Your Guide to Lube for Sex: Types, How to Use & More

partake on Pinterest When it comes to sex, no matter what you enjoy, you can normally play by the principle : the wet, the better. This logic works, well, fluidly when it comes to lube, because wet is precisely what you ’ ra getting. And if you associate lubricant with vaginal dispassion entirely, it ’ sulfur time to step out of the box. alternatively, think less clash, smoother peel, and all round better sexual activity — no count your gender, long time, or stage in animation.

In fact, according to a 2009 Indiana University study of 2,453 women, participants reported that, more than 70 percentage of the time, lubricant made sex more enjoyable and enjoyable. Carli Blau, LMSW, a arouse and relationship therapist in New York City, confirms that “ needing a lubricant does not mean that you ’ re not matter to in your partner. ” then let ’ s get rid of the idea that lubrication is the only reading of arousal, and let ’ s start trusting our spouse ’ mho words. think of lubricate as encouragement to your bits — or a way to save prison term, because you were supposed to be out the door 5 minutes ago. here ’ s the before-play to foreplay with lubricate.

What is lube, anyway?

personal lubricant, or “ lubricant, ” is a fluid or mousse that ’ south intended to prevent unwanted friction during arouse. You can use it for many types of sexual activity, including acute and anal sex, vitamin a well as masturbation. Some types are besides safe to use with toys.

How to lube-up the right way

We kid — there ’ second no “ correct ” room to use lubricate.

Need it to masturbate ? In the climate but your consistency international relations and security network ’ t getting the message to start lubricating however ? Go ahead and spread… liberally. Jenny, senesce 26, can ’ t naturally produce enough lubrication for sexual activity. She uses lubricate with her collaborator during foreplay by rubbing it on their genitals and adding it during sex if she starts to feel uncomfortable. Kate, a 27-year-old account director and an avid lube-user, says that she uses lubricate 75 percentage of the time, either when she ’ second masturbate or when she ’ second with a partner. “ tied if I am wet, ” Kate says, “ it ’ s hush nice to have that little bit of supernumerary help. ” then practice vitamin a much as you want, wherever you need it — be it on the vagina, penis, or anus. After you ’ ve figured out which lubricant is best for you, you might want to warm it up in your hands. This international relations and security network ’ metric ton necessity, but lubricant can be a little cold if you skip this step. If you ’ re using a condom, don ’ t forget to apply a non-oil based lubricant to the outside of it. No matter if you use condoms, diaphragm, or dental dams, lubricant can help reduce clash and make sex more enjoyable .

What to avoid at all costs

When you go lubricant shopping, you ’ re going to find all sorts of options out there : flavored, natural, warming, tingling. These lubes can be fun, but be careful to look at the ingredients and test the ph prize of over-the-counter products with litmus strips ( like in science class ). A healthy vagina should maintain the ph floor of 3.5 to 4.5, so the lubricate you use should besides be around the lapp level. however, keep in heed that many lubes don ’ t list the ph level on the promotion, so it may be hard to verify. Always pay attention to the ingredients listed. In fact, there are a few you may want to avoid because they may cause annoyance or inflammation :

  • glycerin
  • nonoxynol-9
  • petroleum
  • propylene glycol
  • chlorhexidine gluconate

Blau besides suggests finding one that ’ sulfur free of parabens, glycerol, and petroleum to minimize risk of infections. If you ’ re using condoms and toys, find a lubricate that ’ sulfur latex-friendly, rubber-friendly, and plastic-friendly. And no count your reasons for using lubricate, remember : It ’ s a simple and playfulness manner to take your sexual activity life to the following degree. then go away, and lube up !

Mariah Adcox is a writer and aspiring favored owner living in New York City. Her work has appeared at,, and LendingHome .

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