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If you ’ ra growing peppers, you want to get the most out of each establish. Pruning is one of the ways to potentially achieve higher yields, but should you pinch off early pepper flowers ?
Since we start our peppers indoors in the late bounce, it is not unusual to see flower buds beginning to form in April or May. So that begs the question, should I cut flowers off my capsicum plant ? We ’ ve got the answers for you hera at Pepper Geek .
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What Are Pepper Flowers?

If you are fresh to growing peppers, you may see flowers on your plant and wonder what they are there for. Before we had any experience develop, we wondered the lapp thing .
well, I left the flowers alone and low and behold, they began forming into peppers !
Pepper Plant Flower Buds Early pepper forming.
The flowers on a pepper plant will turn into the actual peppers. basically, the flowers attract insects to your pepper plants, and they pollinate the flowers. Bees, butterflies and other insects fertilize the peppers, and the peppers bear seeds .
Peppers self-pollinate, meaning that each flower contains both male and female organs. This means that you don ’ t have to worry about growing multiple plants side by side to get thoroughly harvests from your peppers .
however, sometimes pepper plants will begin flowering excessively early. A number of factors can cause this, including small pot size, not enough fertilizer, or irregular temperatures .

Should I Pinch Off Early Pepper Flowers?

If you are waiting for the weather to warm up so that your plants can safely move outdoors, your plants may start producing flowers. This is a pepper plant ’ s natural response to limited land space. If the establish doesn ’ metric ton have enough territory to continue growing more roots, it will begin the future stage of growth, producing fruit .
Before you move your plants external, we recommend that you prune early pepper flower buds off of the plant. Be sure to allow the flowers to grow large enough so you don’t damage the young leaves when picking. however, there are some cases when we don ’ triiodothyronine recommend pruning pepper flowers .
If you are growing slower-to-produce varieties like ghost peppers or habaneros, you may want to leave early bud to ensure that your peppers ripen. however, if you are growing faster varieties like jalapenos or bell peppers, early flowers can be pinched back .
Early Bell Pepper Flowers and peppersEarly bell pepper and flower buds.
Timing is everything. If you have just planted outdoors ( within the last 2-4 weeks ), you should pick off pepper flowers. This will allow your plants to focus energy on producing a large ancestor system and lots of leaf before switching to fruiting modality .
however, if your plants have already been planted outside for a calendar month and have adjusted to the elements, leave your capsicum flowers on the establish to develop into fruits .
If your plants have been by rights transplanted to larger pots, the leafy growth should continue to expand. Pepper plants will hold off on producing flowers until the plant has reached a mature size. Be sure to learn how to transplant your pepper plants properly .
plan ahead by scheduling your seed starting according to your planting zone. There ’ mho nothing worse than planting besides early on and having root-bound plants tidal bore to get away !

Fertilizing Properly

Using the right fertilizer in early degree pepper growth can change how many early flower buds your plants produce. During early plant growth, all plants need lots of nitrogen .
This helps the plants produce stems and leaves american samoa opposed to flowers and fruit. If your fertilizer is low in nitrogen, consider switching to something with a higher volume .
For early stage growth, we recommend using one of these fertilizers for capsicum plants :
After your plants have reached maturity ( normally mid to late July in the Northern Hemisphere ), you can either stop fertilize or switch to something with less nitrogen.

How To Pick Pepper Flower Buds

The last thing you want to do is to damage your pepper plants while pruning flowers. You ’ ll want to work carefully to avoid take out or damaging any leaves in the march. To help you avoid this, here are a few tips for picking early flowers .

