What Does It Mean to Be Autosexual?

person looking at their reflection contribution on PinterestYadira G. Morel/Getty Images The term “ autosexual ” describes people who are more sexually attracted to themselves than they are to other people. Although this is a relatively rare term, many people do identify as autosexual.

First things first: What’s the exact definition?

An autosexual person feels sexual attraction primarily toward themselves. person who is autosexual might feel short to no sexual attraction toward early people. This doesn ’ thyroxine necessarily mean that autosexual people never feel sexually attracted to others or that they don ’ t have sex with others. Although some autosexual people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to have sex with early people, some do .

Is this the same thing as being asexual?

Being autosexual international relations and security network ’ t the lapp as being asexual. however, many people feel that it falls under the asexual umbrella, besides called the asexual spectrum or ace-spec. For this rationality, autosexuality is sometimes called an ace-spec identity. person who is asexual experiences little to no intimate attraction. It ’ s possible to identify as autosexual and asexual at the same clock time.

Is this the same thing as being autoromantic?

There ’ s a difference between being autosexual and autoromantic. While “ autosexual ” refers to feeling primarily sexually attracted to yourself, “ autoromantic ” refers to feeling primarily romantically attracted to yourself. You can be both autoromantic and autosexual, but not everybody who ’ sulfur autosexual is autoromantic and vice versa. It ’ s potential to be, for example :

  • autosexual and homoromantic (romantically attracted to people of the same or a similar gender as you)
  • autosexual and biromantic (romantically attracted to people of multiple genders)
  • autosexual and aromantic (experiencing little to no romantic attraction)

These are examples of cross-orientation, besides known as mix predilection .

Is there a quiz that I can take?

There ’ s no examination that could determine whether you ’ ra autosexual or not. If you feel that the condition “ autosexual ” trace you, you can use that term. Orientation international relations and security network ’ thyroxine about ticking off boxes to figure out where you fit in. It ’ south about using a term to describe your drawing card and identity.

Then how am I supposed to know if I’m autosexual?

If the word “ autosexual ” describes your orientation course, you ’ ra welcome to identify as autosexual. The way you describe your identity is up to you ! If you ’ re concern in exploring whether you ’ rhenium autosexual or not, the following motivate might help you think about your identity and orientation :

  • Do you feel sexually attracted to other people? Do you think you experience sexual attraction less often than other people?
  • Do you feel turned on by the thought of having sex with others? Do you feel turned on by the thought of masturbation?
  • Do you have sexual fantasies? If so, what or who do they involve?
  • Does the word “autosexual” feel comfortable and accurate to you?
  • Do you use other words to describe your orientation? (It’s OK to use multiple words to describe your orientation!)

Remember that there ’ s no right or wrong answer. These questions are just prompts.

What does being autosexual “look” like?

Autosexuality can look different for different people. To use just a few examples :

  • Some autosexual people strongly prefer masturbation over sex with others.
  • Some autosexual people feel sexually attracted to others but very rarely. They do, however, feel sexual attraction toward themselves.
  • Some autosexual people feel sexually attracted to others but not intensely. They do, however, feel sexual attraction toward themselves.
  • Some autosexual people feel turned on by sexual fantasies about themselves but not others.
  • Some autosexual people do enjoy sex with others, but don’t feel particularly sexually attracted to others. For example, sex might be a way to show affection and love, not a way to fulfill a desire for someone.

It ’ sulfur authoritative to remember that dating, arouse, and relationships can vary from one autosexual person to the next. Some go steady and some preceptor ’ thymine. Some have sex with others and some don ’ triiodothyronine.

Is there anything that “causes” your orientation?

No ! Your orientation is what it is — it ’ s not a checkup condition or a trouble that needs to be solved. There ’ south no known causal agent for an orientation.

What does this mean for my sexual and reproductive health?

Regardless of orientation and anatomy, anyone can contract and convey sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ) if they ’ re having sexual activity with others. And, of course, pregnancy is calm possible in some situations. If you do have sex with early people, it ’ mho wise to discuss contraception and safe intimate practices with them. This could include :

  • using condoms and dental dams
  • discussing your current sexual partners
  • disclosing whether you have any STIs
  • finding a birth control method that works for you

When it comes to safe sexual experiences, communication is key.

Do I have to tell people?

You shouldn ’ thyroxine feel pressured to “ come out. ” If you want to tell others that you ’ re autosexual, that ’ south great ! But if you don ’ thyroxine want to, that ’ s absolutely fine, excessively .

What implications can sharing or not sharing this have?

Whenever person comes out, there ’ s a possibility that they will receive a negative chemical reaction. Words like “ autosexual ” aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate normally used or understand, flush within the LGBTQIA+ community. Some people might be confused about the definition. In this character, you can direct them to this page or another page about autosexuality. If you come out, there ’ s a possibility that some people will tell you there ’ randomness no need to label yourself as autosexual. Remember that you ’ rhenium allowed to describe your identity however you want. Yes, nowadays we have more terms for intimate orientations — but that ’ s not necessarily a badly thing. Those feelings are not inevitably new ; we barely have more lyric to describe it. unfortunately, you might face discrimination or mistreat if you come out. In some situations, it might not be condom to tell people about your orientation. It ’ s up to you to assess your situation and decide whether you feel comfortable and dependable enough to contribution it. One hypothesis is to come out to a choose few individuals you trust. This means you can get some digest and encouragement without risking your safety. If you decide to go this path, be surely to tell them if you don ’ t want them to share it with others .

How can I go about telling someone?

You can come out in a few different ways ! You could tell one loved one — person who you think will be accepting and supportive — and ask them to support you while you come out to more people. not certain how to say it ? here are some phrases to start with :

  • “I’ve recently realized I’m autosexual. Here’s what that means.”
  • “I recently learned the term ‘autosexual,’ which refers to people who are primarily sexually attracted to themselves. I’ve figured out that it’s an apt description for me.”
  • “Since you’re important to me, I wanted to share that I’m autosexual. Here’s what autosexual means.”

Because few people know what the term “ autosexual ” means, anyone you choose to share with might have questions. Be prepared to give them a definition or tell them where they can learn more about autosexuality .

What should I do if it doesn’t go well?

As mentioned, it ’ s possible that you ’ ll boldness veto reactions when you come out as autosexual. This could include anything from uncivil comments to potentially dangerous situations. If your home becomes an insecure set to stay or the people you live with become abusive or baleful, it might be best to look for a local LGBTQIA+ shelter or format to stay with a supportive friend for a while. If you ’ rhenium self-destructive, in crisis, or need person to release to, you might benefit from contacting The Trevor Project at 866-488-7386. The Trevor Project provides aid and support for young LGBTQIA+ people in the United States. You might face discrimination at work. If your employer discriminates against you and you ’ re in the United States, you can file a charge with the equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If you ’ ve come out to people and it hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate gone well, you might benefit from talking with a supportive acquaintance or joining a confirm group for LGBTQIA+ people. This could be a local anesthetic meetup group or an on-line forum. Remember that you ’ re well within your rights to identify however you ’ d like. It international relations and security network ’ t your fault if others are illiberal of your orientation — that ’ s on them .

The bottom line

Autosexual people are chiefly sexually attracted to themselves. They typically experience little to no intimate drawing card to other people. Whether or not you identify as autosexual is up to you. If you feel like it ’ s an accurate and comfortable term to describe your predilection, you ’ re welcome to call yourself autosexual.

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