The 5 Best Anal Sex Positions for Women

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a buy using the link included, we may earn commission. Used to be that enjoying anal sexual activity was taboo for women. If a couple did give anal a examination drive, it was seen as a once-in-a-while experience—something a womanhood indulged in for her partner ‘s sake, not because she actually enjoyed it.

recently, however, it seems that this script has been flipped. An increasing phone number of hetero couples are adding anal sex to their playbook. Slowly, anal is entering the mainstream. And though it ‘s not for everyone, more women are speaking out about the pleasure it brings them. “ Historically, there was a permeant narrative that anal sex is something women do for their partners … but that myth is slowly getting erased, ” Alicia Sinclair, arouse educator and CEO of on-line erotic boutique b-Vibe, tells Health. “ Because of all the nerves and potential pleasure points inside and around the anus, anal maneuver can be very enjoyable. ” Whether it ‘s your first time trying anal sex or you ‘ve experienced it before and are looking for some raw ways to enjoy back door shimmer, check out these expert-recommended positions. Each makes anal sexual activity comfortable, fun, and cozy. ( A little advice inaugural : Enjoying anal means giving your body time to warm up and relax, plus using lots of lubricant. Skipping these steps can cause discomfort or trouble. And if you do n’t know your spouse ‘s STI condition, use a condom, no exceptions. )

Backside doggy style

When you think of anal sex, you credibly think of the pooch dash placement. It ’ s not hard to understand why, Julia Margo, co-founder of UK-based arouse dally caller Hot Octopus, tells Health. “ It offers easily submission, control to the spouse being penetrated, and a enjoyable slant of penetration, ” she says. start by positioning yourself on all fours, and have your partner kneel behind you, hands on your hips. once you ’ re cook for penetration, have your collaborator place the tip of his penis at the point of entrance. From here, you can shift your hips back and forward to control the depth and rhythm. “ The deeper your collaborator goes, the more likely they ’ ll be able to hit your A-spot, which is a highly medium and enjoyable area. ” In fact, stimulating this pleasure-point could result in an anal orgasm. To make certain you ’ re getting the most out of this stead, Sinclair recommends angling your body in different ways. “ Start off on all fours and see how that feels, then lower your chest all the way to the bed to see if you like that better, ” she suggests.

Cowgirl anal

Penis-in-vagina cowgirl gives you the reins, and the lapp goes for the anal sex version of this woman-on-top place. With your spouse reclining face-up, straddle your knees on either side of him. then, lento lower your loot onto his penis, and adjust to the cubby, full feel. Once you ’ re comfortable, begin grinding, rocking, and rolling your hips until you find a cycle you enjoy. As you move, having your partner touch your clitoris or hold a vibrator against it, Mackenzie Riel, kinship and sex adept with sex-toy company Too Timid, tells Health. “ Just like with vaginal cowgirl, this position will stimulate your G-spot, ” she advises. “ Add in some clitoris stimulation for a fantastic trio of joy. ”

Butt lifted missionary

This position is one of the most suggest for anal sex—and when paired with a pillow to lift up your hips, one of the most enjoyable, says Sinclair. Lay back with a little, firm pillow positioned under your hips and then another, softer pillow under your head. Have your partner support his body weight with his hands and embark you slowly. Place your hands on his hips to help him find the tempo that ’ s most enjoyable to you. “ You might tied try grabbing the backs of your knees and drawing them to your breast, so your partner can enter you more deeply, ” says Sinclair. once you and your collaborator have found a rhythm that feels well, reach between your legs to stimulate your clitoris using your fingers or a vibrator. Your partner is in master, but you can easily communicate with your eyes, part, or touch that you want him to go faster or slower, or not enter you besides deeply or go evening deeper.

Backdoor side-by-side

“ This is a big stead for couples who are new to anal sex, ” says Margo. Why ? It ‘s thus comfortable, it helps the muscles of the anus relax, she says. Lie on your sides, with you on the inside and your partner curled around you spoon-style. As you play little spoon, your collaborator can slowly ease inside you inch by edge. Again, the infiltrate collaborator has most of the control condition hera, but you can back up your loot if you want it deeper or faster. Your partner can hold you tight and kiss your ears and neck as you adjust to the feel of him, which makes this anal variation so intimate. But it ‘s besides a identical orgasmic put, particularly since you or your partner can easily reach down and play with your clitoris or nipples.

On bended knee

This position besides requires you to lay on your side, your partner snuggled up behind you. Draw your clear knee toward your breast and leave your bottom leg extended. From here, your partner can ease his way slowly inside of you, holding your loot overt for easier access. Your spouse has total manipulate over the astuteness and speed—and he can angle your bent knee in different ways to switch up the sense. Intimacy educator Stella Harris, writer of Tongue Tied : Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships, tells Health that this position is a favored because it ’ randomness easy to personalize. “ It offers a batch of kind and can easily be adjusted for more or less astuteness, ” she says. And because your partner is n’t using his hands to hold himself up, they ’ ra free to roam your body … or to hold you taut. To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the  Health Hookup newsletter

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