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Baked potatoes Are Baked Potatoes Healthy ?

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CarlaMc/iStock/GettyImages Baked potatoes have a quite poor reputation when it comes to diet and weight passing, particularly among individuals who are trying to reduce their total carbohydrate intake. however, you might be surprised to find out fair how alimentary a bake potato actually is — and how well it can fit into your weight loss design .
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When it comes to goodly carbs, you ca n’t go improper with potatoes .

Low Calories, No Fat or Cholesterol

One big baked russet potato contains about 278 calories, according to ‘s calorie counter. The bake potato calorie count includes the potato skin, but not any add butter or other toppings. A plain baked potato contains very little fatness, and does not contain any cholesterol. A potato only contributes only 1 percentage casual measure for sodium, or 30 magnesium .

Good Protein and Fiber Source

There are about 63 deoxyguanosine monophosphate of carbohydrates in a large bake potato. a lot of these carbs in potatoes come from starch, giving potatoes a eminent glycemic index of over 70, reports the American Diabetes Association. For people who have diabetes or who are following a broken GI diet, potatoes could cause a large increase in blood sugar levels. Important for construct muscle and help heal your body from injuries, a potato contains about 7.5 g of protein, or roughly 15 percentage DV. Potatoes are a good beginning of dietary fiber with 6.6 g, which is about 26 percentage of your recommend daily fiber intake. Fiber is beneficial to weight passing because it can increase repletion and decrease hunger. Your torso needs fiber for a healthy intestinal tract and regular digestion .

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Vitamins Pack a Punch

Baked potato is an excellent informant of vitamin C, providing about 48 percentage of the day by day value. Vitamin C helps with growth, development and animate of all body tissues. The B-group of vitamins are the construction blocks of a healthy body and have an affect on your energy levels, cell metabolism and brain function. Baked potatoes contribute lots of B vitamins — 46 percentage of your DV for vitamin B-6, in addition to thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acerb and vitamin bc. Furthermore, potatoes contain vitamins A, E and K in smaller amounts, according to SELFNutritionData .

Heart-Healthy Potassium

Potatoes excel as a full source of potassium — offer more than a banana — with 1600 milligram or 46 percentage of your daily value to help maintain normal heart rhythm. Eat potatoes for the 33 percentage DV for manganese to promote normal mind and steel function. In addition, you will benefit from 21 percentage DV for both magnesium and morning star. other minerals in the healthy potato are iron, calcium and copper. together, these nutrients aid in energy metabolism, support the health of the nervous system, help build strong teeth and bones and are essential for the production of bolshevik blood cells .

Choose Healthy Toppings

In the huge majority of cases, the negative dietary elements in a broil potato are chiefly not from the potato itself, but rather from the toppings that are put on it. For exercise, a broil potato with butter and false skim contains 470 calories, with 18 deoxyguanosine monophosphate of fat along with lend cholesterol and sugar says NutritionIX. A Wendy ‘s baked potato with cheese contains 479 calories, and 17 grams of fat. When choosing your topping, consider some low-fat alternatives such as bungalow cheese, chopped veggies, yogurt or creamy horseradish.


Although potatoes are goodly, be warned that green potatoes are not. They contain glycoalkaloids, a potentially toxic chemical compounds found in nightshade plants. Glycoalkaloids are formed when potatoes are exposed to light and produce chlorophyll, causing them to turn k. Do n’t eat potatoes that show price, such as shoot, greening or bruising. Some symptoms of glycoalkaloid poisoning from potatoes are a burning or bitter sample and flu-like symptoms, including abdominal cramp, nausea, diarrhea and vomit, warn Government of Canada .

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