7 Sex Emoji Combinations For When You Just Want To Take Charge

As person who ‘s fully embraced the sex-positive life style, naturally, I ‘m besides a major advocate for sexting. If both parties are cool with it and trust one another, there ‘s no damage at all in exchanging sexy pictures and words. Whether it ‘s with a FWB or long-run partner, you ‘re wholly within your rights to get your sext on and feel zero shame about it. not entirely is it fun to flirt, but studies have found that people who engage in sexting composition higher levels of satisfaction within their relationship. You surely should n’t feel blackmail to sext if that ‘s not your thing, but sexting person you ‘re concern in has lots of surprise benefits and should n’t be underrated as a form of modern foreplay. unfortunately, there are lots of people under the mental picture that men are constantly the instigators when it comes to sexting ( and arouse in general ), credibly because we hear about unasked dick pics all the time. Although those are definitively not cool — consent is all-important — the truth is that both men and women can enjoy sexting and are adequate to of making the first move. In fact, a survey by Adam & Eve actually found that women were more likely to sext than men. The assumption that men are constantly the ones to start a sext sesh credibly stems from the antediluvian notion that men are constantly hypersexual and women are always coy and bashful — an outdated theme that has got to go. Women can ( and should ) enjoy sex, just like men can desire love. And everyone can want both ; it ‘s not one or the other. so immediately that we ‘ve established that sex means absolutely nothing when it comes to taking charge and making the first motion, we should acknowledge that the pigeonhole runs even deeper than sexting, right down to the act itself. The sexual pigeonhole that men are inherently dominant and women inherently submissive is fabulously damage, because it much results in people being ashamed of their kinks and desires because they ‘re not “ traditional ” or “ normal. ” It should n’t need to be said, but it does : Gender identity/expression has no bear on one ‘s behavior in the bedroom, and it ‘s harmful to have preconceived notions of what person might like or dislike. No topic who you are, own your sex and do n’t be afraid to honestly and openly communicate your desires to your collaborator ( randomness ). And would n’t you know it — sexting is a wholly valid room of convey. Because emojis are a blessing upon this earth and are arrant ocular aids for sexting, I ‘ve compiled a list of seven emoji combos that will show your spouse you ‘re in the mood to take charge in the bedroom — whether for the foremost time or the hundredth. ( Oh, and these are just some suggestions, so feel barren to swap certain emojis for others that more accurately reflect you and your partner ! )

1. Sexy Striptease

OK, thus salsa dance does n’t necessarily equal stripper, but I do n’t think your partner would complain about a unblock ticket to the show either way .

2. No Pants Zone

crystal acquit and to-the-point. Who ‘d turn down an invite to a no pants party ?

3. Erotic Explosion

Whether you opt for a banana or a pool, it ‘s pretty gain these emojis scream “ intimate outbreak. ”

4. Position Of Power

man or woman, when you put a face before the words “ on top, ” your partner will know you want to take the bicycle in bed .

5. Crime And Punishment

Feeling like your partner deserves a alert ? These emojis will show them who ‘s boss .

6. It’s Going Down

If you ask me, there ‘s no easier, more playful way to say oral is on the menu — and you ‘re serving it with a side of arouse vixen.

7. Sweet Smooching

And hey, kissing deserves a shoutout, excessively. even if you fair want to tell your partner you ‘re dying for a smack, emojis can help with that ( and possibly lead to more ). Images: Fotolia; Laken Howard/Bustle (7)

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