That Are Too Entertaining for Words .


Smiles are unconditioned, not learned .

baby in a bath with rubber duckie It ‘s heartening to know that your most joyful reaction is something you ‘re merely bear wanting to do. “ Individuals blind from give birth could not have learned to control their emotions in this way through ocular learning, so there must be another mechanism, ” San Francisco State University psychologist David Matsumoto said in a instruction. “ It could be that our emotions, and the systems to regulate them, are vestiges of our evolutionary lineage. ”


And quokkas are adorable animals that constantly look like they ‘re smiling .

quokkas smiling animal Go ahead, expression at that confront for a long as you ‘d like. While there are enough of cute animals out there, there are n’t any others that look as perennially chipper as the quokka. Found on the small islands off the coast of western Australia, these marsupials have a charming bone structure that makes them look like they ‘re grinning from ear to ear. Some people have even dubbed them the “ happiest animal in the universe, ” according to National Geographic .


There ‘s a bible in the Philippines for the urge to pinch or squeeze something that ‘s cute .

puppy sleeping on red pillow If you ca n’t stop yourself from picking up an adorable puppy and hugging it close, then you need to know the Tagalog give voice “ gigil, ” which, in the Philippines, describes the apparently irresistible cheer to squeeze things that are cute. And for more words you did n’t know, check out these 33 Funny Dictionary Words You Did n’t Know actually Existed .


A womanhood makes custom dolls for children who have assorted physical conditions .

teddy bear with an injury, bandages on its head Amy Jandrisevits knows that kids want to see themselves represented in the world around them—and that includes in their toys. That ‘s why the Wisconsin resident makes custom dolls that have scars, birthmarks, assorted physical conditions, and disabilities that match the children she ‘s making them for. “ It makes them not feel so entirely, ” Jandrisevits told CBS News of her clientele, A Doll Like Me. “ Their logical mind knows this is good a doll. But the very impeccant child separate of them still feels like, ‘Now I ‘m not the only one that looks this way. ‘ ”


A village in India plants trees every time a baby girl is born .

looking up a big tree in the forest to the sky When the drawing card of Piplantri, a little greenwich village in Rajasthan, India, lost his 16-year-old daughter in 2006, he decided to turn his grief into something beautiful. In order to ensure that the village treasured each baby girl ( since daughters were not traditionally valued a much as sons ), he set up an enterprise that sees trees planted every time a girl is born in the greenwich village, according to The Guardian .
The new baby ‘s parents besides sign a legal affidavit confirming their daughter will receive an department of education and will not be married before she is of legal age. As of 2018, 350,000 trees had been planted .


ground ‘s ozone layer is healing .

things to be thankful for in 2018 Because of pollution, the Earth ‘s ozone layer has seriously suffered. And of course, that ‘s no good for anybody, since the fragile gas level protects our planet and shields us from the sun ‘s harmful ultraviolet rays. That ‘s why it ‘s such a relief that climate change experts believe that the ozone layer will in full heal within 50 years, according to a 2018 reputation from the United Nations .
The recovery is thanks in big character to the Montreal Protocol of 1987, which put a global banish on the use of one of the main culprits for the damage : chlorofluorocarbons ( CFOs ). previously, CFOs had been common in refrigerators, aerosol cans, and dry-cleaning chemicals. And for more triviality that will make you feel smart, study these 50 Science-Backed Health Facts That Will Blow Your Mind .


The voice actors for Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life .

mickey mouse and minney mouse Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have had one of the most last romances in Hollywood history. But behind the scenes, their report is even sweeter : Wayne Allwine, the man who voiced Mickey, fell in love with and married Russi Taylor, the woman who provided the voice for Minnie. “ We barely started hanging out as pals, and the future thing you know, we were an item, ” the late Taylor recalled to Variety of her conserve, who died in 2009. “ We merely had fun. He was the best. He was a fantastic man, he was a good man, and he was a kind valet. ”


The man who invented the poliomyelitis vaccine could have made billions by patenting it, but purposefully did n’t .

conspiracy theories When Jonas Salk created the poliomyelitis vaccine, he could have patented it and made an estimate $ 7 billion, according to Forbes. rather, he chose not to do that. On April 12, 1955, when CBS ‘s Edward R. Morrow asked the scientist who owned the rights to the vaccine, Salk replied, “ Well, the people, I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun ? ”


lucky charms truly do work if you believe in them .

four leaf clover in the dew Do you have a horseshoe hanging over your doorway or a lucky penny in your wallet ? Some superstitious people believe that certain objects can attract good fortune and, in a way, they ‘re wholly right. In a 2010 study published in Psychological Science, people who brought a “ lucky charm ” with them to take a series of memory and analogue tests performed better than those who did not .


