A1c Conversion Chart

blood carbohydrate can be measured in a diverseness of ways, which much leads to confusion. A1c measures blood sugar over the final three months by looking at the percentage of hemoglobin saturated with sugar. A blood glucose test taken at family measures your current blood glucose measured in milligrams per deciliter or millimoles per liter. Milligrams per deciliter ( mg/dl ), used in the United States and Europe, measures the assiduity of glucose as a ratio of weight to volume.

Millimoles per liter ( mmol/l ), used in the United Kingdom, measures the concentration of glucose as a ratio of molecules to volume.

A formula is used to convert the A1c score into a blood glucose grade you ’ re used to seeing every day. This is called the estimated Average Glucose ( eAG ) charge.

You can match your A1c to an eAG using the conversion chart below. For exercise, an A1c of 5.9 is comparable to blood boodle of 123 mg/dl or 6.8 mmol/l .

A1c Conversion Chart

A1C Score (percentage)eAG (in mg/dL)eAG (in mmol/L)4683.84.1713.94.2744.14.3774.34.4804.44.5824.64.6854.74.7884.94.8915.14.9945.25975.45.11005.65.21035.75.31055.85.410865.51116.25.61146.35.71176.55.81206.75.91236.8612676.11287.16.21317.36.31347.46.41377.66.51407.86.61437.96.71468.16.81488.26.91518.471548.67.11578.77.21608.97.31639.17.41669.27.51699.47.61719.57.71749.77.81779.87.918010818310.28.118610.38.218910.58.319210.78.419410.88.519710.98.620011.18.720311.38.820611.48.920911.6921211.89.121411.99.221712.19.322012.29.422312.49.522612.69.622912.79.723212.99.823513.19.923713.21024013.310.124313.510.224613.710.324913.810.42521410.525514.210.625814.310.726014.410.826314.610.926614.81126914.911.127215.111.227515.311.327815.411.428015.611.528315.711.628615.911.728916.111.829216.211.929516.41229816.6 The exact formula to convert A1C to eAG ( mg/dl ) is : 28.7 x A1c – 46.7. The formula to converting mg/dl to mmol/l is : mg/dl / 18 .

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