The 5 Most Popular Apps For Swinging & Threesomes (And What You Need To Know)

face it, long-run relationships can get bore ! good sex is a quintessential aspect of a happy relationship. And when any aspect of what should be a mind-bending know gets boring and predictable, then there is a need to infuse a small exhilaration into the relationship — and we are not talking about lighting more candles or throwing in some more foreplay ! Whether it ’ s a three or a full swing, a new experience can help put an end to the boredom that the familiarity of spend years with one person holds.

For new couples, exploring their intimate boundaries gives them an opportunity to inject something fresh into their relationship. And because there ’ s an app for everything these days, we have put together this list and review of the top 5 trio app for dating and the swinger life style to get you started on meeting like-minded people who are genuine about their sexual curiosities and activities :

1. 3Somer

The 3somer app was created for people looking for actual trio hookups or fair looking to have a dip into the trio life style without going through the harass of finding couples or singles who are vitamin a will as they are to get kinky ! While the 3somer app would not help you find the beloved of your life, it comes with a overplus of features that play an significant function in matching you with like-minded people for an amazing three or swinging feel ! This app is surely the best there is for have and new threesomers and swingers. According to 3Somer, joining their platform is the best manner to make your three fantasy and desire a world. Whether you are homosexual, lesbian, white, black, Christian, Jewish, the 3somer app has like-minded people from all races, sexual preferences, locations, and religions. 3Somer Features :

  • Find the people you like: The 3somer app is designed to help you find the people you like easily. Instead of showing you tons of user profiles that might confuse you, the app has the Spark feature where you simply swipe right to indicate your interest in a couple or a unicorn or you could swipe left to pass!
  • Send chat messages: When two users swipe right to indicate interest in each other, the 3somer app has a chat feature to enable them to chat in real time. This means, unlike many other platforms, you don’t get messages from random people you are not interested in.
  • Profiles are manually reviewed: The creators of the 3somer app would review each profile for authenticity to ensure that everyone on their platform is in compliance with their terms and conditions.
  • No porn or adult photos: The platform is a dating site that helps open-minded people make their threesome desires and fantasy a reality.
  • No advertisements!

Getting started on the platform is actually simple ! just follow these easy steps :

  • Step 1: Register your account with a cool name by filling the form with your information (age, location, gender, etc.)
  • Step 2: Upload clear images of yourself.
  • Step 3: Play spark to swipe right to show your interest or left to pass.

When the 3somer app was released, it was free to download and use even up to its premium membership. But following the far-flung use and necessitate for the app, the agio service now comes with monthly subscription fees but regular users can however get in for free. however, we would advise opting for the premium membership for the best experience ! The premium price plans are :

  • 1-month subscription with auto-renewal: $15.99
  • 3-month subscription with auto-renewal: $35.99
  • 6-month subscription: $59.99

The 3Somer app is convenient to use and wholly dislodge to download. All user data are confidential, so you don ’ t have to stress about what happens to your personal information. All you need to do is create a visibility, allow the app to access your location and start swipe. Once you ’ ve managed to find a reciprocal connection, you ’ d be able to interact in veridical time. Everything is then bare that going back to traditional and more building complex dating apps wouldn ’ thymine be potential after using 3Somer. For more information, visit the 3somer web site .

2. Feeld 

The Feeld app used to be referred to as 3nder ( pronounced “ thrinder ” ).   Like the 3somer app, this app is designed to connect kinky, curious and open-minded couples and singles to like-minded people looking to explore alike sexual fantasies. Whether you are into polyamory or just not into the sharing thingy, you can always find people who think and desire the lapp things as you do and explore your sexual curiosities in a secret space created fair for you. The Feels app features a simplistic apparatus that maximizes user experience without compromising on efficiency. Some key features of the Feeld app include :

