Shower Sex Positions and Tips, According to Sexperts

There are surely many reasons people by and large have sex in bed. It ‘s comfortable, and it ‘s the most convenient way to follow up your runaway with snuggling or sleep. But sticking to the same ol ‘ routine for excessively long can result in a snoozefest. thankfully, taking your routine out of the bedroom could make for even more joy — and, in the case of shower arouse, a seriously aroused time.

“ Shower sex can be pretty hot and passionate, movie-like even sometimes, ” says Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D., New York University professor of Human Sexuality and a sexpert for LELO. “ It shows raw desire for each other and brings a level of novelty in a relationship, providing a courteous break from the routine of the bedroom as most people ‘s go-to localization for sex. Seeing each other naked and wet can be quite arousing excessively, and the hot urine can feel comfort and relaxing. ” Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide ‘s Resident Sexologist, agrees, adding, “ Any change of location can heighten awareness and sensitivity. And the texture and temperature of the water can awaken heart endings across the entire consistency to promote full-body sensations of pleasure. ” a aphrodisiac as that might sound, it ‘s lifelike to find yourself feeling intimidated about how to have shower sex well. here, expert-approved tips and shower sex positions to get it on while soaping up.

First, a Few Best Shower Sex Practices

One of your biggest concerns about shower sex could very well be losing your balance, slipping, and falling — something that can happen to evening the most limber of us even when you ‘re not trying to get it on in a narrow-minded, wet outer space. “ It ‘s not constantly ampere placid as in the movies, it surely has its challenges, ” says Vrangalova. “ People can slip and fall, the number of positions is more limited, water is not a lubricant so penetration can be uncomfortable and afflictive, soap can get into your mouth, etc. That said, with some homework and care, all of these likely drawbacks can be minimized or worked around, so it ‘s actually deserving taking a inject. ” To maximize your chances of minimizing these bumps in the road, O’Reilly angstrom well as Amy Baldwin, sexual activity educator, sex and relationship bus, and co-host of the Shameless Sex Podcast and Kristine D’Angelo, a clinical sexologist and certified sex coach, offer a few dim-witted do and don’ts .

Shower Sex Don’ts:

  • Hold onto the towel bar or faucets, as the weight of your bodies and their movement can tear these fixtures right out of the tiled wall. Instead, use the side of the tub for support or press your entire upper body up against the wall for added stability.
  • Don’t shy away from bringing a waterproof sex toy in the shower with you to take things up a notch.
  • Be mindful when it comes to using lube. “While the shower is a great location for new and exciting sex, the water might rain on your lubrication parade,” says Baldwin. “I recommend adding a silicone-based lubricant such as Uberlube as it’s long-lasting, water-resistant, and feels amazing on the skin.” 

Shower Sex Dos: 

  • Go as fast or as slow as you like. “Taking your time to lather up your partner’s body can create steamy (pun intended) anticipation building up that sexual energy between you and your partner,” says D’Angelo.
  • Use anti-slip mats. This is key to surviving slippery shower sex.
  • Consider having one partner stay in place while the other moves around. You can install a bench seat or corner seat that allows one partner to be seated.

Top Steamy Shower Sex Positions

1. Standing Oral

This is an option that works well for anyone who ‘s barely beginning to dip their toe into shower play, as it can be easier to switch up your position in the moment and to find a more comfortable put.

“ If you ‘re giving oral to a person with a penis, have them stand with their bet on against the wall and get down on your knees, ” suggests O’Reilly. “ If you ‘re under the flow of urine, make certain you have space to breathe. ” You might besides sit on the border of a bathtub facing your standing partner, says D’Angelo. “ This gives you the perfective stature to give them oral pleasure, ” she notes. And if you ‘re receiving oral as a person with a vagina , stand erect and invest one foot up on the side of the tub or on a shower fecal matter, says O’Reilly. “ Have your partner sit or kneel beneath you, ” she notes.

2. One Partner on Top 

If your shower has a tub, you can take advantage of it by having the penetrate partner lie down in the tub while the receive partner hops on circus tent, says D’Angelo. “ While the water rains down, you can either face your spouse or away, ” she notes. This can be made even more comfortable if you have a seat-shelf or bench in the shower, says Aliyah Moore, Ph.D., a certify sex therapist with SexualAlpha. “ While pumping up and down, play with your clitoris or nipples or guide your partner ‘s hands on your erogenous zones for add joy, ” she notes .

3. Mutual Masturbation

This is an “ amazing ” move that might besides appeal specially to beginners, says D’Angelo. “ You can do this standing facing each other or with one person seated and your partner standing over you, ” she notes. “ It ‘s fun to watch your partner partake themselves. ” And if you want to bust out a dally, Moore recommends considering the LELO Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator. “ The flatten tip hits the G-spot well, ” she notes. “ It besides doubles as a clitoral massager when you hold it top down. ”

4. Standing Doggy Style

Vrangalova says this is the most common shower sexual activity position and one of her favorites. The receive partner faces the shower wall with their hands pressed against it while the other then penetrates from behind with their penis, toys, or fingers.

She adds that this position is besides big for rimming ( aka analingus ), which some people might avoid elsewhere due to cleanliness concerns but might be more up for trying in the shower .

5. Standing Missionary

Turn the previously mentioned position around, and you have this one, which is basically missionary standing up. Vrangalova advises the meet collaborator to lift one leg — or place it on a footstool, shower chair, or bench seat — so the other can then enter while facing them. Although it might get passed off as vanilla, this is the second most park shower sex position, according to Vrangalova, which is no surprise because having sex face-to-face boosts familiarity and allows for lots of kissing and touching .

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