5 Sex Positions Ideal For Anyone With a High Sex Drive

A young LGBT couple laughing and hugging one another
If you find that the desire for sex strikes often, it ‘s credibly because of a high sex drive or libido. It precisely means you want a bunch of sex, and you know what ? That ‘s wholly fine, specially if you have a partner who is will to indulge you and go several rounds until you ‘re satisfied. If you ‘re looking for some actually f*cking good sex positions that are gon na hit your blot just how you want it, we ‘ve given you five options ahead. Each of these sex positions should help you reach your orgasm in a comforting manner, sol enjoy .


When you ‘re on top, you ‘re in load. When you ‘re riding person, you can set the yard and take everything you need from the experience, which is perfect if you ‘re actually, in truth into it. This slant besides allows for deep penetration, which is truthfully enjoyable for everyone involved .

Doggy Style

What ‘s great about having sex pooch stylus is you can get a little act grating with it — angstrom long as you ‘re into that — and go hard and fast, which can be precisely what you need if you have a high sex tug and you want sex right now. This is another position that allows for deep penetration ampere well as G-spot stimulation, which should satisfy everyone in this scenario.


Yab-Yum is a popular tantric sex position, and this one is a adept one if you or your partner has a high sex drive because it will truly focus on the affair level. One person sits in the other person ‘s lap, and the two of you focus on each other and the familiarity between you. If that connection is what your sex drive needs to get off, this is the military position to try.

Butter Churner

I can thank Love Island for teaching me this one, and it ‘s not for the faint of kernel. Basically you ‘ll be on your binding with your feet over your fountainhead and your hips in the air indeed your spouse can penetrate you from above. Because you ‘re top down, the blood will rush to your forefront, which will heighten the experience, but constantly be careful .

Missionary With a Twist

Missionary is a solid arouse put on any given day. however, it is n’t constantly the best and most effective room to reach an orgasm. If you tweak it a little, you can get there. Try the coital conjunction technique, where the person on top slides a little farther fore so your pelvises are touching. This should help both of you peak more quickly than standard missionary .

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