What foods are highest in potassium? List and benefits

1. Dried apricots

dried-apricots-on-a-table-which-are-a-food-high-in-potassium share on PinterestDried apricots are a good source of iron, antioxidants, and potassium. several dried fruits are senior high school in potassium. Apricots are a bright orange fruit that people may eat either bracing or dried. Half a cup of dried apricots contains 1,101 magnesium of potassium. These fruits besides provide other key nutrients, such as iron and antioxidants.

When purchasing dried apricots, a person should look for those that contain no add boodle. They can eat dried apricots as a bite or add them to salads or main meals.

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are an excellent beginning of potassium. Baked potatoes with the skin hush on are the best option, as much of a potato ’ randomness potassium is in the skin. One medium baked potato with clamber contains 941 milligram of potassium. By eating a adust potato with salt-free flavorer, a person can avoid extra sodium. french fries are normally lacking in nutrients and contain added fatty from oil and the fry process, making them a less sanitary option. Fries besides typically contain high gear amounts of sodium, which can counteract the benefits of potassium.

3. Leafy greens

Leafy greens are some of the most alimentary foods available. One study found that eating a serving per day of leafy green vegetables may help slow age-related cognitive decay. Leafy green vegetables are low in calories and contain many vitamins and minerals. Most besides provide a good sum of potassium. For example :

  • A cup of cooked Swiss chard contains 962 mg of potassium.
  • A cup of cooked amaranth leaves contains 846 mg.
  • A cup of cooked spinach contains up to 838 mg.

4. Lentils

share on PinterestLentils contain potassium, fiber, and protein. Lentils are a little, attack legume. They contain enough of fiber and are besides rich in protein. One cup of cook lentils contains 731 magnesium of potassium. Lentils make a good addition to soups or stews. People looking for a quick option can use canned quite than dried lentils. however, it is important to rinse canned lentil well ahead use to remove any sodium .

5. Prunes and prune juice

Prunes are dried plums. Due to their high roughage contented and early chemical properties, many people use prunes or snip juice to help relieve constipation. Juice companies normally make prune juice by adding water back into the prunes, cooking them, and then filtering out the solids. There are 707 mg of potassium in one cup of canned cut juice, while half a cup of dried prunes contains 699 magnesium.

6. Tomato puree or juice

clean tomatoes offer several health benefits. To get more potassium, though, it is well to use concentrated tomato products, such as tomato puree or tomato juice. Half a cup of tomato puree contains 549 milligram of potassium, and a cup of tomato juice contains 527 milligram. Fresh tomatoes besides contain potassium, with one medium raw tomato containing 292 milligram. People frequently use tomato puree in cook, for example, adding it to pasta sauces. Canned or bottled tomato juice is besides suitable to use in many recipes, or people can drink it .

7. Certain fruit and vegetable juices

Some varieties of juice contain high gear amounts of potassium. however, many health organizations recommend that people avoid juices with lend carbohydrate. whole yield contains more fiber than juice and often more nutrients as well. still, 100 % juice can be function of a healthy diet in limited amounts, according to the American Heart Association and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The stick to juices are high in potassium, containing the play along amounts per cup :

  • carrot juice (canned): 689 mg
  • passion fruit juice: 687 mg
  • pomegranate juice: 533 mg
  • orange juice (fresh): 496 mg
  • vegetable juice (canned): 468 mg
  • tangerine juice (fresh): 440 mg

8. Raisins

Raisins are another type of dry fruit that is high in potassium. Raisins are a democratic bite food. Half a cup of raisins contains 618 milligram of potassium. For the most healthful type, choose for raisins that contain only dry grapes with no lend boodle, coatings, or early ingredients.

9. Beans

Beans come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Most contain a high amount of character, some protein, and a good dose of potassium. Kidney beans are loss, reniform legumes that people often use in soups, chili, or as a side cup of tea of bake beans. A cup of can kidney beans contains 607 milligram of potassium. many other beans are besides gamey in potassium. The amounts per half cup serving are as follows :

  • adzuki beans: 612 mg
  • white (cannellini) beans: 595 mg
  • lima beans: 478 mg
  • great northern beans: 460 mg
  • black beans: 401 mg
  • canned refried beans: 380 mg
  • navy beans: 354 mg

10. Milk and yogurt

People typically think of dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, as being rich sources of calcium. however, some dairy products are besides a effective way to add more potassium to the diet. Studies suggest that in the United States, milk is the top source of potassium among adults. A cup of 1 % milk contains 366 milligram. many people besides get their potassium from tea and coffee. An 8-ounce ( oz ) cup of brew black coffee contains 116 milligram of potassium, which would classify it as a low potassium food, but adding creamers and milk raises the potassium contented well. other dairy products besides contain potassium. For case, one cup of plain nonfat yogurt contains up to 579 mg .

11. Sweet potatoes

plowshare on PinterestSweet potatoes are rich in potassium. Sweet potatoes have orange flesh and a angelic season than white potatoes. Their orange color means that they provide more beta provitamin a than other potatoes, but they besides contain potassium. A bake fresh potato with the skin still on contains 542 magnesium of potassium. For the most sanitary choice, a person should eat baked or microwaved angelic potatoes without add carbohydrate. It is besides best to avoid can fresh potatoes that the manufacturers have packaged in syrup.

12. Seafood

pisces and mollusk check heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid fats. The american Heart Association recommend eating fish ( peculiarly fatty pisces ) at least doubly a week. Certain types of seafood are besides good sources of potassium. Wild Atlantic pink-orange and clams lead the way with 534 mg of potassium per 3-oz serve. The same serving size of early types of seafood high in potassium offers :

  • mackerel: up to 474 mg
  • halibut: 449 mg
  • snapper: 444 mg
  • rainbow trout: up to 383 mg

13. Avocado

Avocado is a buttery fruit that contains a variety of nutrients, including heart-healthy monounsaturated adipose tissue and vitamins C, E, and K. Avocados besides contain closely 5 grams of fiber in half a cup. Avocados are a good source of potassium, providing 364 magnesium in a half-cup serve. People can eat avocado raw in salads, as dips, or on toast. They besides work well in cook meals, such as pasta dishes.

What about potassium supplements?

Some people may wonder about using supplements to boost their potassium inhalation. only a few studies have investigated the effects of potassium supplements, and some suggest that the body can absorb potassium deoxyadenosine monophosphate well from supplements as it can from food. however, the ODS say that in many dietary supplements, manufacturers limit the measure of potassium to 99 magnesium — merely about 3 % of a person ’ mho DV — due to safety concerns about drugs that contain potassium. People with kidney problems should be timid about consuming excessively much potassium, as this can lead to hyperkalemia, or high levels of potassium in the lineage. potassium from food, however, does not cause damage in healthy people who have convention kidney function. When the kidneys are functioning well, any surfeit potassium from food dissolves in water and leaves the body in the urine.


If a person eats a diet deep in vegetables, fruits, and legumes, they should get enough potassium in their diet. It is beneficial to balance this by eating broken amounts of eminent sodium foods, such as processed foods and fast food. This dietary approach can not merely help keep potassium at a healthy charge, but it may help people obtain a variety show of other vitamins and nutrients that occur in whole foods and put up to better health .

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