More millennials give to charity than any other generation .

people volunteering and doing charity - quirky charities Turns out, more millennials donate to charity than any other genesis, according to 2018 inquiry by fundraising firm Blackbaud. The researchers found that while 84 percentage of millennials donate to charitable organizations, just 72 percentage of pamper boomers and 59 percentage of Generation X do the lapp. It just goes to show that we ‘re moving toward a kind, more charitable earth .


Volunteers in Canada reply to letters to Santa from around the universe .

christmas traditions When children write a letter to Santa Claus around Christmas, most of the mail-clad messages end up in Canada ( you can send them to Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada HOH OHO ). That ‘s where Canada Post volunteers reply to the millions of letters that come in each year in more than 30 different languages, including braille .


And people who volunteer alive long .

people volunteering volunteer {priorities after 50} Volunteering your clock time or money wo n’t only help others, it could besides help you. One 2011 sketch from the University of Michigan found that people who volunteer for altruistic reasons live longer than those who do n’t volunteer at all. Those who volunteer for more egoistic reasons, such as looking good in their residential district, do n’t experience the same benefits .
“ This could mean that people who volunteer with other people as their main motivation may be buffered from potential stressors associated with volunteering, such as time constraints and miss of pay up, ” said researcher Sara Konrath .


The most couples kissing under a mistletoe was 340… and it was for jacob’s ladder !

Christmas Mistletoe {New Years Eve Traditions} In 2018, four 13-year-old friends in Dallas, Texas, decided to use the dessert mistletoe custom-made for a good campaign. They organized an event that saw a record-setting 340 people kiss under the mistletoe at one time. Their goal, along with breaking the phonograph record, was besides to raise “ awareness and monies with a scene to eliminating crave in America. ”


Window washers dress up equally superheroes to delight pale kids in the hospital .

wiping windows spend time in the hospital is never fun, particularly for children. That ‘s why teams of window washers countrywide have been known to attempt to cheer them up by dressing as superheroes. “ We donned the Spider-Man costumes and we rappelled down the side of the buildings, ” Harold Connolly, president of Highrise Window Cleaning, told USA Today in 2013. “ We knocked on the glass, waved hello—there were a lot of big smiles. ”


A London marathon runner broke a world criminal record by raising about $ 4 million for charity .

london marathon runners Steve Chalke earned the Guinness World Record for raising the most money for a charity by an individual. He accomplished this feat at the London Marathon in 2005 by bringing in £2,330,159.38 ( or $ 3,795,581.14 ). The money went toward the Oasis Charitable Trust, which Chalke founded to open a hostel for young homeless people in 1985. Chalke immediately has a family of charities in 11 countries that provide housing, education, train, study, and healthcare to the less fortunate .
“ A marathon provides capital reason to ask for fund adenine well as a handy deadline by which the money has to be raised. It nudges donors into natural process, ” he explained to Guinness World Records. And if undertake marathons and raising millions of dollars was n’t impressive adequate, Chalke has beaten his own marathon record three times within the cross of five years .


Welsh legend says that Corgis were gifted to humans by fairies .

pembroke corgi running in snow According to Welsh folklore, fairies once rode Corgis the way that cowboys ride horses. The sprites obviously liked to use the bantam canines to pull their carts and carriages around, and would sometimes ride the dogs into struggle. Most versions of the legend typically include the fact that the fairies gifted the Corgis to human children, which is how the dogs made their room into the deadly kingdom .


There ‘s a portuguese news for dearly playing with person ‘s hair .

man playing with woman's hair on a balcony on vacation Anyone who loves to run their fingers through their loved ones ‘ locks should know the word “ cafuné, ” a portuguese terminus for “ the act of caressing or tenderly running fingers through a loved one ‘s hair ” in Brazil .


In Sweden, blood donors get a text when their contribution is used .

Bags of AB+ Blood Facts About Blood Type Donating lineage is a simple act that can save so many lives. And in Sweden, those who do it are made mindful of how their good act is helping out. Any meter person ‘s contribution is used, the person will receive a textbook letting them know that they ‘ve helped save a life .


