12 Sex Toys For Women Worth Exploring In 2021

The world of sex toys is a big one, to say the least, and much like your skin care everyday, it ’ second all-important you invest in the best of the best. And to help you get on your way to premium bedroom bliss, we ’ d like to draw your attention to some snazzy bits and bobs guaranteed to sleep together up—well, you know, your own bits and bob .
To help, we ’ ve rounded up the best curse sex toys for vulva-owners out there, from the speediest rabbit vibrators to more discerning toys you can whip out at ( about ) any time of the day .
Read on for the best sex toy for women .

The Best Accessible Sex Toys

Elixir Play

On a mission to normalise and support vulva-owners enjoy their sexual activity life, Elixir Play is built on the basis that sexual activity should be enjoyable, enjoyable and consensual for all. You ’ ll find three differently shaped vibrators, all made from a special silicon with minimal plastic parts, allowing them to bend and flex to the different bodies. To make things even better Elixir Play donates a helping of all profits to charities that work to stop sex trafficking.


We wholly vibe a footfall towards the future and that ’ s precisely what little Moxie is. This super quietly and discerning vibrator ( which yes, looks precisely like the distant for your garage door ) can be connected to We-Vibe ’ s We-Connect App which means you and your partner can play sex idol wherever you are. It ’ south besides waterproof which, you know, speaks for itself on many levels. The design of this vibrator is no concurrence either and it holds god-tier bedroom condition for anyone with arthritis, cerebral palsy, endometriosis, wheelchair users and vaginismus .

Ruby Glow

It ’ s the ultimate get your rocks off with your socks off saddle-like vibrator, contoured to your body ’ second human body for the best kind of reach and acute stimulation ( particularly if you have reduced sensitivity ). The hands-free design of the Ruby Glow is besides perfect for anyone with mobility issues or express handwriting affair and its easy ‘ sit-on ’ invention means you ’ ll get to indulge in non-penetrative massage which is a huge acquire if you have endometriosis or vaginismus .

The Best Clitoral Stimulation Toys

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

If simplicity is key and an ode to the shiz that ’ s been shaking up the sex play world for a while now, you can ’ triiodothyronine go past the Satisfyer Pro 2 adjacent Generation. It ’ sulfur been labelled the “ best sex toy dog always ” for a cause and is completely rainproof for any shower or bath play you ’ ve been fantasising about .

Share Satisfaction Kama

For any vagina-havers, clitoral stimulation and inner vibraphone is the recipe for a estimable time so look no further than the Share Satisfaction Kama. The textured g-spot gratuity is a no-brainer for increased sensation american samoa well .

The Best Wand Vibrators

Bodywand Mini Glow In Dark

If you ’ re after a bangle en this gleam in the black good is for you. The mini bodywand ’ s glow-in-the-dark factor is barely the start with an ultra-flexible neck ( fit for any bedroom manoeuvres ) and multi-speed vibrations besides. not to mention this one besides spots miniskirt rhinestones for extra glam .

Kink Rechargeable Power Wand

She puts the Volvo in vulva and if that tells you anything it should be that the Kink Rechargeable Power Wand is built on dependability, timbre, and high-tech features. This cordless pleasure stick is ripped with eight different speeds and eight shaking patterns for a humongous 64 unique sensations to use on your bits.

The Best Bullet Vibrators

Clitoral Kiss Vibrating Lipstick

satiny and circumspect enough to keep in your bulge, wallet or scoop, the Clitoral Kiss Vibrating Lipstick is for the vulva owners out there who like a bite of spontaneity .

Vush Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator

This baby Casanova is the main character to any pleasure travel and, if you ask us, a non-negotiable in your bedside table draftsman. What she lacks in size, she makes up with sheer power and yep, those ‘ petal ’ grooves on the tip make for a hum sense like no other .

The Best Rabbit Vibrators

Share Satisfaction Adia Luxury Gemmed Rabbit Vibrator

And here are, the mighty lapin vibrators. If you ’ re going for the actual MVP of sexual activity toys, the Share Satisfaction Adia Luxury Gemmed Rabbit Vibrator is the Posh Spice to your Spice Girls. Bearing gold accents, crystal jewels and the softest silicone, honestly, we dare you to say no .

The Best G-Spot Sex Toys

Cosmo Bendable Love

We dare you to not fall in love with this phallic and fun, compromising shaft of the best g-spot-inducer of nuts known to the human race. The bellied tip slips inside and stays precisely where it ’ sulfur placed, while the out cheat bends into a custom-made place to create intense erotic external vibrations which means this dally has all your main bases covered .

Vush Abbie Chatfield G-Spot Vibrator

It ’ s the toy that shook the nation and while we ’ ra not ones to simply rave on about a plaything just because it ‘s trending, this one absolutely lives up to the hype. Created by the one and only Abbie Chatfield in a might collab with Vush, this guy is powered by a little motive that is super circumspect and quiet ( though we can ’ metric ton predict you will be ) .
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