10 Lines on Health and Fitness in English for Children and Students

The intend of the term health and fitness has evolved over a time period of time. In 1948, WHO coined the modern definition of health and fitness which basically relates to the state of wellbeing quite than a state of matter of the body .
The majority of people are involved in jobs where they have to sit all through the day and are facing the problems of fleshiness and fatigue. The life style choices like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gorge is the chief drive factors for inadequate health and fitness .

Ten Lines on Health and Fitness in English

We have provided ten-spot lines on Health and Fitness in elementary and easy words so that you can have better understanding about the subject which plays the all-important role in regulating our daily lives. These lines will besides help you to know as what does health and fitness consult to, how health is affected, how does health and fitness helps us, what is the importance of health and fitness, what are the best physical exercises, what is the importance of rest, how to maintain a good health and fitness etc.

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10 Lines on Health and Fitness – Set 1

1 ) fitness is very important to be healthy .
2 ) Good health is entirely the real wealth .
3 ) seaworthiness of our mind and body makes us healthy .
4 ) Eating goodly food is good for our body .
5 ) It provides us all-important vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals .
6 ) We must develop habit of doing exercise daily .
7 ) We should sleep for 6-8 hours casual .
8 ) Health is more significant than money .
9 ) We must take good care of health to be fit .
10 ) Healthy and fit people live a felicitous life .

10 Lines on Health and Fitness – Set 2

1 ) Fitness and health are related to each other .
2 ) We can not be goodly without being fit .
3 ) The fitness of both mind and body is crucial for being goodly .
4 ) We should include leafy vegetables, cereals, and pulses in our diet .
5 ) We must eat our food at the proper time .
6 ) regular use for half an hour day by day makes us fit .
7 ) A goodly and burst consistency makes us look well .
8 ) It besides helps in increasing our confidence level .
9 ) Good health and a suit body prevent us from falling ill.

10 ) A goodly life style is lone the secret of good health .
10 Lines on Health and Fitness

10 Lines on Health and Fitness – Set 3

1 ) As per the WHO, health refers to the state of complete mental, physical and sociable well being release from any disease or weakness .
2 ) Fitness by and large refers to the physical fitness which can be achieved by performing physical practice, proper nutriment and proper rest .
3 ) The ability of homo being to adapt himself physically, mentally deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as socially depends upon his health and fitness.
4 ) A healthy and fit body can perform mental or physical tasks without any kind of fatigue or restlessness .
5 ) Health and fitness improves the confidence degree and reduces stress in life .

6 ) Healthy and fit people enjoy life more in comparison to those who are suffering from any disease or health or fitness issues .
7 ) To live healthy and glad animation, it ’ sulfur important for the person to do regular exercise and eat balanced diet .
8 ) Chances of heart diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure are less when a person does regular exercise and takes balanced diet .
9 ) running, cycle and walk are the best physical exercises in order to achieve fitness .
10 ) We should maintain healthy diet and daily exercise for achieving physical deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as mental health .

10 Lines on Health and Fitness – Set 4

1 ) Achieving sound genial health has become an important goal for an individual in today ’ south modern worldly concern .
2 ) Normal fitness includes voice health and the ability to carry out act work with rest .
3 ) High floor of body fitness refers to the state where an individual can take part in unlike physical activities that requires greater potency .
4 ) aside from exert and diet legal sleep plays an integral contribution in our life for maintaining the body fitness .
5 ) Improper sleep may besides increase or reduce the body weight which may lead to chronic health and fitness issues .
6 ) ‘ One health first step ’ a ball-shaped motion has been endorsed by many NGO ’ mho, scientists, physicians, for solving global and environmental health challenges .
7 ) Eco health is a field where scientists study the impact of human activities on our environment and besides provide solutions to it .
8 ) The bodied health programs are being organized by many companies for employees to tackle the health and fitness issue .
9 ) In developing nation people lack awareness and need proper health counselling to achieve health and fitness.

10 ) many governments across the earth organize the public health programs in holy order to create awareness of sound health among the citizens of the nation .
People from vary age groups whether unseasoned or old should follow proper exercise everyday on day by day basis in order to lead a life, free from any disease and stress. cycling, running or walking daily for ten minutes can uplift the temper and bring bunch of confidence in the personality .
It ’ south our duty to keep the body in sound health otherwise we won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to achieve the stronger and clearer mind. only a healthy mind can meditate and can work towards attaining spiritual goals. Meditation brings peace to the beware and reduces the stress .

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