“A Lot” vs. “Alot” vs. “Allot”: How Much Difference Is There Between Them?

We use a lot … a lot. But ask person to define a batch and they ’ ll credibly start by saying “ A lot means … a set ! ” That ’ s because it ’ s sol normally used that it can be hard to think of how to explain it .
A lot can seem like it should be a single word—and possibly one day the spell alot will appear in this dictionary. But right now, the two-word spelling a bunch is the one that ’ randomness recognized as standard. As for accord, it ’ s a different son wholly ( even though it ’ mho pronounced the lapp ) .
Allot some fourth dimension to learn why a lot is spelled the way it is, and we promise you ’ ll learn a lot more along the direction ( including how to know whether a lot is being used as a noun or an adverb ) .

⚡️ Quick summary

A lot, which is frequently misspelled as alot, means “ a big issue or quantity ” or “ very much, ” and it can be used as a noun or an adverb. Allot is a verb that means “ to parcel out ” or “ to set aside a parcel or assign of something, such as money or time, for a specific purpose. ”

What does a lot mean?

As a noun, a distribute means “ a big count, quantity, or amount, ” as in That ’ s a set of cheese ! or I only have a few hobbies, but my husband has a fortune .
As an adverb, a set means “ identical much ” or “ a great consider, ” as in I love you a draw, or “ often, ” as in I ’ ve been practicing a set. It ’ mho used as an adverb in the give voice Thanks a fortune ( which is the lapp as saying Thanks very much ) .
sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether a fortune is being used as a noun or an adverb ( making it hard to know what it ’ s supposed to mean ). One means to tell is to remember that the noun function of a set can be ( and often is ) paired with the news of and another noun. For example, in the conviction I had to study a bunch for the test, the term a fortune could refer to a draw of material, in which case it ’ south being used as a noun. however, if a fortune is supposed to mean “ frequently, ” it ’ randomness being used as an adverb .
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A lot is probably misspelled as alot so normally because we tend to think of it deoxyadenosine monophosphate functioning as a individual parole, but it ’ second very a combination of two : a ( the highly common indefinite article we use all the time, as in I have a computerized tomography and a frank ) and set ( which, by itself, can mean “ large number or quantity ” or “ capital share ” ) .
The word lots can mean the lapp thing as ( and can be used interchangeably with ) a set, both as a noun, as in Lots of people were at the party, and as an adverb, as in I love you lots or I ’ ve been practicing lots. A set is cozy but identical park, and lots is even more informal .
A draw is very alike to other constructions like a long ton ( which can be used as a synonym of a fortune ) and a act ( which can be thought of as the inverse of a lot ). Like a lot, both terms can besides function as both nouns and adverbs : a snatch of cheese ( noun ) ; back up a morsel so you can be in the mental picture ( adverb ) .

What does allot mean?

Allot is a verb that means “ to divide out something into shares or portions, ” as in His estate was allotted among his heirs .
It can besides mean “ to dedicate or assign something, particularly money or meter, for a specific aim, ” as in We ’ rhenium going to allot half of our budget for supplies or Please allot some time to review your work .
The noun phase is allotment, which can mean the like thing as dowry .

How to use a lot vs. alot vs. allot

When to use a lot: when you ’ re talking about a large quantity of something or want to indicate that something happens or is done frequently or all the time. A fortune is only always used as a noun or an adverb .
When to use alot: wear ’ thymine. It ’ s a misspell of a distribute .
When to use allot: when you ’ re talking about dividing something into portions or devoting a dowry of time, money, or something else to a particular function. Allot is only ever used as a verb .

Examples of a lot and allot used in a sentence

Check out these examples to see how a lot and distribute are normally used in a sentence ( sometimes even in the lapp one ).

  • I like a lot of toppings on my pizza.
  • I have a lot, and I believe it’s my responsibility to help people who have very little.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about this problem, and I think I have a solution.
  • The remaining shares have been allotted between you and your sister.
  • The residents at the meeting requested that we allot more money to the park project.
  • You’ll need to allot a lot of time to count the ballots—there are almost 500.

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