Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

Woman-on-top sex ( aka cowgirl ) can be extremist enjoyable for women for a kind of reasons : namely the way easier clitoris access and your ability to set the pace and rhythm to what feels best for your wish ( adieu, jackhammering ! ). It ’ sulfur besides a casual to feel super empowered and in control, not to mention you can indulge in the fact that your human body is on display and feel yourself to your full extent. But there ’ s a park magnetic declination of cowgirl that offers all the aforesaid bennies of being on top plus more. Yep, we ’ rhenium talking inverse cowgirl. This elementary magnetic declination of regs cowgirl ( overrule cowgirl just means you ’ ra facing your partner ’ s legs and feet as opposed to their boldness ! ) offers lots of board to up your pleasure, all with the least come of campaign possible. “ Reverse cowgirl is bang-up because it adds some variation into your sexual activity life, ” explains Kamil Lewis, AMFT, a sex and relationships expert. It ’ south capital to impress a newly spouse or zest things up with an old one, she adds. Plus, the side doesn ’ t take much in terms of flexibility ( no amazon arouse position here ! ) and it ’ s versatile enough to try in lots of different places, like beds, couches, floors, or cars .
As for the benefits, you can feel penetration in a wholly different way ( flush compared to regular cowgirl ), hit a different descry, stimulate your clitoris with a sex miniature, or stimulate your partner ’ south body in a new way, like playing with your partner ’ s balls.

Some Quick Tips for Mastering Reverse Cowgirl

  • Take your time. Allowing yourself to ease into it here is great, says Lewis. You might feel stimulation in different spots of your body, so really take the time to let any new sensations land before you commit to a rhythm.
    • Let yourself feel empowered. You’re on top, says Lewis. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need (whether that’s slower or harder penetration or asking them to put a knee up—or both), keep their legs down, or shift around and experiment until you find what works best for your body.
      • Take advantage of the freedom of this position. Whereas regular cowgirl can be a bit eye-contact-intensive, reverse cowgirl is great because it cuts back on the anxiety of peering into your partner’s eyes as much. You can touch yourself, play with your breasts, clit, and/or whip your hair around without needing to look into your partner’s eyes the whole time if you find that challenging, adds Lewis.
        • You can try a few things to reduce fatigue. If you find your knees get tired or cramped, try moving your heels outward or inward to reduce pressure and strain there. Or try leaning forward a bit more to distribute your weight more evenly, says Lewis. You can also always feel free to ask your partner to hold you by the waist and thrust upward so the entirety of the rhythm isn’t solely on your shoulders (or knees here, y’know what we mean).

          For more information on how to master rearward cowgirl, read on :

          The Basics

          just as it sounds, reverse cowgirl is the girl-on-top position…reversed. As in, while in distinctive cowgirl, you may face your partner, but in reverse cowgirl, you face the opposite means ( toward their feet ). Most frequently, turn back cowgirl is done while seated or on your knees.
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          Lucy Macaroni

          Getting Into It

          Seated reversion cowgirl is a good means to dip your toe into this global, says sex and relationship expert Antonia Hall, writer of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life. For the seat variation, have your partner model on the edge of the bed and ease yourself down onto their lick. This takes remainder out of the equation so you can both get comfortable playing round with what depth and angles feel best before going fully turn back cowgirl. If you ’ re ready to get a lil more advance : Have your partner lie on their back while you assume the position on acme of them. When you ’ re both well lubricated, use one hand to steady yourself on the bed or their legs while you use your other hand to lower yourself onto them. once they ’ ra inside you, you can start using your leg muscles to move improving and down based on what feels estimable for you. To stabilize yourself, put your hands in front of you on their legs or on the bed or reach backward and put your hands on their thighs. Just make sure you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lean excessively far advancing or back or things could get uncomfortable, firm .

          Why It’s So Great

          Hall says this is the arrant side to learn to be in control condition. It ’ mho slowly to learn, and with your back to your partner, you might find that any anxiety or inhibitions you ’ re feel will fade away. You can do whatever feels best for you. Play around with motions and angles ampere much as you want : Move up and down, grind binding and away or in circles, flex your back so your partner can hit your most sensitive spots, etc. Plus, since you have slowly access to your clitoris, this is the perfect place to whip out a vibrator or stimulate yourself with your hands or merely grind against your partner. Reverse cowgirl besides offers the best of both worlds for you and your partner. Your collaborator gets a pretty bangin ’ opinion of your buttocks while you do your thing ( and don ’ triiodothyronine worry about whether or not they ’ re checking out your bootyhole, mmk ? ).
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          When You Start Getting Tired

          It ’ s merely natural to get tired of being on top after a while. When this happens, you can have your partner hold your hips to guide your thrust. From seated change by reversal cowgirl, you can besides lean ahead into down pawl with your hands categoric on the deck, Hall adds. This position is great for deeper penetration and a good “ resting ” put. To make this an active convalescence, take a few seconds and move your hips in slowly circles with him inside you .

          Accessories to Add to the Fun

          As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about this place is the easy clitoral access.

          1. Fin Finger Vibe

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          A modest, unobtrusive vibrator like the is specially great for reverse cowgirl. The tether means you don ’ t have to concentrate on clutching it for dearly liveliness, and the easy one-button operation means you need merely one hand to work it and adjust settings .

          2. Womanizer Premium

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          Hall besides likes the, which uses suction and vibration for target clitoral stimulation in this position. Whereas early vibrators merely vibrate, suction toys like the Womanizer simulate the suck movements of oral sex on your clitoris .

          3. Lovehoney Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

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          Anything you can well control with one bridge player while riding your collaborator is a win-win here. But if you ’ ra overt to handing the reins over to your collaborator, that besides gives you options. While you might not be able to stabilize yourself and maneuver a around in seat turn back cowgirl, it should be no sweat for your partner to press this bb up against your clitoris .Lip, Red, Text, Font, Mouth, Love, Illustration, Carmine, Heart, Want to get the hottest sex positions, the wildest confessions, and the steamiest secrets right to your inbox? Sign up for our sex newsletter ASAP. subscribe
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