  • If the buds are tiny, let them grow larger before picking
  • Use tweezers or pruning shears for smaller flowers
  • If using fingers, don’t pinch, just pluck in an upward motion

Picking Pepper FlowersUnopened flower buds on pepper plant (too early to pick without damaging young leaves).
Pepper plant flowers tend to grow in tight bunches properly around newly developing leafy growth. Each flower is normally surrounded by new leaves. If the flowers are bantam, it is best to leave them until they are easier to pick .
We found that using tweezers helps get a more precise pluck. With larger bloom bud, it is condom to equitable use your fingers and pull the flower off in an up motion .
Tip: It can be atrocious to remove your plant ’ s build up, but fret not ! capsicum plants will constantly produce more flowers later on .
If you have any bantam peppers growing excessively early in the season, pick those off besides ! When peppers are growing, the plant is focusing all of its department of energy on growing the fruits and seeds rather than leaves and branches .

When To Stop Picking Pepper Flowers

So we have established that it is by and large a good estimate to pick off early pepper flowers. however, when should you stop picking them ?
Simply put, stop picking pepper flowers when your plants have been in their final planting location for 3-4 weeks. This allows the plants adequate time to grow a healthy root system and get acclimated to the upwind. In the Northern hemisphere, we stop pruning flowers around mid June ( Zone 6a ) .
After 3-4 weeks of being in their concluding location, the pepper plants should be maturing to a healthy size. The plants will then be ready to set fruit and begin producing peppers. Give your plants enough clock to produce fully ripened peppers by the end of the season !
Note: Nutrients will help dictate when your peppers will stop growing foliation and start growing more flowers and fruits. Switching to a lower-nitrogen fertilizer halfway through the year is key !

Why Are My Pepper Flowers Falling Off?

During late-stage emergence, you want your pepper plants to have lots of flower bud. The more flowers, the more likely peppers. so why are your pepper flowers dropping off alternatively of growing into peppers ?
There are a few possible reasons this could be happening. Let ’ s go through the possibilities. Learn more about pepper flowers dropping here .


After your plants produce flower bud, it is time to change up your fertilizing regimen. We switch from a high nitrogen fertilizer to a lower nitrogen blend. If you continue to use a fertilizer high in nitrogen, your plant may continue to expand and produce more leaves quite than buds .
By reducing your fertilizer measure or nitrogen message, you help encourage the plant to begin producing flowers. Providing besides a lot nitrogen is a leading lawsuit of pepper flowers dropping off .
After we start to see lots of flower bud on our mature plants, we switch to Fox Farm’s Big Bloom fertilizer. The 3-stage regimen keeps things bare for fertilizing peppers with confidence .
Some pepper growers even stop fertilizing all together in early August. We have even to experiment with this, but anything is better than providing besides a lot nitrogen .


If you ’ ve read our article on watering pepper plants, you ’ ll know that over-watering is one of the most common mistakes home gardeners make when growing peppers. It is comfortable to over-care for your peppers, and providing excessively a lot water is not estimable !
pepper plants are happier when slenderly dry as opposed to soaking wet. They need to have damp roots, but they require good drain. That is why growing in pots is recommended, particularly for first-time pepper growers .
Whether you have pepper plants in pots or in a garden layer, make surely that water can escape from the solution arrangement of your plants. Too much water will suffocate the roots and can cause yellowing leaves, leaves and flowers dropping off, and even root death .

Hot or Cold Temperature

Peppers like quick weather during the day. This means day temps around 75-80°F and night-time temps above 60°F. Having temperatures above or below these can cause stress for the plants .
excessively blistering temperatures can be a causal agent for dropping flower bud. If you expect to have a heat-wave with temps above 100°F, design to move your plants into the shade and feed plenty of water. This will help avoid excessively many dropped flower bud .
If you are expecting cold weather below 55°F, consider bringing your potted pepper plants indoors for the night. If you have plants in the prime, you can temporarily cover them with plant framework or floating row cover for some protective covering .
There could be other reasons for dropping flower bud ( poor pollination, disease, etc. ), but these are the most likely culprits .
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I hope this guidebook helped you decide how to treat your early pepper flowers. Are you planning to pick them all off ? Just some of them ? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on social media .
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