2014 one by Tinashe featuring Schoolboy Q
2 On “ is a sung by american singer-songwriter Tinashe for her debut studio album Aquarius ( 2014 ). The birdcall, which features a rap verse from american knocker SchoolBoy Q, was written by Tinashe, Schoolboy Q, Bobby Brackins, DJ Mustard, Jon Redwine, and Marley Waters. It features a sample distribution from the 2005 single “ We Be Burnin ‘ “ by Jamaican recording artist Sean Paul, resulting in writing credits for Cezar Cunningham, Sean Paul, Steven Marsden, Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett, and Craig Serani Marsh. “ 2 On ” was released as Tinashe ‘s commercial debut individual from Aquarius on January 21, 2014 [ 1 ] and was sent to US rhythmical contemporary and urban contemporary radio on March 18, 2014. “ 2 On ” is an electro – R & B song that contains elements of trap production. lyrically, the song is a party song about living life to the fullest. music critics by and large praised the sung for its sound and carefree lyrics, and “ 2 On ” was besides noted by critics as a passing from Tinashe ‘s murky alternative R & B that was part of her previous songs. The single ailing at number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and phone number one on US rhymthic radio, was the second-most play song of 2014 on the format, and was certified platinum by the RIAA. The song besides reached the top forty in Australia and Flanders ( Belgium ).

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The accompanying music television for the track was directed by Hannah Lux Davis and was released on March 24, 2014, with Tinashe dancing in several different scenes. To farther promote the song, Tinashe made diverse alive performances, including the SXSW Festival, the Power 106 LA concert, Capital Xtra, Rinse FM, V100.7/Milwaukee ‘s Family Affair and The Wendy Williams Show. canadian knocker Drake released an unofficial rework of the song to his SoundCloud account ; the song consisted of two parts, the new interpretation of “ 2 On ” and “ Thotful ”. An official spanish remix featuring reggaeton singer Randy was released on November 18, 2014, and late included on his mixtape Under Doxis .

background [edit ]

“ 2 On ” was written by Tinashe, Schoolboy Q and Bobby Brackins and produced by DJ Mustard, Jon Redwine and DJ Marley Waters. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] It is cabaret -oriented, which contrasts with Tinashe ‘s previous exploit such as her 2013 mixtape Black Water. She stated : “ I wanted ‘2 On ‘ to be transitional, so people get used to the idea of, ‘She can make songs that can play on the radio, and she can still make songs that I can vibe out to in my car. ‘ ” [ 4 ] “ 2 On ” was released global as a music download by RCA Records on January 21, 2014. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] It impacted US rhythmical contemporary and urban contemporary radio on March 18, 2014. [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

typography [edit ]

“2 On” (




) A 23-second sample of “ 2 On ” by Tinashe featuring Schoolboy Q, where the chorus is heard .
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“ 2 On ” is an electronic R & B sung, marking a rebuff departure from the murky option R & B from her mixtapes. [ 10 ] The song features “ bubbling key “, “ synth-string accents ”, finger snaps, trap hi-hats, electro beats and distant chilly sighs, the latter which Bradley Stern of MuuMuse described as more evocative of her mixtape releases. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 10 ] The song features a sample of Sean Paul ‘s 2005 unmarried “ We Be Burnin ‘ “, with the line “ Just give me the trees and we can smoke it ya/Just give me the beverage and we can pour it ya ” featured in the middle eight. [ 12 ] As a leave, the song ‘s writers ( Cezar Cunningham, Sean Paul Henriques, Steven Marsden, Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett, and Craig Serani Marsh ) are credited. lyrically, the birdcall is a carpe-diem anthem about being “ super hyped up, super extra out on whatever emotion that it is. ” Although the song became her first hit and got a draw of people buzzing [ clarification needed ] about the song, some listeners did n’t very understand the concept of the meaning of “ 2 On. ” She spoke with VladTV to address this by saying “ 2 On is basically a fresh way of saying turn up. Being extremely hyped up with your friends when going out. I precisely wanted to come up with a newly phrase that people can catch on to. ” [ 13 ]

reception [edit ]

The song and its video recording were compared to the work of the late singer Aaliyah