There are dogs that can surf .

surfing dog Riding the waves is n’t strictly for humans—dogs can surf, excessively ! In fact, there are even competitions dedicated to these “ frill ” riders. Each year in California, the Del Mar Dog Beach hosts the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, which raises money for animals in need. In 2019, approximately 170 dogs participated. A whelp named Faith the Surfing Pitbull won the most holocene title of Top Surf Dog, based on her ability to “ ride the waves, persist on the circuit board, and show off [ her ] browse emotional state. ” Hang ten, Faith !


Eating certain types of chocolate is good for both your forcible and mental health .

winter superfoods, Best Foods for Maximizing Your Energy Levels There ‘s nothing wrong with eating chocolate plainly to enjoy its delicious preference. But if you need an excuse to indulge, you ‘ll be thrilled to find out that chocolate can be good for both your mind and body .
According to a 2019 follow-up of research by University Health News, “ eating tone down amounts of dark cocoa benefits health in many ways. In fact, chocolate is nowadays considered an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ‘superfood ‘ for the genius and body. ” regularly indulging in the sweet treat “ can help keep your cardiovascular system pumping, your mind astute and alert, and your climate composure and glad. ”


Cats bring humans “ presents ” because they think we ca n’t hunt for ourselves .

cat jokes Your vomit has your best interest in take care when she brings you that dead mouse. No, really—it ‘s on-key ! “ In the raving mad, cat mothers teach their young how to eat their food by bringing home dead or injured prey, ” according to Live Science. “ domestic cats are no different. But in this modern age of spayed domestic cats, many female felines have no young to whom they need to pass on their hunt wisdom. By leaving a dead animal on the back porch, your kat is acting out its natural role. ”


The world ‘s second-largest coral reef is nobelium farseeing endangered .

diver swimming over coral reef

In 2018, the world received commodity news about the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a 200-mile-long reef which is depart of a 600-mile system in Belize. After a decade of work to protect and save the global ‘s second-largest reef, it was taken off the number of endangered world inheritance sites. It was put there in 2009, after which the Central American nation placed restrictions on vegetable oil boring and fishing for sensitive species. now, it ‘s believed to be dependable from any farther damage—as long as we continue to take worry of it .


Scientists have discovered that humans are naturally helpful .

woman holding baby and cell phone, reach a customer service rep An oft-cited 2006 study published in the journal Science found that 18-month-old toddlers would about constantly try to help an adult when the little one realized that the grown-up was struggling .
For exemplify, if an adult is reaching for something, the toddler would try to hand it to them, or if they saw an adult cliff something, they would move to pick it up. “ This requires both an understanding of others ‘ goals and an altruistic motivation to help, ” the researchers concluded .


Taking naps is dependable for your heart .

dog dreaming Everyone loves a effective nap, which is why it ‘s welcome news program that making them a habit is linked to better heart health. According to a 2019 paper published in the daybook Heart, people who napped once or twice a week were 48 percentage less probable to have a affection attack, stroke, or experience heart failure over a five-year period compared to those who did not nap at all. The researchers note that correlation does n’t equal causing, meaning it might not be the nap themselves that result in better health. But, at the very least, it goes to show that you do n’t need to feel guilty about that Sunday good afternoon siesta .


Atlanta is turning seven acres of abandoned land into the largest public food forest in the U.S .

father and young daughter planting plants in a garden The city of Atlanta, Georgia, has decided that the best manipulation for its unused bring is to help feed its citizens via the country ‘s largest public food afforest. So what is a public food forest ? According to CNN, it ‘s “ a public distance in the city where bracing produce will grow in trees, bushes, plants, and community garden beds for the community to enjoy. ” The seven-acre forest will produce a range of nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms .


There ‘s a bantam polish greenwich village where everything is painted with pictures of flowers .

zalipie poland flower paintings flower house erstwhile in the nineteenth century, the people of Zalipie, a bantam town northeast of Krakow, began painting flowers on local buildings. in the first place, the paintings were meant to cover up the blackened walls left behind by carbon black from chimneys. But soon, they became a custom .
Nowadays, the flowers cover everything from houses and barns to schools and churches, according to Travel & Leisure. At the end of the 1940s, Zalipie even started an annual flower-painting competition that takes place after the Feast of the Corpus Christi in June .