  • Everyone is welcome: Both singles and couples looking for threesomes are welcome. Unlike the 3somer app, you don’t need to like or dislike a profile to see another profile. You can look at all your options and decide what you want later.
  • Join solo or pair up: You can invite your partner to the Feeld platform and link your accounts for a couple’s experience.
  • Discover Feeld Cores: Feeld Cores gives you the option to change your location to any of the platforms most populated areas and check out like-minded people in those locations.
  • Create groups: Threesome dating apps are usually person to person exclusive but Feeld has the option of creating groups which offer more flexibility. 
  • Advanced privacy options: Feeld users are usually Facebook verified but you can hide your profile from your friends using Feelds advanced privacy options.
  • Send photos in chat: For an even better user experience, Feeld users can send pictures in chats and make them disappear or stay with the permanent and temporary options.
  • Future Connections: See who wants to connect with you.

Registering on the platform is very easy. Simply fill the required details and plus, you don ’ t need to input your real name ! Like the 3somer app, it is exempt to download and use on its even membership but the Majestic Service comes with monthly subscription fees and   we would advise opting for the Majestic membership for the best experience !

  • The Majestic Membership comes at £14.99 ($20 US dollars) per month or at a discounted 3-month rate of £29.98 ($40 US dollars) upfront.
  • Member must manage subscriptions and can turn off auto-renewal by navigating to the Account Settings after purchase.
  • New and existing members are allowed to try out the Majestic Membership with a free 7-day trial.

Feeld Apps proves to be a great go steady platform that works precisely as advertised. The membership basis on the chopine is increasing at an exponential rate and finding the perfect match wouldn ’ thymine be a bloodcurdling feel. however, the one downside that makes Feeld less of an open-minded app than the 3somer app is that the app is more aim towards attractive bisexual women. For straight men looking to get kinky, the 3somer app is a better choice ! But if you insist on Feeld, then you might want to try the release membership before opting for a Majestic membership software .


This platform has been in universe for over 10 years, seeing as it was established in 2006. FabSwingers is a free to use platform for actual swingers looking to connect with like-minded couples. With over 130,000 visitors to the chopine, there are a overplus of options available for couples looking to get hooked with other swinging couples without having to visit a swingers club .

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Hey You ! Want more of YourTango ‘s best articles, seriously addictive horoscopes and top expert advice ? Sign up to get our free daily newsletter ! FabSwingers offers amazing features which make connecting with other swingers easy and comfortable. Simply cash register with your username, location, gender, interests, etc and get started finding a match ! Chat in real meter with other members of Fab Swingers or use the forum to raise and discuss issues pertaining to FabSwingers. Members can send and receive messages discretely american samoa well as plowshare their intimate fantasies on the chopine and be outdoors to other members who parcel exchangeable fantasies. Fab Swingers is quite the user-friendly platform offer incredible respect for barren. You can verify if a participant or couple is actual. If you are a serious swinger, FabSwinger is a cool position to go !


4. Swingers Date Club

Established in 1999, the Swingers Date Club ( SDC ) has grown to become arguably the most recognize and trusted swinging app and web site available on the internet nowadays. With over 3 million active members across diverse countries in the world like United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and the United States, SDC is a put where you are indisputable to meet like-minded swingers. Signing up on their web site gives you access to a limited detached trial. During the trial period, users can browse through some of the available features. however, paying the $ 8.33 monthly subscription gives you access to all SDC features. The SDC app ensures your safety on the platform with its stern guidelines designed to protect its members. If you are looking to explore a swing life style without distractions, the SDC app and web site offers you the most unique and regulate environment to do so discreetly !


Swing Lifestyle is a web site that we are at crossroads about. We are not sure if to say it ’ s a very good or a identical bad web site. There are a few details that the platform must improve on to move up on our clear 5. If we had to suggest a web site and app, we would say, the top three are a better option than the final two by a sea mile ! But, for the ultimate best trio and swinging have, the 3somer app is our cream ! Mindy Song is a sex educator, writer, and part-time counselor for a trio app.

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