J. Leeds of the on-line publication Idolator praised the song ‘s production calling it a “ club thumper ” and comparing the music video choreography to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson [ 14 ] Tom Breihan of Stereogum commented on the atavistic spirit from the cut saying “ 2 On recreates some of the tropes of the late- ’ 90s/early- ’ 00s teenpop/R & B crossover voter era, but it does it within quotes ” and besides comparing the video having an Aaliyah vibration on it. [ 15 ] Gotty, a writer for The Smoking Section, commented that “ made me want to rollerskate. possibly not as rhythmical and polished as Tip and them did in ATL but I could decidedly hit the rink, do a little bop once I get some amphetamine and cut the corners. ” Gotty besides commended DJ Mustard ‘s production, writing “ it ’ s not necessarily what we ’ ve come to expect as his touch sound and that ’ s a estimable thing here. ” [ 16 ] Bradley Stern of MuuMuse classified the song as a “ female version of Tyga ‘ s “ Rack City ” and 2 Chainz ‘ “ I ’ molarity Different ” ( both besides produced by Mustard ) mixed with the frigid flow of Cassie ‘s “ Me & U, ” blending # TurnUp club culture ( TURN DOWN FOR WHAT ? ! ) with hypnotic minimal beats – it ‘s all sorts of aphrodisiac. ” [ 10 ] Jon Ali, in his web log, appraised the sung as “ a hot slow-burning R & B numeral packed with an frigid electro beat and a infectious choir loaded with plenty of memorable sexual come-ons. The song works so well in its simplicity ” and the sample used as “ all sorts of arrant. ” [ 12 ] A writer for Fact Magazine opined that “ Tinashe and Mustard are a surprisingly potent copulate, but we hoped rappers would leave the “ beat the cunt up ” shtik in the bin. ” [ 17 ] John Kennedy of Billboard noted that “ ScHoolboy Q ‘s boisterous bars give this feel-good smash just the properly total of scruffiness. ” [ 18 ] ” 2 On ” was labeled an album foreground by respective critics. [ 19 ] Pitchfork named “ 2 On ” as one of the 200 best songs of the decade, praising the track as “ widescreen and elaborately sculpted : its coil, high-class bassline seems to whir and chime, and its descending roll out of pizzicato synth-drums are so ear-catching that they compete with the gorgeous vocal melody. [ … ] Tinashe ’ second sensuous, slurred loiter over the chorus “ I luuuuu to get 2 on “ is joyous and life-affirming, a million miles from the dead hedonism of indeed much trap. adjournment has never sounded sol delectable ”. [ 20 ] Following its exhaust the song has peaked at issue 24 on the Billboard Hot 100, phone number 53 on the UK Singles Chart and stayed at number one for four weeks on the Billboard Rhythmic Charts. As of August 8, 2014, “ 2 On ” has sold 473,000 downloads in the US. [ 4 ] On November 24, 2014 the song was certified Platinum by RIAA for selling 1,000,000 copies. [ 21 ]

forwarding [edit ]

The birdcall ‘s official music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, was released on March 24, 2014. [ 22 ] One of the songwriters, Bobby Brackins, makes a cameo. Speaking about the stage dancing, handled by JaQuel Knight, in the video, Tinashe listed Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears as her inspirations, “ I was constantly super frustrated when people stopped dancing in their video because I thought that was such a big separate of it. I very want to bring that back. ” [ 23 ] Tinashe first performed the song at SXSW Festival 2014. besides, at the Power 106 LA concert, Capital Xtra, Rinse FM, V100.7/Milwaukee ‘s Family Affair, The Vipor Room and Hot 97 ‘s Who ‘s Next. Drake besides invited her on stage to perform the remix to the song in Houston. [ 24 ] Tinashe performed the song on The Wendy Williams Show on July 21, 2014. [ 25 ]

Cover versions [edit ]

On May 12, 2014, OB O’Brien posted an unofficial rework of the birdcall to his SoundCloud report, featuring vocals from Drake. The birdcall consists of two parts, the fresh version of “ 2 On ” and “ Thotful ”. The song begins with O’Brien singing a verse before Drake takes over. The cover transitions into “ Thotful ”, the second part of the song which according to a writer for Rap-Up magazine “ toasts to the thots. ” [ 26 ] The remix besides features references to Wu-Tang and Flipmode and in regards to its production, J. Tinsley of The Smoking Section called it “ an update version of what a so Far Gone 2 would sound like. ” [ 27 ] [ 28 ] Reviews were positive towards Drake ‘s take on the song. Chris DeVille of Stereogum called the track “ an entertainingly moody passive-aggressive R & B/hip-hop mash the likes of which Drake patented erstwhile around late 2009. ” [ 29 ] Jesse James of StupidDOPE lauded it as “ dope showcasing of depth and lyrical art, ” adding that it “ shall be heard in a number of rides, clubs, and much more very soon. ” [ 30 ] Samantha Nelson of called his verse “ classic Drake ”, deeming it a “ chic take on the style of the song but makes it more dramatic ” and that it “ will please all of his fans. ” [ 31 ] Recording artist and rapper Brooke Candy released an unofficial remix on her SoundCloud on June 17, 2015. It reached more than 8 million plays in the platform. [ 32 ]

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Locations and sample
  • Mixed at Larrabee Sound Studios, North Hollywood, California
  • Contains elements of “We Be Burnin'”, performed by Sean Paul and written by Cezar Cunningham, Sean Paul, Steven Marsden, Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett and Craig Serani Marsh.

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