These 30 Lingerie Brands Make Us Feel Confident and Empowered

I grew up in a very traditional and religious family in the early 2000s. This was pre-internet and before I had the opportunity to see convinced, amazing women on Instagram. I did not grow up with much board or time to browse lingerie catalogs for the best g-string, and I surely do not have an inspire or funny bra-shopping fib with my ma to plowshare. You know, like you see in the movies .

I ’ meter certain we can all recall our own intimate memories of learning to wear lingerie just for ourselves, outside of the gaze of others. For me, my trial streak was in college. I ‘ll be honest, I went shopping with the purpose to purchase items to impress my boyfriend at the prison term. however, the more I looked at myself in the mirror, the sexy I felt in my own skin .

now that I am a bit older and have the freedom to wear what I want, I love wearing lingerie around the house on days I might not feel then hot—as well as on days I ‘m feeling specially hot. thankfully, I ‘ve found therefore many empower, beautiful, and aphrodisiac lingerie brands outside of the major promenade retailers. Ahead, discover a list of the 30 best lingerie brands. Each line ‘s pieces are bound to make you make feel confident and inspired .

savage Fenty is a Black-owned lingerie brand created by one of our front-runner celebrities, Rihanna. The brand celebrates inclusivity by offering a wide crop of sizes and showcasing its pieces on models of varying shades. All of the pieces are made from quality fabrics and the line even boasts blue items like this Mock Neck Fish Net Slip. besides, they now carry men ‘s items as well … something to keep in mind .

Woldford has been around since the 1950s and is perfective for minimalist lingerie. The brand specializes in shaping lingerie, but they besides craft amazing bodysuits and many other gorgeous undergarment options .

Cosabella is a lingerie sword created by a dynamic conserve and wife team, Valeria and Ugo Campello. Since 1983, they have faithfully created stunning lingerie styles with materials from Italy. Their mission is to bring confidence out in every person who wears Cosabella .

Carine Gilson is elegance at it ’ s finest. She fell in beloved with lingerie back in the ’ 90s and took her prison term rising to the acme. Her couture garments are each made with love as they are all created by hand .

Eres loves to stay with the times by creating charming trendy pieces. Their touch patch is a triangle brassiere with Ere ’ s signature brand cut .

La Perla is a dapper, pearly, iconic trade name that has been around since the ’50s. All of the garments are perfectly tailored and made with the best italian silks .

Liberté was founded by celebrated mannequin Amber Tolliver in 2019. Since then the post has continued to grow and develop a standard of thoughtful premium lingerie that fits all shapes and sizes .

Sablier is a Black-owned lingerie brand that caters to women who have a entire broke. For anyone who has n’t found their go-to brassiere sword, look no promote .

Anya Lust is a Black-owned brand that launched in 2015. Their mission has constantly been to create lingerie that makes you feel good .

Dbleudazzled is a Black-owned undergarment post beloved by some of our favorite celebrities. It has been worn by none other than Beyoncé, Cardi B, Shania Twain, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lady Gaga. The laminitis Destiney Bleu constantly dreamed of creating epicurean pieces—and, so army for the liberation of rwanda, every piece is nothing short of impressive .

nubian Skin is a Black-owned undergarment company based out of London. They specialize in creating lingerie to complement women of color and their wide-eyed range in skin tones. Their pieces are not only stunning, but they are besides perfect for all body types .

For Love & Lemons is the perfective combination of flirty and sweet. They are based in L.A. and make pieces for feeling convinced .

Cuup was founded in 2017 and since become trailblazers in the diligence. They developed neutral and down-to-earth tones for their pieces, allowing people of all shades and sizes to find the perfective piece .

Love Honey is an ultra-sexy lingerie brand based out of the U.K. Their pieces make you feel powerful. Each dress is specifically created to fit any body type .

With over 327K Instagram followers, Third Love is one of the most popular and inclusive lingerie companies out there. The brand offers over 80 sizes including half cups, so it goes without saying they rightfully make garments for everyone .

LaSette is a Black-owned mark founded in 2017 and presently bases its operations out of L.A. Their beautifully-designed pieces are designed to empower you to love your curves .

Natori is the perfect blend of art and elegance. The sword ‘s founder Josefina Almeda Cruz, a Filipino entrepreneur, creates magic with her undergarments .

I have two words to describe Sororité : vintage glory. All of the stigmatize ‘s pieces are lavishness, sustainable, and reworked vintage from around the universe .

Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994. It began as a dim-witted boutique and has now turned into a globally-recognized lingerie brand. One mission the company had from the begin is the hope to help you celebrate your sex and freedom .

Bare Necessities is a one-stop-shop for over 80 lingerie brands. It ’ s like Amazon, but just for lingerie. They have super-inclusive size and a variety of styles to suit every sample .

Bordelle exudes everything from bold to endearing. They are one of the most fashionable lingerie brands I ’ ve always seen, hands down. Founded in 2009, the U.K.-based stigmatize has grown from entirely offering lingerie to making off-the-rack pieces ampere well .

Maison-Close creates lingerie that can besides be worn out of the firm, which is giving us evening more of a reason to stock up .

Fleur Du Mai was founded by Jennifer Zuccarini in 2012. Her sight was to create the ideal lingerie sword for feeling beautiful, herculean, and glamorous .

God Save Queens was founded by Karolina Bernaciak in 2014. The brand ‘s pieces are deluxe, sophisticated, and playful .

Bluebella is based out of London and offers a huge amount of alluring options. not only do they make stunning lingerie pieces, but they besides make cover girl nightwear a well .

Honey Birdette prides itself on creating lavishness lingerie for women, by women. Their pieces are seductive and sexy. What more could you ask for ?

Mariemur aims to create a new imagination of “ femininity. ” The sword loves to play around with leather and lace to create lingerie styles that makes you look and feel good .

italian lingerie mark Intimissimi is here to give you classic “ arouse solicitation. ” They create dateless and elegant pieces you ‘ll want to wear for years to come .

Etam has been one of the leading french lingerie brands since 1916. With nothing to prove but constantly indeed much to give, they continually deliver stun, full-bodied, and satiny lingerie styles .

I would describe Chantelle as “ coy so far juicy. ” The brand offers all-important undergarments a well as more playful pieces. Moral of the floor : You ‘ll find everything you need hera .

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