Allosexual combines the Greek-derived form allo–, meaning “ other, ” with the word intimate. People who are allosexual have sexually attracted to “ early ” people, whereas asexual people by and large do not. You may recognize the combining form allo- from such words as allotrope in chemistry or allophone in linguistics .
Describing people who experience sexual attraction, allosexual spread in the asexual community in the early 2010s. An allosexual person can identify as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or as another intimate identity .
But to understand allosexual, it ’ sulfur essential to know more about what it means to be asexual.

Asexuality comprises a spectrum of identities of people who all have no or short sexual attraction to other people. People who identify as asexual—and who aren ’ thymine just celibate, as it ’ s normally misunderstood or stereotyped—may inactive experience quixotic drawing card to others, and they may evening engage in or have been separate of sexual activities .
It ’ mho crucial to understand that people have unlike experiences of sexual and romanticist attraction. It ’ second besides important to note that people ’ s intimate predilection is not the lapp as their romanticist orientation course. A person can identify as asexual and homoromantic, i.e., they do not experience sexual attraction but are romantically attracted to and have relationships with people of their like sex .
Some asexual people may experience intimate attraction after establishing a impregnable emotional adhere ( known as demisexual ) ; others may experience sexual drawing card under very particular circumstances ( grey-a ) ; and so far other on the asexual spectrum may identify as quoisexual, meaning they don ’ t relate to or understand experiences or concepts of sexual drawing card and orientation course.

There are many more aspects of asexuality. The Trevor Project’s Rory Gory explains them in their article for us, “What Does It Mean To Be Asexual?”

The term allosexual emerged in part in the asexual community to challenge the presumption of sexual attraction as the norm—and the significance that asexual people are somehow abnormal or lacking something for not experiencing intimate attraction. Cisgender similarly helps to normalize being transgender, and nonbinary helps move beyond the traditional male/female categories as the normative human know and formula of gender .
In the 2010s, allosexual gained prominence over a total of alternative terms, including sexual, non-asexual, and others in the asexual residential district have found variously baffling. hush, some asexual people find allosexual itself baffling, as the condition comes with its own baggage .
Allosexual has been used since at least the 1970s in several ways—especially in psychological, biological, and sociological texts whose understanding of sex and gender do not always align with current knowledge—that are unrelated to its intend in the asexual community. For exemplar, in his 1975 book The Varieties of Abnormality, Raymond Joseph McCall used allosexual to refer to the intimate development of young people directed towards others as opposed to themselves ( autosexual ).

Allosexual has besides been used in contrast to isosexual. This term that has been used to refer to 1 ) the being to characteristics of traditional, birth-assigned sexes in one person american samoa well as to 2 ) the being of characteristics of feelings of with the traditional, birth-assigned sex of an individual .
Allosexual besides resembles the canadian french allosexuel, which has been used as an umbrella term for non-heterosexual people—that is, for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and curious ( LGBQ ) intimate identities .
Past apart, allosexual is gaining grip in mainstream discussion as more people become mindful of the indigence for inclusive, nuanced speech to express the wide roll of sexual and sex identities, experiences, and expressions. The universe of a discussion like allosexual is necessity to shift the paradigm of sexual drawing card as normative and to combat prejudice and discrimination against people on the asexual spectrum .

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