Is Your Platform Bed Sturdy Enough?

Q: Are platform beds sturdy? Are they comfortable? Is your platform bed sturdy enough?

A : yes, if they ’ rhenium well-built and have adequate documentation systems to support the mattress .

Q: How can you as a customer know whether the platform bed you’ve been eyeing is sturdy enough? How sturdy should a platform bed be to support a mattress?

A : bang-up questions. If you ’ ve ever purchased a platform bed from a department store or a dismiss big box memory, you may already have experienced inadequate mattress support. If you ’ ve ever spent a night on a sagging mattress or one that felt mismatched or higher in one area than another, in fact, your platform bed skeletal system may have been the write out, rather than your mattress .

Q: Can your platform bed frame do its job?

A : A well-built platform bed will support your mattress like a dream. No bowed, sliding, or squeaking.

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not all platform beds are adequate to support a mattress.


Our store occasionally gets calls from consumers, concerned because their mattress feels uneven. Our first wonder is always, “ What do you have the mattress on ? ” “ I just recently bought a platform go to bed from [ big box store ], ” is frequently their answer. Our follow-up response : “ Put the mattress on the floor, lay down on it, and tell me if the mattress feels flat. ” The consumer does this, comes back on the line, and tells us ( with surprise in their articulation ), that YES, the mattress does feel categoric. So then we know the platform bed is the culprit.

If you find yourself in the same position, hera are respective ways your platform bed may not be hardy adequate to support your mattress :

Poor Slat Design

Slats should run underneath the mattress within the frame. They ’ re there to keep the mattress degree and supported. But some platform bed slats are ailing designed and never stand a casual of supporting a mattress well. Ever heard of Euro Slats? These slats actually come bowed, which can create 1 of 2 potential problems: lack of strength or a crowning effect. If the slats lack lastingness, they end up sagging under the weight of a person ( or people ) and a mattress. If the slats ‘ crown ’ ( bow up slightly ), this is because they ’ re besides firm. fairly obvious editorial note here : avoid Euro Slats in a platform bed. Some slat systems are flimsy, not thick enough to support the mattress, or too flexible and sag under small amounts of weight.

Shoddy Slat Installation

If the slats are installed in sections, and only go halfway across the frame, they ’ ra susceptible to sagging. Sagging sectioned slats

If the slats don ’ t bind to the side rails, but merely rest on a lip, they ’ re more likely to sag. Slats should be secured with screws or by some other method .

No Center Rail

Some chopine beds lack adequate center digest in the form of a center rail crossing the slats. The center rail helps fight gravity, as anything being pushed down on will finally sag to some degree. Sagging platform bed slats with no center support Poor center confirm frequently leads to people rolling to the middle of the bed. I ’ ve seen alloy rails and thick wooden rails that sag under the weight of a mattress plus people, and sometimes even when no one is lying on it. If there ’ s no center rail crossing the slats, the slats will inevitably sag. Center support legs down the middle of the mattress give you a comfier and more stable night ’ mho sleep. Slats no center legs

ill Designed or Cardboard Bed Boards ( AKA Bunkie Boards )

about no bed boards, or bunkie boards, are allow for use by adults. normally, these are comprised of a few dilute pine slats topped with cardboard. These will squeak and sag in numerous ways, making for a very unpleasant night ’ mho rest. If a retailer is recommending you use a bed board or bunkie control panel with a platform bed, then it probably shouldn ’ metric ton be used as a platform bed at all .

What should a hardy chopine bed look like ?

A hardy platform bed should have :

platform bed support diagram At Bedrooms & More Seattle, we offer lots and lots of attractive, quality-made platform layer choices. We ’ ra sure to have a front and a ending that works with your interior decoration. A uncompromising bed frame makes for a comfortable sleep. At Bedrooms & More in Seattle, it ’ second slowly to find a stylish platform layer frame that suits your interior decoration & supports your mattress to paragon .

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