Manatees are besides known as “ buoyant potatoes. ”

manatee Amazing Facts surely you see the resemblance. Yes, there are those who call the slow-moving, water-dwelling, super-docile creatures “ buoyant potatoes “ since they do look a small comparable elephantine grey float potatoes. even the National Park Service has used the term .


elephantine pandas are making a rejoinder .

panda bear After being on the brink of extinction, giant pandas were removed from the endangered species list in 2016, according to CNN. Although they ‘re hush deemed “ vulnerable, ” the count of elephantine pandas increased by 17 percentage from 2004 to 2014, according to the World Wildlife Fund .


One state measures its Gross National Happiness rather of its Gross Domestic Product .

Couple Smiling Since 1971, the state of Bhutan has rejected the estimate that the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) is the entirely way to measure progress. In its space, the Buddhist kingdom measures Gross National Happiness ( GNH ) to determine citizens ‘ level of contentment. According to The Guardian, the GNH intends to measure “ the spiritual, physical, social and environmental health of its citizens and natural environment. ”


Looking at a visualize of a love one can relieve pain .

photo album, better wife after 40 The adjacent time you need to get a photograph or have blood drawn and want to avoid equally much pain as potential, bring along a snapshot of your significant other, your kids, or anyone else that you adore. One 2010 cogitation published in the daybook PLOS One found that looking at a mental picture of a love one can help reduce moderate pain by around 40 percentage ; it even relieved severe annoyance by between 10 and 15 percentage .


And looking at pictures of cute animals can make you more productive .

news app millennials Looking at photos of adorable animals not alone makes you feel full, but it can besides make you more productive. A 2012 study published in the journal PLOS One found that “ participants performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after viewing cunning images. ” apparently, “ a narrowed attentional focus induced by the cuteness-triggered convinced emotion ” gives our productiveness a nudge .


The world ‘s smallest surviving baby weighed the lapp as an apple .

different kids of apples, crazy facts Newborn baby Saybie of San Diego, California, was born at barely 23 weeks in Dec. 2018. Because of that, the short one weighed 8.6 ounces, which is about the same weight as an apple. This made Saybie the world ‘s smallest surviving pamper, according to the Tiniest Babies Registry. At that size, there were worries about her chances of survival. fortunately, in May 2019, Saybie left the hospital and went home weighing a healthy 5.6 pounds .


Going for walks in nature—or “ forest bathing ” —is great for your health .

Little girl walks on mountain trail during an excursion. with the backpack. - Image The next time you need to shake off some stress and breathe in a piece of fresh air, try going for a walk in the woods, which is besides called shinrin-yoku ( or “ forest bathing ” ) in japanese. In 2016, one study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that among early health benefits, spend time in nature importantly reduced pulsate pace, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion—and significantly increased energy .


Hugs make you healthier .

older black couple hugging, make yourself more attractive Simply holding your love ones tight can boost your immune system. For one 2014 cogitation that was published in the diary Psychological Science, participants were exposed to a coarse cold virus and were monitored in quarantine to assess signs of the illness. Those participants who were hugged more frequently and felt socially supported experienced less severe signs of the illness .


People email love letters to trees in Australia .

cottonwood tree, most common street names The city of Melbourne, Australia, loves its trees—so much so that in 2013, they assigned each one an e-mail address so that the public could report any tree-related issues they noticed ( things like dangerous branches ) .
however, alternatively of sending messages about hazards, people began writing love letters to the trees. “ Hi Tree, You are just outside my bring and you make me glad 🙂 Keep grow and keep on tree, ” wrote one person. “ beloved Smooth-barked Apple Myrtle, I am your biggest admirer. I have constantly wanted to meet you, but tragically, I ‘m stuck in New York, ” wrote another .


There ‘s a discussion for when you ‘re waiting for person to arrive .

little girl looking at rain on the window, every day words prediction is n’t always easy to deal with, but when it happens, ideally you ‘re waiting for something fantastic. Or possibly you ‘re waiting for someone—and in that case, you might be experiencing “ iktsuarpok, ” which is an Inuit son for the feel of prediction you get while waiting for a visitor to arrive .


