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Say Bye to Dryness and Painful intercourse - try Aloe CadabraIt’s More than Moisture; It’s Magic

Having sex should be enjoyable and fun. unfortunately, pain and discomfort during familiarity due to vaginal dryness can curb your desire, causing tension in your kinship. many products on the market may offer temp relief ; however, they have side effects such as toxic chemicals, staining, and mess .

So, what was a couple to do?

Aloe Cadabra® is the creation of a married couple—organic farmers—who wanted to bring their healthy organic life style into the bedroom. They found that many commercial brands of personal lubricants and moisturizers contain seriously harmful chemicals, additives, and/or hormones. They were driven to create their own organic solution. For many years, the couple shared their secret with conclusion friends who were grateful for the discovery. After years of experiment, the wife decided to parcel this with a “ Sisterhood ” of female friends, and Aloe Cadabra® was born : A personal lubricant that renews, moistures, and mimics what a woman ’ s body can produce providing an choice as a lubricant and daily moisturizer. This Sisterhood grew, and both women and men started ordering this merchandise at record levels .
nowadays, Aloe Cadabra® is a run, premium, natural, 2-in-1 personal lubricant and vaginal moisturizer. It is FDA-cleared and certified to NSF organic standards for your health and base hit. Better even, it ’ randomness packed with over 95 % Organic Aloe Vera in every tube .
We want you to have an option that ’ sulfur natural, and our potent impression that a miss of affair leads to extreme marital problems. Yes, we want to put affair back into your kinship and help save marriages. Will you join us ?

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The Vaginal Dryness Solution, Naturally Healthy, Naturally Sexy

The majority of name-brand personal lubricants on store shelves— including those labeled as “ Natural ” — are loaded with harsh chemicals and additives that cause vaginal sobriety, alter a charwoman ’ south delicate ph balance wheel, and can be very harmful with prolong manipulation. Created as a safe and intelligent alternative to big pharmaceutical brands, Aloe Cadabra® contains 95 % premium constituent aloe vera and 5 % comestible food-grade ingredients. It is the choice of sexually active women and their partners, and the fresh woman ’ sulfur every day vaginal moisturizer. The ingredients lubricate and are absorbed into the vaginal tissue replenishing lost moisture alternatively of creating a greasy film. furthermore, unlike other brands, Aloe Cadabra® is non-staining, safe with latex condoms, and requires no cleaning.

Embracing Woman’s Vitality, Pleasure, and Empowerment

Painful intercourse and vaginal dryness natural remedies

More than plainly being about intimate pleasure, Aloe Cadabra® is about empowering female vaginal health and intimate equality around the earth. It was designed to be ph balanced to mimic vaginal mucous membrane barely like your body produced as a young woman. It ’ s As Natural deoxyadenosine monophosphate Nature.™ As a modest organic caller, Aloe Cadabra® is committed to empowering women to take entire control of their vaginal health and wellbeing ! Say adieu to vaginal dispassion and experience capital sex like when your own body created natural moisture.
good News : that makes Aloe Cadabra® more than a sex product ! We care about women ’ s health by offering a 100 % natural, constituent, and condom, FDA-Cleared, solution for everyone. This product is about empowering feminine health and life force. Aloe Cadabra® was created to educate customers about sexual health with a magically humidify solution !

Where is Aloe Cadabra® Lubricant & Moisturizer Made?

Aloe Cadabra® Lubricant & Moisturizer is made right here in the USA. We are located in Ventura, California. It ’ s a dainty coastal town fair South of Santa Barbara, California. The fantastic people that make this great lubricant are local residents – so they are from the Ventura sphere .

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Since 2006, Aloe Cadabra® has expanded into some of the best know retail stores including CVS, Walgreens and Whole Foods Market. Aloe Cadabra® is now available in over 10,000 US and Canadian retail stores .
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