Long Essay on How to Keep Healthy for School and College Students

It is constantly said that health is the real wealth of a person. The fitness of our body helps us to remain energetic at all times in our life. We have been observing these days that many of us are suffering from one or the other health-related problems. It happens because of our negligence towards our health. There are different things that must be followed by us to stay healthy .

How to Stay Healthy – Short and Long Essay

I have tried my best to provide some ways to stay healthy and fit in the form of a brusque and long try. I hope the try might encourage you to develop these habits in your life and lead a healthy liveliness .

Health is the Real Wealth to Keep – Short Essay (300 Words)


Health is a major concern for the people in nowadays ’ sulfur universe. Everybody hope to have good health and live a glad life. It is challenging to keep ourselves healthy and fit but is not impossible. It is not necessity that the people who do not have any disease are healthy and burst in reality. It is because good health means fit in all terms i.e. mentally, physically, and socially .
Health is the Real Wealth
good health is most essential than having a fortune of money and valuable things in life sentence. Everything can alone be enjoyed only when we have good health. Most people forget to look after their health in the race of getting successful or earning money and they realize this when it is excessively late. It is our duty to take good care of our health and live a goodly life. The act of adopting a healthy life style and avoiding taking stress are the ways to be healthy .
Now-a-Days We Need to Save Our Health from Pollution as it Creates Major Health Issues
The rising befoulment level in the environment is a major trouble for all of us. It deteriorates the quality of the environment and makes it inapplicable for be. Air pollution has been the cause of unlike types of respiratory diseases in human beings. furthermore, many people are becoming victims and dying due to this ineluctable consequence. The alone way to get rid of this offspring is to put an effort into reducing the contamination flush as it is a major threat to health. We need to take excessive care of ourselves in such conditions to be healthy and fit .
People who are healthy and paroxysm have good stamina and a stronger immune organization. The stronger immunity helps them from protecting from different types of diseases. It is therefore advise that we must always keep ourselves healthy and fit .

How to Remain Healthy in Life – Long Essay (1100 Words)

Health is not merely about the wellbeing of a person from away i.e. physically. It involves forcible, genial, and social seaworthiness. good health benefits us with more energy and working capability. Every one of us desires for fit and healthy torso but it requires a lot of campaign to make ourselves goodly and paroxysm. The sense of taking manage of our body and remaining healthy comes in our beware lone when we suffer from health-related issues. A healthy body helps us in leading a felicitous life free of tension and stress .
The Origin of Health-Related Issues
The busy scheduled life style moving at a identical fast pace has become a major business for the happening of severe health issues in us. Stress and tensions have become a contribution of our lives. It disturbs the libra of mind and body. In our interfering agenda, we don ’ t have prison term to take care of ourselves. This negligence toward our health makes us disqualify and the reservoir of several diseases.

We forget to live a healthy everyday life. Mobile phones are besides a entail of major distraction. Many of us skip our meals, drill, and so forth, and are busy in our mobile populace. The habit of eating unhealthy food is besides an invitation to different types of diseases in our body. The habit of smoking, drink, and drug abuse is quickly rising in the young of this generation and it is a serious issue for generating assorted health issues in the younger genesis .
Essential Ways to Remain Healthy
Our body becomes unfit due to our negligence towards our health. many times we realize this after we are suffering from assorted health issues. The unsusceptibility is lowered and therefore we become more perceptible to any disease. It requires much solitaire and feat to recover our body and make it a fit one but not impossible. We must be more conscious of our health and consequently keep up several strategies to stay goodly. hera are some of the tips described below for staying healthy :

  • Eat Nutritious Food – Healthy food must be involved in our diet for a healthy body. Our food must include leafy green vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruits, etc. These food items are rich in constituents like vitamins, protein, minerals, and other vital elements needed for our growth and development. We should avoid eating junk food and soft drinks as are not nutritious. These food items just add a taste but are unhealthy for the body. They are the main reasons for the problem of obesity by which most people are suffering nowadays. During Covid-19 it has already been advised to take nutritious food and raise your immunity. It can only keep us safe from this deadly pandemic disease.
  • Perform Daily Workout – We must take out some time from our busy schedule for exercising our body. A workout of 20-30 minutes daily and fast walking keeps us away from any kind of illness or health issue. It helps in building up our stamina and strengthening muscles and bones. It also helps in managing our stress and induces good sleep. Yoga and meditation also help in making our body fit and energetic.
  • Plenty of Water Intake – We must develop the habit of drinking plenty of water regularly. The regular intake of water helps in flushing out the toxic and waste materials from our body. Drinking plenty of water is also a part of a healthy lifestyle. Less water intake daily can also lead to several health issues.
  • Wake up early in the Morning – It is always advised that- “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise“. We must develop a habit of rising up early in the morning. Morning walks or jogging enriches our body with fresh oxygenated air. Rising early makes us feel more active and full of energy. We can complete our different work on time hence avoiding unnecessary stress of being late. A sound sleep that gives rest to our mind and body is also important for a healthy body.
  • Chew your Food Properly – Most of us eat our food in a hurry without chewing the food properly. It is much necessary to chew properly and eat our food. The properly chewed food is easy to digest by the body and provides nutrition and energy. The food not chewed properly does not provide nutrition to the body. If we eat the food without chewing it properly it may lead to several digestion issues, bloating in the stomach, and weight gain.
  • Hygienic living – Good hygiene is necessary for keeping ourselves free from various diseases. Unhygienic living condition many times becomes the reason of severe diseases. We must develop a good habit of bathing, washing our hands before eating, and keeping our environment clean. Maintaining good hygiene is one of the essential parts of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Limit the use of Mobile Phones – Mobile phones have become a reason for carelessness and lazy schedule. Many times we do not skip their use on the dining table. We must limit the use of mobile phones so that we can concentrate on our body and its requirements. This will enable us to do several things on time.

Is Good Health Preferred Over Richness?
People normally pay more heed to earn money and run after success. They work very hard without taking care of their body and health. In this way, the desire never ends and health is always neglected at that item. These days we can see most people suffering from respective severe health disorders like fleshiness, diabetes, cancers, lung problems, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, etc. It is because of the changed and busy life style and insalubrious eating habits .
I think there is no use in earning money in such a room that denies our health. Money is not authoritative than health as it can not return health and fitness back once we are ill. Thus health is always preferred over money as estimable health keeps us glad and free from respective health issues. If we are healthy we can earn whole life sentence but can ’ t gain if the health gets deteriorated .
A goodly mind dwells in a healthy consistency. positive think besides fosters our health as it is utilitarian in getting rid of negativities and undesirable stress in the mind and body. It is necessary to go for act check-ups to get informed regularly about the health status of the soundbox .

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What does it means to remain healthy? Ans. It means the physical, mental and social fitness of an individual. Q.2 How can we prevent ourselves from serious health disorders? Ans. We can be secure by adopting a healthy room of living and maintaining good sanitation.

Q.3 Which constituent is most important for the growth and development of growing children? Ans. Protein is a full of life component for the increase and exploitation of growing children. Q.4 Is walking a good exercise? Ans. Walking is very effective for health as it strengthens our muscles and bones and helps in keeping us fit. Q.5 How does meditation help in improving mental health? Ans. meditation is helpful in getting rid of excess stress and besides fosters our focus and concentrating ability.

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