Humans are made from stardust .

shooting star in the night sky, interesting facts Whenever you start to feel inadequate, remember that you ‘re made of actual stardust. “ Everything we are and everything in the universe and on Earth originated from stardust, and it continually floats through us even today, ” Iris Schrijver, professor of pathology at Stanford University, told National Geographic. “ It immediately connects us to the universe, rebuilding our bodies over and again over our lifetimes. ”


Playing music for plants helps them grow faster .

hanging plants interior design tips You may have heard that talking to your plants can help them grow stronger, but were you aware of the fact that music can besides help them flourish faster ? According to Sciencing, vibrations that travel through reasoned waves may “ stimulate growth factors ” in nearby plants. And that ‘s not all : “ evolution may have given plants ‘ears ‘ so they can hear warnings about predators. ”


Some stray dogs in Cuba are given homes in state of matter institutions, including banks and museums .

dog lonely and depressed Around 21 once roll dogs in Cuba now live ( and “ work ” ) in submit institutions, including gasoline stations, museums, banks, and evening a public gutter. “ They stay hera and nothing happens to them, ” Dalia Garcia, caretaker of a public toilet who oversees two of the dogs, told the Daily Mail in 2015. “ Everyone takes care of them, no one hits them. They do n’t bark and they do n’t bite anyone. ” The dogs are issued particular I.D. cards that note where they work ; the tags mean they ca n’t be detained by the local anesthetic dog catcher .


Drinking coffee can help you be longer .

coworkers chatting during an office coffee break Granted, there is such a thing as excessively much coffee. however, studies have found that drinking centrist amounts of the stuff may actually help you hot longer. A 2018 JAMA report of around half a million british adults found that chocolate drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over a 10-year follow-up period than non-coffee drinkers .


January is “ Be Kind to Food Servers Month. ”

waiter walking away restaurant etiquette surely, you ‘re always kind to your waiter or waitress. But for those who need an extra nudge, January is “ Be Kind To Food Servers Month. ” any time you go out for a meal or even a few drinks during the first calendar month of the class, you might want to consider leaving a lean that ‘s even more generous than your common 20 percentage. And, of course, give 150 percentage excess smiles !


And August is “ Happiness Happens Month. ”

Older women smiling on the beach while taking a selfie Every sidereal day of every calendar month is the ideal clock to enjoy gladden, but August happens to be “ Happiness Happens Month. ” It ‘s the arrant opportunity to spend 31 days celebrating any it is that makes you glad .


Rowdy goats have to wear pool noodles on their horns .

three goats with beards and horns in a barn Goats love to play, which is absolutely adorable. however, if one of the animals gets a small excessively bully, their horns can hurt other animals or people. In order to keep things safe, the capricorn ‘s caretaker can pop pool noodles on the creature ‘s horns. Tennis balls and buckets are besides used—and attend precisely equally hilarious .


“ Armogan ” is a 19th-century naval term for the perfective weather to start a travel .

Cruise ship lifeboat ever feel like it ‘s the arrant day to have an venture ? That ‘s “ armogan. ” It ‘s a gull term from the nineteenth century that those in the united states navy would use to describe the ideal weather for starting out on a new ocean trip or travel, according to The Sailor ‘s Word-book by William Henry Smyth. It ‘s actually derived from a Mediterranean password for fine weather .


Baby ravens were recently born in the Tower of London for the first time in 30 years .

Raven Amazing Facts The Tower of London—a fortress that has been standing for around 1,000 years—always has at least seven ravens. That ‘s in reply to a royal decree by King Charles II in the seventeenth century that said “ the Tower itself will crumble to dust and a capital harm will befall the kingdom ” if the birds ever fled, according to Smithsonian magazine .
however, with there being fewer breeders around to provide desirable specimens these days, the Tower ‘s staff installed a newly aviary in 2018 in an attack to start their own breeding program. The follow spring, four raw babies were born. It was the first time birds had hatched there in 30 years .


In 2012, an entire village in Spain won the lottery .

Lottery Ticket {Best of 2018} In 2012, the jackpot in Spain reached $ 950 million. With stakes that high, closely everyone in the bantam 250-person township of Sodeto bought in, playing the same numbers : 58268. And miraculously, they won ! That meant each Sodeto resident took home at least $ 130,000 —and one ticket even paid out $ 520,000 .


The act of smiling can make you happier .

older woman smiling, look better after 40

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still not in a great temper ? Try smiling. One luminary 2009 analyze presented at the british Psychological Society ‘s annual conference found that tied if a smile is forced, the brain still responds to the formula by releasing chemicals that improve your temper.

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