25 Best Condoms to Buy 2021: Thinnest, Lubricated, Latex-Free, More

condoms share on Pinterest We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a humble commission. here ’ s our serve. Condoms are an effective class of birth control, and one of the few contraceptives that besides protect against sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ).

There are a wide kind of condom brands out there, but not all condoms are created evenly.

How we chose

It about goes without saying, but some are better in quality than others. Plus, many people have a preference when it comes to condoms — certain condoms are good for specific sensations or functions. uncertain where to start ? Look no far ! We chose these products based on style, dependability, and drug user reviews .

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $6 per 12 pack
  • $$ = $6–$8 per 12 pack
  • $$$ = over $8 per 12 pack

Best flavored condom

Durex Tropical Fruit-Flavored Condoms

Price: $ $ $

Another good option for season condoms is Durex Tropical Fruit-Flavored Condoms, which come in a diverseness of fruity flavors.

The condoms are besides extremist fine, which may create a more natural feel during sex.

Best warming condom

Trojan Charged Lubricated Condoms

Price: $ $ $

Trojan Charged Lubricated Condoms are dual-lubricated with warming lubricant. This means that each collaborator — not just the person being penetrated — experiences warming sensations.

The condoms are besides deep-ribbed, meaning the person being penetrated may feel supernumerary sensations .

Best for sex toys

Durex Pleasure Pack

Price: $ $

If you ’ rhenium sharing sexual activity toys with your spouse ( randomness ), it ’ s a bang-up idea to use condoms. This can reduce the risk of STI infection.

Using a condom can besides give the sex toy a whole new sense.

You may find it helpful to get something like the Durex Pleasure Pack, which includes a variety of popular Durex condoms.

This can be extra playfulness for masturbation as it lets you figure out which condoms you enjoy the most.

besides, keep in mind that it ’ randomness best to make sure you ’ re using a condom that has a water-based lubricate when using silicone plaything. early types of lubricant can damage the condom .

Best latex condom

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms

Price: $

If you want a dim-witted, lubricated, latex paint condom that doesn ’ t have that submerge balloon-like scent, LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms are worth a test.

These condoms are thin but dependable, and the flare shape helps enhance sensitivity for a natural feel .

Best lubricated condom

Trojan ENZ Condoms

Price: $

For a classic, no-frills, lubricate condom, try Trojan ENZ lubricated condoms. The low-cost 36 gang is great in terms of value for money.

The gamey timbre lubricant is signature to their condoms and is improbable to cause an adverse reaction .

Best for the environment

GLYDE Condoms

Price: $ $ $

Made with sustainably harvested natural rubber eraser latex paint, GLYDE condoms are vegan-approved.

To create their products, GLYDE works with eco-friendly, sustainable fair craft partners.

They besides support social projects that work to prevent HIV, so each buy supports a well cause.

GLYDE offers 13 varieties, including particular fits and unlike flavors .

Best internal fit


Price: $ $ $

Internal condoms are frequently called “ female condoms ” because they can go inside the vagina, but this is a morsel of a misnomer.

Internal condoms aren ’ thyroxine a sex or gender -specific thing, and many people who use inner condoms vaginally aren ’ t female.

What ’ sulfur more, many people use inner condoms for anal sex.

One of the most long-familiar and well-loved inner condom brands is FC2. They ’ ra latex-free, and FC2 condoms can be inserted hours in progress, which allows you to enjoy intimate moments uninterrupted .

Best dental dam

Crosstex 19100 Dental Dam

Price: $

Dental dams are used between the mouth and vulva or mouth and anus to reduce the risk of STI infection between partners. They ’ re rectangular or square and normally made of latex.

If you want something that ’ s ready to go, the Crosstex 19100 Dental Dam is a bang-up option.

You can besides make a DIY dental dam with an external or internal condom.

To do this, snip off the shut end of the condom and cut a incision in the side to make a rectangle. This “ sheet ” can then be placed over the genitals or anus .

How to choose

Choosing the right condom depends on your needs. You need to ensure that your condom is the right size and type for your body, and that the condom you choose is right for the type of sex you ’ re having. Remember, correct and reproducible condom use is the only way to reduce your hazard of STI infection and, in some cases, pregnancy. In other words :

  • Never reuse condoms, finger cots, or dental dams.
  • Don’t use anything that appears damaged or has expired.
  • Follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure that the barrier is on correctly and is also stored correctly.
  • Use lubrication as needed. The more, the better!


There are many kinds of condoms out there, and the best condom for you will depend on your personal tastes, size, and needs.

even the best condoms aren ’ metric ton always 100 percentage effective, indeed if possible, use multiple forms of contraception and get tested for STIs regularly. talk with a doctor or other healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns about your sexual health .

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